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  2. Hi, I want to share here 10 good anime for newcomers (Not a top): 10. Parasyte: Action, Horror, Sci-fi 24 Episodes 1 Season 9. Hunter X Hunter: Adventure, Fantasy, Martial arts, Shonen 148 Episodes 6 Season 8. Death Note: Mystery, Thriller, Police, Psychological, Supernatural 37 Episodes 1 Season 7. Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood: Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Drama, Military 64 Episodes 1 Season 6. Code geass: Action, Adventure, Mecha, Military, Drama, School 25 Episodes 2 Season 5. One punch man: Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Parody, Super Power, Supernatural 24 Episodes 2 Season 4. My hero academia: Action, School, Super Power 89+ Episodes 5 Season 3. Demon slayer: Action, Adventure, Martial arts, Fantasy, Demons, Historical 26 Episodes 1 Season 2. Cowboy bebop: Action, Drama, Adventure, Sci-fi 26 Episodes 1 Season 1. Attack on Titan: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Military, Mystery, Horror 75+ Episodes 4 Season Fell free to give your opinion about this list
  3. ACTION: (1)My hero academia, (2)Jojo’s bizarre adventure, (3)Nanatsu no taizai, (4)Full metal alchemist: brotherhood, (5)Noragami,, (6)Hunter X hunter, (7)Akame ga kill, (8)Kekkai sensen, (9)Kill la kill, (10)Magi, (11)One punch man, (12)Vinland saga, (13)Afro samurai, (14)Jormungand, (15)Golden kamuy, (16)Shingeki no bahamut, (17)Black lagoon, (18)Samurai champoo (19)Bungo stray dogs, (20)Fate, (21)Berserk, (22)Claymore, (23)Mob psycho 100, (24)Drifters, (25)Ushio to Tora, (26)Dorohedoro (27)Fire force, (28)Naruto, (29)Dragonball, (30)One piece, (31)Bleach COMEDY: (1)Nichijou, (2)Assassination classroom, (3)Shirobako, (4)Konosuba, (5)Space dandy, (6)Prison school, (7)Hinamatsuri (8)Sakamoto desu ga?, (9)Saiki kusuo, (10)Zombieland saga, (11)Detroit metal city, (12)Pop team epic, (13)Love is war (14) Great teacher onizuka, (15)Gintama, (16)Grand blue (17)Great Pretender PSYCHOLOGICAL: (1)Death parade, (2)Kaiji: ultimate survivor, (3)Zetsuen no tempest, (4)Madoka magica, (5)Aoi bungaku series (6)Zankyou no terror, (7)Beastars, (8)Kakegurui, (9)Akagi SCI-FI: (1)Kiseijuu, (2)Code geass, (3)Cowboy bepop, (4)Inuyashiki, (5)Psycho-pass, (6)Kanata no Astra, (7)Evangelion (8)Darker than black, (9)Tengen toppa gutted Lagann, (10)Trigun MYSTERY: (1)Attack on Titan, (2)Baccano!, (3)Erased, (4)Death note, (5)Kokkoku, (6)The promised neverland, (7)Shinsekai Yori (8)Durarara SPORT: (1)Ping pong: the animation, (2)Haikyuu, (3)Run with the wind, (4)Megalo box, (5)Kuroko no basket (6)Slam drunk DRAMA: (1)Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, (2)Your lie in April, (3)Nagi no asu Kara, (4)Phantom: requiem for the phantom (5)Carol & Tuesday, (6)3-Gatsu no lion, (7)Angel beats, (8)Rainbow, (9)Banana fish, (10) 91 days, SLICE OF LIFE: (1)Violet evergarden, (2)Barakamon, (3)Anohana, (4)Clannad, (5)Anohana ADVENTURE: (1)Made in abyss, (2)Casshern sins, (3)Mushishi, (4)Hai to gensou no grimgar, (5)Akatsuki no yona (6)Dr.stone, (7)Goblin slayer (8)Re:Zero HORROR: (1)Shiki, (2)Devilman: crybaby, (3)Hellsing ultimate PERFECT: MONSTER If you need more ask me
  4. I just wanna watch some anime dont know what to watch someone give me recommendations please!
  5. Brillliant anime almost makes me wanna find one lol
  6. Doubt it, it’s been 10 years since the previous season and from what I’ve heard the anime didn’t go with the manga
  7. Bro go to kiss anime.ru and there’s lists of anime. Like rn the best new one is tower of god but there’s so many on that site to count
  8. I didn’t inderstood the last manga chapter from Attack on titan can anyone explain it for me?
  9. I want to watch other anime so does anyone recommend any anime
  10. Will the anime soul eater be continued or is it just?? Completely over?
  11. Is this club dead or how to join ? Or is it just public posts here ?
  12. Is this club dead or how to join ? Or is it just public posts here ?
  13. Yeah i gotta admit that season 3 was lacking but at least the ending was alright.
  14. Man, this is a crazy late post, but yeah sorta. Some have 12 and some have hundreds.
  15. Can't download by any browser.All servers are ok except the beta server
  16. Can anyone please tell me how can I download anime from kissanime beta server on my android phone.please help me I need to download it from beta server so if anyone know how to download from beta server by android device please tell me how to download from beta server
  17. If u likes manhwa try reading "noblesse" you will LOVE it ?
  18. The only one I play is Honkai (it's not really new soooooooo) but I think the newest one out in "Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon" game. Put in a request for it, honestly haven't tried it yet.
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