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  1. Thank you so much for the fast updated😀. It also makes me think that Klab Games pushes out updates during extreme co-op event on purpose. apparently there will always be force update during this event. which is the most valuable event that they have offer(drops gold acc. tickets) .
  2. same here. custom install has been a very helpful feature for having the regular one for guild quest and modded for the rest. thank you
  3. Thank you for bringing this up too. I even try different game ie. dragon ball and naruto . I think it’s not just a bleach Brave souls issue at this point.
  4. Anybody else have the same problem. I always keep the regular bbs game and a iosgods bbs on my phone. Now the custom install is not working. (Not just bbs. I even try the dragon ball game and the other games. I think ar this point all custom install for any game on App Store is not working) I have to deleted one to install the other everyday for guild quest .
  5. Hi guys. I have been try to install duplicate game using the same procedures that I used before. But I kept getting the” something went wrong” notification. I try a different game samething happens. Is that a server problem?
  6. @DiDA can you please check the custom install in App Store ? Is not letting me install a duplicate. I follow the proper procedure and it works couple days ago. Thank you so much
  7. agree . i try to warn people already. but there are always people thinking they can out smart klab. 99 percent of the time it's not klab they should be worry about . it's the salty people looking at your profile page.
  8. other ? You mean before the 8.0.2 update or you talking about a different forum different IPA hack
  9. bro . can you please share with me on how did you use mod on guild quest.? i know so many people including myself got warned couple month back and some even got banned right away without warning. how did you do it ? thanks
  10. yeah bro. i am just trying to get the words out. keep a low profile goes a long way. i mean at the end this mod has made life so much easier. we dont want it to disappear.
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