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Cydia All Working LocaliAPStore Supported App & Game Lists 2018

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  • Similar Content

    • By SuperSluttyCow
      I've been searching all over the interwebs for any information and I've checked the meridian jailbreak as well (substrate has not been updated for it yet). Does anyone know of a jailbreak that is compatible for 10.3.1 for the Iphone 7? 
      I am able to install the meridian one even though it's not complete and SSH Filza, do I just need filza to install the deb mod files for the games?
    • By absoluT1on
      Browsing and searching all kind of stuff in world wide web I have found a super Terminal for our working Cydia Jailbreak
      I have tested a lot of terminals from many repos, most of them are buggy or not work at all.
      Has a nice sleek and coloured interface
      The best thing is that is being regularly updated
      The last update was 7 January 2018
      Note This terminal is tested on my ios 10.2.1 Saigon jailbreak and is working perfectly!
      Supports ios versions 6.0 to 10.3.3


      Hidden Content
      React or reply to this topic to see the hidden content. More info All credits go to the creator of this terminal.
    • By asm0deus
      i used CFA  to connect my DS4 to my iPad 4 iOS 10.3.3 , but every time i play a game with the controller , the game freezes after about 3 mins. is this a hardware issue or due to the tweak? plz suggest fixes.
    • By KradonZ
      I'm pretty sure I'm late on this one but I was on reddit the other day and there were still people having problems opening Filza, Mterminal and stuff. So here's a fix i guess.
      .Shelly from appstore
      .Dropbear [Repo below]
      1) Delete openssh and openssl from Cydia.
      2) Open Shelly and it'll ask for your phone I.P address. You can find this in wifi settings. Click on the i thing.
      3) It'll also ask for login credentials. You're login should be root and password should be alpine.
      4) Copy and paste this cd /Applications/(Appname).app/ && ldid -S/var/mobile/Documents/ent.xml (AppName)
      Remove the parentheses and instead of appname have the name of the App like Filza.app or Mterminal.App.
      Repo link: http://Cydia.Ichitaso.com/test/
    • By Harry P0tter
      Firstly, I have nothing to do with the jailbreak or making it. All of the credits for the jailbreak will be at the bottom!!
      A Laptop/PC
      A 64bit iPhone so anything from the 5S and above EXCEPT IPHONE 7-10!! iPhone 7-10 DO NOT WORK!!
      little intelligence
      1. Plug your iPhone into your pc
      2. Download Cydia Impactor http://www.cydiaimpactor.com/
      3. Unzip cydia impactor, open and run the application
      4. Go back to google and go to https://g0blin.sticktron.net/
      5. Drag the file to desktop (for easy access)
      6. Go back to Cydia impactor, select your iPhone's name 
      7. Drag and Drop the file you downloaded from g0blin into Cydia impactor.
      8. Type in your Apple ID and password (100% safe, it will not be shared)
      9. Once it finishes downloading to your phone, it may say on your PC; ERROR PLIST, if it says that don't worry it's not bad, it still downloaded to your phone.
      10. Go to your photo and you'll need to go to settings-general-profiles and device management-(your gmail) and tap it and TRUST
      11. Go back to your screen, you'll see an app named 'g0blin' open it and tap 'jailbreak', this can take up to 7 times to work I've heard!!
      12. You're jailbroken and Cydia should appear!! Have fun!
      Credits: ME for making the list ONLY.
      for the jailbreak credits: Sticktron lead the operation but these people helped: Siguza, Ian Beer, windknown, Luca Todesco, xerub, tihmstar, saurik, uroboro, Abraham Masri, arx8x, cryptic; tyler, the creator, my muse, madflav0r coco diaz. As far as I know.
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