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  1. 12 minutes ago, Tobias Rieper said:

    If you are not using much set the value to CPU 5 Gpu 10


    Don’t worry it won’t crash mate I have set the value too


    I wasn't able to find the Watchdog folder in /System/Library but I was able to find a ThermalMonitor folder in which I found maxGPU but nothing for maxCPU in the info.plist. Should I change the maxGPU there or is that the wrong place

  2. 6 hours ago, Tobias Rieper said:

    hmm i think you can try this tricks (Requirement : Filza)

    Step 1 Open Filza

    Step 2 Follow this directory System>Library>Watchdog>ThermalMonitor.bundle>Your Model (NXXXX.bundle)>Info.plist

    Step 3 Choose Info.plist and press root and slide until u see powerSaveParams and press it

    Step 4 it will appear 2 menu that is MaxCPU and MaxGPU you can press it to modify it

    Step 5 After adjust it press save and reboot

    Step 6 Enjoy :)


    what happens if my phone hits the CPU and is trying to go over, will anything crash? And what do you recommend I set those values to

  3. 2 minutes ago, DADi said:

    See if you notice a difference without Jailbreak.

    without jailbreak my phone isn't hot and my battery doesn't drain fast. It's something with the jailbreak idk if its a tweak I have or just the checkra1n jailbreak itself

  4. 12 minutes ago, DADi said:

    I don't notice any difference on my iPhone X on 13.2.2.  Perhaps the battery is a tiny bit worse, but it could also be the tweaks you install.

    What's your battery maximum capacity? Mine's at 90% after ~2 years of owning it.

    currently at 79 but was at 82 a few days ago, now that i see its dropped this much im completely removing jailbreak until I can find a working fix 

  5. I’m on IOS 13.1 using the CheckRa1n jailbreak and the battery life is dying fast. Not only is the percent dropping fast, to the point where i can watch it for a minute and see it go down a bunch but in BatterLife app from cydia i can also see the overall health of my battery drain. I’ve tried installing a tweak called powerlogHelperdFix which is supposed to help this but it doesn’t change anything. My phone also gets really hot whenever i activate my jailbreak and i’m curious if anyone knows a fix for this. I have tried using terminal to see what’s using all my CPU and stuff and didn’t see anything major stick out. I do have a handful of tweaks installed but I didn’t notice this problem immediately after downloading one. I kinda typed a lot for a simple question but i just wanted you to know exactly what’s happening. Thanks ! :)

  6. Hello, I've recently jailbroken my iPhone X on IOS 13.1 with CheckRa1n. I've been able to workaround must of my problems on it but I can't seem to install any Terminal apps. I've tried a couple now and whenever they install and I respring they never show up on my homescreen. I hope someone can help me fix this problem. Thanks for your time ^_^

  7. Tweaks that are Compatible with the Latest CheckRa1n JB on IOS 13 Devices 

    Disclaimer *Some tweaks might require a purchase, most you should be able to find a cracked version of within Cydia if so*

    Tweak List -

    1. Apaturize
    2. Artisty
    3. AutoUnlockX
    4. BarMoji
    5. Batchomatic
    6. BatteryPercent12
    7. BetterCCXI
    8. CCCalc
    9. CCModules
    10. Camera Tools
    11. Canvas
    12. Cercube
    13. ChromaHomeBarX
    14. CircleIcons
    15. Clean Home Screen
    16. Clean Player
    17. ClearDock12
    18. ColorMyBattery
    19. Dark Keys
    20. DeleteForever
    21. DismissAnywhere
    22. DismissProgress
    23. DoubleCut
    24. EasySwitcherX
    25. Filza Files Manager
    26. Flame
    27. FloatingDock
    28. Fluid Tabs
    29. FiveDock13
    30. Gestures13
    31. HideBarX
    32. HideYourApps
    33. HideStatusBarItems
    34. HomePlus
    35. JellyFish
    36. Keyboard Accio
    37. LibertyLite
    38. Lotus
    39. LocationFakerX
    40. LowBatteryBanner
    41. MakeRespringsGreatAgain
    42. Manila
    43. MessageTypingIndicators
    44. Mitsuha Infinity
    45. MagmaPro
    46. NewGridSwitcher
    47. NextUp2
    48. NoDNDBanner
    49. NoLowPowerAutoLock
    50. Noctis Neo
    51. OhMyFlash
    52. PasscodeText
    53. Power app
    54. powerlogHelperdFix
    55. PullToRespring
    56. RealCC
    57. RomanPasscode
    58. Shy Page Dots
    59. Sylph
    60. Silent Screenshot
    61. SimplePasscodeButtons
    62. SleepyTime
    63. SmallSiri
    64. Snowboard
    65. Speed Intensifier
    66. StatusSwitcher
    67. Succession
    68. Sunflower
    69. SwipeForMore
    70. Shuffle
    71. SimplePasscodeButtons
    72. TapTapFlip
    73. TapticKeys
    74. Tweak Count 2
    75. TweakCompatible
    76. Vesta
    77. WishDia
    78. Xen HTML
    79. Zebra

    More coming soon...


    Repo List -

    Hidden Content

      React or reply to this topic to see the hidden content. More info


    Use the tweak Flame to copy and paste all the repo's at once. All of these tweaks are tested and working on my device. If you run into issues send me a message with info on your device and I will try to help. 


    Unable to find the tweak in Cydia with my repo's? Visit https://www.ios-repo-updates.com/ to search the name and get the repo it's located in


    I hope this helps everyone hopping on the IOS 13 JB wave. Enjoy!


    - With love from Clarify :wub:

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