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  2. Bump would like one to
  3. It doesn't seem to work with Plants vs. Zombies 2 I am on an iPhone 6s+ with iOS 11.2.5. I followed all the steps in both guides and whenever I load up Plants vs. Zombies, nothing happens, I'm left with my old saves. I've seen a lot of people commenting saying that they couldn't get it to work either so it'd be great to see someone figure it out or confirm that it doesn't work. Thank you for the hard work though.
  4. Can we get igmm for this? Would be nice if we could play with the opacity of walls/obstacles as well.
  5. What I did first, I revoked the certificate on my device with Ext3nder , after that i installed Yalu with cydia impactor from my laptop. I couldn’t install yalu from extender, i did get the same error as you. provision.cpp:138 maxQuantity . Good luck
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