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Help/Support old apps dont go away

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hello !.

I reinstall cydia but the old file's ifile filza don't go away when i look them up in cydia i cant find them how i delete it.

i use electra for the jailbreak.

Greetz ballienees

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DiDA when i wanna install it it say's before i can press the button install i missing;

firmware <11.2

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Posted (edited)

Use SemiRestore Lite from CoolStar's Electra repo.

If you want to remove Tweaks

Edited by DiDA
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1 hour ago, Ballienees said:

11.1 (15B93)


Are you sure? Did you change any system files?

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1 minute ago, Ballienees said:

yes change nothing and conf it to new iphone to 


Doesn't seem right for that to happen. Which repo are you installing it from?

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