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  1. Hey everyone! As far as I can tell, there isn’t a way past the first rat fight, in The Elder Scrolls: Blades. At the beginning, you have the first quest to rescue the trapped prisoners, but you cannot complete it due to the fact you cannot pass the first enemy, nor hit it, nor does it attack. The only way out is to exit to town, and when you attempt to try the mission again- it fails. This doesn’t just appear to be happening to me: (Link to topic:) Thanks, Flyer_One @Fory
  2. @DiDA what’s the new vip install feature? Want a tutorial on that too? 🙄🤔
  3. What happens when the enterprise account gets revoked? Would the apps be revoked as well? Is there any way to save progress?
  4. Yes, I spent a couple hours last night and I could not compile it into a working .ipa. The issue comes with the ios version and Cydia substrate adding a few pieces of code that are necessary. It is possible, just someone has to put the time in.
  5. Reasons why your hacks are great: 1. They are always unlinked, which is not easy. 2. They always get updated quickly, (how!) 3. You hack games that are really popular, now. Not just in a couple months when everyone stops playing. I am grateful for the fact that people here are helpful, and that there are so many tutorials. (I'm learning IDA hacking, and the best place for tutorials is-- HERE!) Also, I'm grateful for the chatbox being back. ❤️ @busmanl30
  6. Thank you both @DiDA and @Joka and whoever else for all your hard work! You guys are the heart and soul of this site, and this great community would not exist without you. Everyone, please thank them both for all the hard work they do.
  7. Have you guys not been reading the news? It's going to be a subscription service announcement, for tv-shows and possibly gaming subscriptions, news subscriptions, and probably airpower. Oh, and also a credit card. ( if it's ok, I'll leave a link to a 9to5mac article that explains it in depth. ) [https://9to5mac.com/2019/03/23/apple-march-event-preview/] So no hardware except for the Airpower, probably. P.S. WWDC will be June 3-7, apple says so own their website.
  8. @Pradeep6868 bro try real racing 3. How hackable is it? Non-jb? I love that game, and if I have time i'll try to learn non-jb hacking just for that...
  9. CUz I’m bored what’s ur fav movie?
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