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  1. @DiDA when I don’t have enough resources it still costs gems to upgrade. Also stuff that costs more gems than I have won’t be bought
  2. @K_K when i go on the game, it doesnt show infinite currencies, it shows normal amount. Any Solution?? (Tried reinstalling but didnt work)
  3. So clutch and rasticrac both don't work on Snipers vs Thieves. I tried downloading via app store on mac but only downloads from ios. Any suggestions?
  4. Pandora Hack Tweak.xm

  5. Help/Support Theos errors

    Follow this tutorial, this should help https://github.com/theos/theos/wiki/Installation
  6. @Fadexz i did all your steps and i retried it but it still says initialisation error. Although, when I went to /Applications there was no residue folder called igameguardian.app so i just assumed it was completely removed. Not sure what else to do to prevent this error. If initialisation error is due to igameguardian not being completely removed, how can i check if there is any remaining traces or what other places could still contain previous files?
  7. Help/Support IDA and Gameplayer

    So Gameplayer won't work on this specific app, (Big Sports Fishing 2) and I was wondering if there was another way I could get the address for values without using gameplayer for ida purposes. Help @DiDA? EDIT: Gameplayer actually doesnt work on apps that are cracked, signed and aslr-free, is there a way to make gameplayer work?
  8. Help/Support LLDB download source

    oh ok thx
  9. Help/Support LLDB download source

    Hi, So lldb website doesnt work so is there another place to download the mac version of lldb? or could i just use the one included with xcode? for ida purposes
  10. hi guys. it's been a while

  11. dove scarico i trucchi per real reacing 3


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