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  1. Hopefully this app keeps the original quality of the photo after editing.
  2. It was a good run. Sad news is that I just got banned. And I can confirm it was only using this hack...I never installed the other ones. I can also confirm that this was while not playing a single ranked game. For the people that have a run and gun playstyle, I would recommend not to use this hack because it is extremely difficult to play it "dumb". And if you're playing against other level 150's that have spent money on this game, they will immediately report you. Over time those reports will rack up and you'll eventually get banned. So the moment you see one of those, just leave the game and enter another one. In addition, try to avoid getting any game winning killcams. On the flipside, I would recommend this hack if you have a camping type playstyle since it is much easier to play it "dumb" and appear surprised if you see someone from far. Overall, if you are naturally a good player, at some point, you're going to get reported, whether it is because of anger or frustration from the other players. And if you have this hack installed, the likelihood of getting banned is almost certain. The only thing that changes is how fast it happens.
  3. Tetris® Effect Metamorphosis Dynamic Theme [Hidden Content]
  4. Left 4 Dead Weapons (Dying Light) [Hidden Content]
  5. There's something quite curious about this game...
  6. Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® - Going Dark Launch Theme [Hidden Content]
  7. Either DAdi is working on a fix for it, or has completely forgotten about the hack.
  8. Yes and no. Playing while unjailbroken is the only way it will work. Aside from that, the game still detects the jailbreak (without the hack installed).
  9. The game forces you to update to 1.1.4 Even while using Liberty, the game still crashes. So as of right now it’s unplayable with the hack ☹️
  10. Going to test this out! Did you also test to see if Rapid Fire is an available feature?
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