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We are competitive, we are trolls, we are gamers. This is where we talk about games on multiple platforms and how good they are and the specs/setups we have and worked for, aswell as how to improve them.

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  2. Listen I get it you don't have much money, air pods or a PC that can open chrome without catching fire Well now I have made a guide just for you, so that you can game or maybe edit videos on a budget that doesn't void your wallet. [Hidden Content] And you now have a £320-£400 PC for gaming, editing, whatever you desire.
  3. Thank you, verry informativ comment. Thank you, I will try it right away🙃
  4. Your best bet is to just buy one. You have to be careful tho, a lot of people sell shared CIDs so they get banned faster and they can turn more of a profit assuming you go to them again. There is another place that posts free CIDs, but they all get banned within minutes, as dozens of people are trying to use it at the same time, some of which I assume are trying to ban them intentionally. As to how sellers get their CIDs, they could have extra PS3s laying around, or they use an exploit to get other people’s CIDs, which I won’t be discussing here.
  5. maybe this might help. i haven't personally used it tho https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/how-to-unban-prevent-banning-on-psn.1118179/
  6. Hi community, I‘m a member of iOSGods since years and now I have a problem and tought maybe you guys can help me out. The question: Whats the Statement of unbanning a PlayStation 3 console ID (CID,IDPS,PSID) Since a long time has gone and I heard nothing about this since ages, I wondered if maybe there is meanwhile a way to get over the ban of Sony. Or does anyone know where to get a new CID? (Free or payd idc but free would be more interesting) It can‘t be that people do such awesome things and no one is able to generade a 32 numeric code. And if there is anyway to buy the ID‘s, how do the sellers get them? From god? It makes me pretty sad, that people can generate this codes and I have to suffer that much :-( It would be verry helpful if anyone has any knowledge about that. Maybe one day I can help you too. Thanks in advance, -Peekot :)
  7. the m690? yeah maybe with the side bit on the left compared to the other one, and its got another button
  8. 👍 is the ikbc keyboard mechanical? whats its usual price? Also trust me the drevo tyrfing v2 is great, ive been using it with brown switches for about 3 days and its been good so far
  9. I'm using corsair harpoon and logitech g102. It's really good and cheap About the mechanical keyboard, if you don't want fancy rgb i recommended you buying ikbc keyboard or leopold (if you rich lol).
  10. I've had them both for about 3 days, for the keyboard brown switches are and its a god compared to membrane keyboards. Also yeah corsair makes good mouses to be fair. its Just some of them are overpriced for how good they are compared to their budget ones
  11. I don't know about the keyboard but Corsair mice are good. I have a Corsair one now.
  12. @Laxus tru 250gb and 120gb ones are cheap rn and yeah intel optane's a bit of a pain in the a55 but its worth it if its compatible since the price for ssds with a terabyte or more are so high (1tb = £140 wtffff)
  13. @Joey do you mind the colour or just want a good wireless mouse with dpi and side buttons? because redragon usually has good keyboards and mouses and there's a mouse called redragon m690 that has adjustible dpi and side buttons that goes for £16 on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Redragon-M690-1-2-4Ghz-2400DPI-PC-Laptop-Professional-Wireless-Gaming-Mouse-Mice/253742607121?epid=20021321955&hash=item3b143ceb11:g:jwIAAOSwzlFbRFUX:rk:3:pf:1&LH_BIN=1&frcectupt=true there's also one called redragon m652 that has two side buttons and adjustable dpi that goes for £16 aswell https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Redragon-M652-2-4G-Wireless-Gaming-Mouse-with-USB-Receiver-5-Adjustable-DPI/253757404825?epid=14021517175&hash=item3b151eb699:g:7uoAAOSw3TJbWDHn:rk:2:pf:1&LH_BIN=1&frcectupt=true
  14. Intel optane is not that good tbh .. still I prefer using ssd it's so cheap right now
  15. lol true but if its for a fat steam library then 4 terabyte ssd = £500 4 terabyte hdd + intel optane = £130
  16. na i wan't gonna recommend second hand ones, i know there's some dodgy s*** on some of em
  17. I meant if he gets a 2nd hand one, check that with a file recovery tool. Sometimes people sell hdd that had illegal stuff on it pronwise, and you don’t want to own stuff like that. Defo better off buying new one, they ain’t that expensive nowadays.
  18. You can try what @Sterling0x1suggested. If that doesn’t work you could go to a local data recovery centre or ship your hard drive to one (Only if the data is that valuable to you) Only if you’ve tried running a file recovery and you don’t want to spend the money sending it to a professional, then I’d pay for a cheap one. if you choose to look for another one on a budget I’d be happy to suggest a reasonably good one
  19. it's wise to run a file recovery on it just in case there was anything dodgy on it.

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