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We are competitive, we are trolls, we are gamers. This is where we talk about games on multiple platforms and how good they are and the specs/setups we have and worked for, aswell as how to improve them.

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  2. Hello everyone, this my first post, I’m new to this site so any help would be appreciated but the main point is I have an rgh Xbox and I’m doing free account recovery’s for any cod and gta shoot me a msg here or my gamertag: I MOD BO3 ZOMBS
  3. Upgrading the case wont make your PC any quieter, or make your components any cooler. Personally though, I would buy a new case, and rebuild it with the old components you're currently using. Don't forget your high temps are most likely a cooling issue if you haven't overclocked. Replace the thermal compound on both your processor and graphics card (be careful not to damage the thermal pads on the gpu though). I would also order a custom water cooling loop to top it all off because I would want to OC my components to get the best performance out of them I could. I'd recommend that you just buy a few case fans though, and a really good air cooler or pre-built water cooling for your CPU depending on what you want. Don't forget air distribution is key, without consistent airflow your PC will overheat very quickly, and also don't forget to clean the dust and crap off of your components. - Happy Building!
  4. I have a pc i7 4790 with god 970 and 8gb Ram but case is too cheap £20 and plasticy. Game max Nero. Pc also gets loud like very loud and games like over watch or gta high temps80+ do I build new pc and sell this or upgrade case?
  5. Last post was in march, any updates about this? Just found out about this post
  6. Cool! Keep updating on your music and taste. This video is somewhat good. But not as good as a chance to know a list of free casino money paypal no deposit, which can be very entertaining and really helpful. I love GTA in any way, so thank you for the post
  7. Honestly thought there would be more games here. But I found a new game to try, thank you!

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