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About This Club

We are competitive, we are trolls, we are gamers. This is where we talk about games on multiple platforms and how good they are and the specs/setups we have and worked for, aswell as how to improve them.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Make it Horizon,God of war and the burnout paradise city
  3. Mine is entire jak and daxter trilogy or Star Wars battlefront 1 for the ps2 or Rainbow Six Siege I have so many favs comment your top 3s
  4. No you make accounts for the 20% off codes Shame I don't live in the US
  5. Step 1 pick any game you want. Step 2 Go here https://live.playstation.com/ and sign in DONT PRESS REMEMBER ME Step 3 Go to quest and scroll down until you see Far cry 5 20% off and click start you will have to watch the trailer and press claim prize. Step 4 you will get a code and it will be 20% off and use it on any game you want and you have to create new accounts to get more codes you don’t have to use the Discounts on your fake accounts. Step 5 you're done and you can get the games for cheap now.
  6. There are many more updates to the game since this post posted. I found a lot more fun csgo commands which can be found here https://csgonoob.net/some-fun-csgo-console-commands/
  7. without him there wouldn't have been an iOS 10-10.2 jailbreak, but he is still arrogant, he has done good stuff, doesn't mean people like him
  8. Without him we would have no kernel exploit for 4.55. idk what your on saying he isn't liked.
  9. might not be in the PS4 Community but i know my stuff. I mod Xbox 360. I know my stuff so dont come say im not in the community as it doesnt change nothing
  10. I enjoy watching you all downplay what I wrote specifically if someone is popular or not or how I phrase my words. Maybe they are not popular to you but none of you are in the PS4 jailbreak community so honestly what would you know about it in the first place, lol. Here is a tutorial that was posted hours ago on how to get custom PKGs installed to a jailbroken PS4. In other words, all the games free. How to Run Fake/Custom Package Files from USB/HDD (4.55/4.05 Jailbreak) And thanks for all the love for bringing bleeding edge news to the forum.
  11. Without a Kernel Exploit you cant. Webkit is userland only.
  12. To correct this You cannot bring a firmware under 5.50 (latest at the moment) online. So no you cannot mod online neither can you bring a retail (non jailbroken) PS4 on 4.55 online. The only way you can is by upgrading to latest firmware which means you cannot use the kernel exploit as it is patch. The only thing available is Webkit exploit which is userland only. We need a 5.50 kexploit (Kernel Exploit) then we could go online without it their is no way unless a bypass or something that allows us to go online is created. Not 100% sure about this but if he finds a 5.50 Kernel Exploit he will not release it until it is patched. If you dont know he is a known hacker for releasing PS4 exploits. He is also a known for his iOS 10 jailbreak.

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