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  1. So i have IOS13 beta 2 and due to its massive drain it’s being  difficult for me to use in my daily life. So all i need is a backup of my pictures rest i don’t really care about. So now i need to restore my device through a pc or i can just use erase all content and reset all settings from the device itself? 

  2. 39 minutes ago, MeSailesh7 said:

    Yeah that happens when you erase settings and data

    as long as you can ssh in your device it doesn’t matter so check if you can ssh on your device then just google how to use delectra then done

    So now if i delectra and then install cydia again then it’ll be functional and not crash again?

  3. 5 hours ago, Amuyea said:

    Jailbreak with Electra and remove tweaks then use delectra to remove them

    Update-i somehow managed to get the cydia app on the screen but cydia keeps crashing. How can u bypass this?

  4. 1 hour ago, Amuyea said:

    Jailbreak with Electra and remove tweaks then use delectra to remove them

    Im not able to jailbreak again,when i jailbreak the cydia app does not appear and i ran ssh and typed uicache and restarted springboard but nothing happens,idk what has happened 

  5. 2 hours ago, MeSailesh7 said:

    Cydia update helper hmm I guess you were using electra? Tell me if I am wrong

    I presume Coolstar made that tweak so that sileo and cydia could work independently 

    anyway yeah you can rejailbreak and delete those

    You are right,i was using electra. Yeah,it was made so sileo and cydia could work independently and fix some bugs around it. Thanks,i’ll try and let you know further

    10 hours ago, Amuyea said:

    Should be. I never seen cydia auto updater before. Which jailbreak did you use?


  6. 7 minutes ago, Amuyea said:

    You were jailbreak during that time?

    I would say to jailbreak again and remove these from Cydia

    I mean i tired at that time,but i removed the substrate at time and I wasn’t able to add the substrate again, so can i re-jailbreak and remove them? And moreover if i remove those 3 apps them what about that cydia auto updater app? I don’t even know what it does?

  7. Hey everyone,so I did erase all my settings and data and somehow  This happened   .Now the thing is i earsed everything just to get rid of those 4 jailbreak apps and it didn’t happen as i thought. Now im on IOS 11.2.6 and i want that apps to be removed and Please help me out here guys its really really urgent

  8. On 7/12/2018 at 7:25 AM, Noob765 said:

    Getting rid of Cydia by using just settings is like getting rid of teeth without the root (as far as I know ?) you need "Cydia Eraser" to remove everything with cydia, but since it's only on iOS 9, use "Cydia Remover" https://pwn20wnd.github.io/repo/eraser/

    Sorry for late reply! Don't forget to backup your data.

    I don’t think you are getting what im trying to explain,I don’t have any cydia right now and i want my device to be ln 11.2.6 firmware with all my data erased,so what should i do?


    EDIT-The tool that you’ve linked only works for pheonix,yalu,home depot and extra recipe

  9. 4 minutes ago, joeajjan said:

    I literally tried everything i tried to turn on vpn , use cellular data , wifi , removing all background apps , turning off jailbreak , even semirestore jb (delete all tweaks) it used to work fine before 

    Then it  must be marking you as a cheater and turning on anti cheat system,when i installed the free jailed version of the pubg(.ipa one) then it used to do the same

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