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  1. @Zahir I wish you bring back attack speed modifier. I see boss health reduce to rubble so quick.
  2. Because the new version 3.25 is out, the hack is 3.22 so ask @Laxus for update @Laxus update 3.25 is out. Please kindly update.
  3. Hmmm, I am also using unc0ver and it doesn’t work. The skill works for the first time then went dead for the rest of the battle. dunno if I am using 13.3 iOS?
  4. Can you test if no skill cooldown option is working I mean you can spam the special weapon?
  5. I am now using Odyssey but I got the same result as unc0ver i am still not capable to use no skill cooldown, it ready at the beginning of the game but after use it becomes dead and cannot use again until I am killing myself or start another battle without turn on this option.
  6. Is there a way to save those data sources and packages? It’s so many, too many to reinstall them all
  7. Okie dokie thank you very much. I can rejailbreak override the Unc0ver right? do I need to install anything else or it is working the same?
  8. You may want to fill the request because he/she don’t do the update anymore.
  9. Same as mine. Did this happen to every game? I just this game. My case it is only no cooldown is not working. My ultimate weapon will stop working if using it. (Can Fire once then stop working for good)
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