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Critical ops Club for hackers
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Is anyone working on/updating anything for critical ops??
  3. So im new to this I need a bit of help. Which is the best way to jailbreak my ipad pro 3rd gen? and also which hacks do i use? What apps do i have to install? Just basic how to and make hacks function
  4. hi guys i am using an iphone 7 and its jaibroken.How do i get the link for hacking critical ops and paste it on filza.Someone pls help me i really i want to play well?
  5. It won’t work for you, but vip and stop trying to obtain it for free that’s breaking the rules @Gaylord6969
  6. If anyone has the .deb link of that vip c ops hack link can you send it here via reply or dm me on twitter? id really appreciate it
  7. I think that there are websites on mobile that will help jailbreak ur mobile device. I suggest using Zyiu
  8. I wish someone made a hack where you get the moolah. idc about the radar hack, I just want them credits.
  9. If you are on iOS 12, you can use unc0ver. There are no jailbreaks for iOS 12.2 or iOS 12.3 If you are on iOS 12 but you use a A12 device, you can use Chimera. For iOS 11, either unc0ver on some versions or Electra. For below, search on the r/jailbreak subreddit.
  10. There’s no mod menu for non jailbreak gotta get a jailbreak
  11. I need non jailbroken hacks I never had hacks before
  12. It says update needed how can I fix this pls help!
  13. Anyone here wanna start a clan? We should make a full hackers clan
  14. Yeah me too! Jailbreak for iOS 12.1.4 isn't out yet , so non jailbreak silent aim or radar for 1.5 would be ideal thanks :]
  15. Yessss we got hackkkz in different area cracks
  16. Who want to be his hero the rock gave up, I’ll try to be your hero JUST DO IT! I guess not enough info buddy
  17. That’s not fun cuz how will you mix and match

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