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Tool AnyTrans v5+ - Serial Keys +5

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    • By aliabunijem
      I can’t find chopper tank and c4 from blueprint not  working and why the store is not free
    • By bR34Kr
      A simple app to reboot, respring and run a uicache from an app. Only two taps

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    • By Zimon
      Get information about all your installed applications, in seconds.
      Information extracted:
      Application's Version Application's Minimum iOS Application's Binary Name Application's Bundle Identifier Application's Directory  
      You can now copy an applications bundle identifier directly to your iOS clipboard using --bundle-id or the shortcut -b. Thanks to @ggAyMe for the suggestion!
      You can now patch an application's minimum ios requirement using --patch-ios or the shortcut -p!
      You can now get a list of all keys in an application's Info.plist and extract the value of each one of those keys using --get-all (-ga) and --get-key (-g)
      You can now modify all the keys in an application's Info.plist using --modify-key (-m)
      .gif: (outdated)
      Usage: python AppInfo.py [-h] -l, --list List all installed applications. -a, --all Print information of all installed applications. -i, --info Print information of specified application. -b, --bundle-id Copy the specified application's Bundle Identifier to your clipboard. -p, --patch-ios Modify the specified application's MinimumOSVersion to specified iOS. -h, --help Print this message.  
      Downloading & using it:
      Download this file and place it any directory in your iDevice.
      Then 'CD' into that directory and use it by running the command in your terminal.
      python AppInfo.py  
      Note: Since it is a python file, it is required to have Python installed on your iDevice.
      A tutorial on how to install it can be found here.
      The file linked will automatically update as I update the code on GitHub
      Got any suggestions? Leave them in the replies below, or PM me.
    • By bR34Kr

      iGMM installer for iOS 11
      Note: This tool will not be useful with the new version of iGMMs. It's just to install old ones using APMenu
      1. Hop on NewTerm2 or any Terminal and login as su 
      2. Set permissions of TweakInject using this command:
      chmod 777 /usr/lib/TweakInject chmod 777 /Library/TweakInject 3. Go in Filza (From BigBoss) and install bamb00
      Open the app
      Input the path for the deb (You can get it by holding the file in Filza and hitting copy)
      Hit install iGMM
      Wait until the button goes blue again 
      Hit Respring
       Have fun!

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      My app doesn't appear on my home screen!
      - Go in a Terminal, login as su and run uicache @Zimon
      My .deb doesn't install!
      - Make sure you followed the steps correctly and if it doesn't work, set permissions of /Applications/bamb00.app/dpkg to Read, Write, Execute
      Further problems:
      - Comment or PM me what problems you have
      1.1 Bug killing
      1.0 Initial release
      @bbReakMe -- @ggAyMe
      @Zimon for fixing an error
      @Ivandw31603 for testing the app
      @AidanFaris for his amazing TuT which this app uses
    • By JOK3R_DZ
      add this repo  http://apt.zntx.cc/  and install GamePlayer 

       Alternative .deb link 
      updated to 3.4 version

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        Reboot your device


      Maocai Luo
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