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  1. Enoch's post in Install .deb into .IPA ? was marked as the answer   
    @Noctisx has created a thread on how to make an ipa hack here. There is no way to convert or insert a .deb into an ipa.
  2. Enoch's post in iOSGods App+ & ViP Plus Difference? was marked as the answer   
    ViP and app+ are separate packages. Click here to view the iOSGods App+ FAQ which will give you a better insight into what it is and the benefits. Jailbreak ViP will give you access to the jailbroken ViP section here . Non-jailbroken ViP will give you access to the non-jailbroken ViP section here. If you are not jailbroken, I would suggest buying App+ as the benefits are much better, cheaper, and you only have to worry about less revokes. If you are jailbroken, I would suggest buying the Jailbreak ViP package.
  3. Enoch's post in .deb file not instaling was marked as the answer   
    Can you tell me the game name or link me to the thread where you downloaded the .deb? Perhaps the menu is outdated.
    As for the .deb, it's a menu. Not a game or an app. The app will not show up once you install the .deb and respring, you'll need to download the game as well.
  4. Enoch's post in Uninstalling hack was marked as the answer   
    - Delete in Filza. /var/mobile/documents
    - Uninstall in Cydia.  >Intalled > Recent
    - Run iCleaner Pro
  5. Enoch's post in Errors when trying to run iGG was marked as the answer   
    Fixed. Went to /library/dpkg and delete the updates folder and re-made it. @DADi you may want to try that.
  6. Enoch's post in I posted a topic but it has a purple exclamation mark? was marked as the answer   
    It means it's waiting to be approved by a moderator. Sometimes it'll take them a while to approve a post.
  7. Enoch's post in Jailbreaking possible ? was marked as the answer   
    You can sideload with xcode or buy VIP and App+. I believe there is another app that isn't revoked right now but I can't say it because that'll be an advertisement so you'll have to look around on Google.
  8. Enoch's post in IDA Pro not showing functions was marked as the answer   
    Fixed. I was loading it in as a binary instead of Mach 0.
  9. Enoch's post in Not able to attach game in lldb was marked as the answer   
    Thanks to a user on Reddit you can get the PID using:
    ps ax | grep 'app name'
  10. Enoch's post in Faster way to transfer decrypted ipa files? was marked as the answer   
    I just found out about Cyber Duck and transferred it in seconds. Although I do need an upgrade. 
    This is solved.
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