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  1. DIY Mod Mortal Kombat X Mod

  2. @Nikospaok i am currently still collecting the code for android now, but you can see the updated code from @ahmetali08 's list
  3. i dont know any code on ios, i only have android, sorry
  4. i also dont know how to find the right code. just try one by one and you will find it.
  5. you can replace the current challenge with any other challenge. you only need to replace a character code into another challenge character
  6. i have posted in page 94. basically, you just have to do group search basic stats (level1 fusion 0) of a character. or you can use EAP trick to make the store unlock permanent
  7. if you are on ios, go to page 1 of this thread. watch that video by immortalfrozen, you will understand. if you are android, the method is similar, but you just have to adjust because ios' and android's gameguardian is a bit different. but the step is the same.
  8. it seems boss card cannot appear in the collection or store, it can only appear in your team.
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