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Tool AnyTrans v5+ - Serial Keys +5

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  • Similar Content

    • By RamL BuTT
                                              MS Tweak Designer
      A simple tool to generate pref-bundels (GUI's for mobilesubstrate hacks).
      Don't ask me how to use it, will make proper documentation when I release my full hack studio with a drag and drop GUI builder 
      This is a small tool for people who know what they are doing lol....

      Download v1.0:

      Hidden Content
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      Download v1.4:

      Hidden Content
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      Download v1.8:

      Hidden Content
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    • By WarL0ck
      Hello Everyone,   Cyder 3.0 is Tool, with which you will be able to download the Free Cydia Deb files from almost any repo on your Windows Computer. We dont know how much people need it, but we made it cause we missed it. Please note this is an initial beta release, may contain defects, so dont get mad.   Features:
      Add Repo Reload/Update Repo Delete/Remove Repo Search Packages Download Individual Package Download Package with Dependencies Download Queue with status Browse Downloads Pre Added Some Repositories  
      Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 8.1 Windows 10 Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.2 -- App Downloads it automatically so dont worry if you haven't.   Change Log:
      https://forum.ipahub...yder/cyder.html   Download Hidden Content
      React or reply to this topic to see the hidden content. More info   Virus Scans   VirusTotal Jotti   Screenshots             Update is coming soon....
    • By xiaov
      Big thanks to @Amuyea @Zimon for helping me to done this App. After few days, float converter tools finally complete!
      This is a converter which use for Float Convert. The value is what you saw it during you are using GDB / LLDB.
      Function :
      - Convert float value from GDB/LLDB >>  Float value.
      - Convert 10byte Decimal  >> 16byte Hexdecimal.
      - Convert 16byte Hexdecimal >> 16byte Decimal.
      UI for the APP:

      Page 1:
      GDB/lldb when u found a float value ( i found this float from skill cooling time which is float value)
      ( all the ARM instruction included /  .f32 / .f64  / f )  (armv7 - vxxx.f32, arm64 - fxxx.32 xx)

      Enter the value from R1 (1084227584)  to iOSGods Calculator "Float Section" (Page1), after you entered the value, press "Done".
      the  value in "Float:" is what exactly we want. So 1084227584 means my skill cooling time is 5.0 seconds.

      Page 2: 16byte Hexdecimal to 10byte decimal.

      Page 3: 10byte Decimal to 16byte Hexdecimal.

      Download link :

      Hidden Content
      React or reply to this topic to see the hidden content. More info  
      - @xiaov (for coding)
      - @Amuyea (for UI design and tester)
      - @Zimon (for UI design and image)
    • By FiLex

      Name of the game you want hacked: Happy Daycare Stories
      Version of the game: 1.0.1
      Google Play Store Link:

      Rooted or Unrooted
      Requested Features: 
      - Unlock In-Apps
    • By arthurdapaz
      MemPatcher — a better writeData alternative
      RELEASE (v1.0)
      DISCLAIMER Use this and modify it as you wish, if you know what you're doing. But, remember to give the proper credits.   INTRO Hello, iOSGoders coders, I was suposed to release this a year ago,
      but real life has consumed my virtual life.   Advantages over writeData.h: 1) no need to get original offsets for disabling hacks anymore. 2) Objective-C (easier for C-dummies) 3) it can be easily expanded for multiple offsets using NSMutableArrays (will post a youtube example if you guys want)   CONS: IT IS EXPOSING OFFSETS EASILY don't use it for public hacks, only for personal ones, until I release a C++ version instead of Objective-C      
      Move the two files (MemPatcher.h and MemPatcher.m) to your Tweak.xm folder
      and make sure to add it to be compiled at your Makefile:
         (your hack name)_FILES = Tweak.xm MemPatcher.m  
      And then you go to your Tweak.xm
      and add theses lines:
      #import "MemPatcher.h" Then you instantiate your hack:
      MemPatcher *hack = [MemPatcher patch:0xMEMORYOFFSET data:0xNEWVALUE]; Simple example for two hacks:
      MemPatcher *hackA, *hackB; hackA = [MemPatcher patch:0xAFD01C data:0x70477047]; hackB = [MemPatcher patch:0xCD90F2 data:0x01207047]; Then enabling:
      [hackA apply]; [hackB apply]; Or disabling:
      [hackA reset]; [hackB reset]; Also, I have exposed a method for ASLR offset calculation just in case
      you need to MSHookFunction any offset directly. See the example:
      MSHookFunction( (void*) ([MemPatcher calculate:0x1CECA0]),                 (void*) new_method,                 (void**) &old_method); Don't use 'calculate' inside [MemPatcher patch:...],
      because it does this math by default.
      released MemPatcher work for x64 and x32 bits hacks TODO:
      — You tell me!
      — Razzile, HackJack, DiDA (our master) and me
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