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  1. Anybody know a good way to get money in GTA V?

    1. Show previous comments  16 more
    2. 1Jakey


      It's just that some of us are pretty bad :/ 

      Can't really do much about that. 

    3. Rayan-


      Get good. LUL 

      Watch some tip videos, they may seem stupid but they're not.

      Not trying to brag here or anything, ya boi here had 3.14 KD :smirk: 

    4. 1Jakey


      Yeah, most of us just started. There is one friend of ours who is pretty stacked so while we have pistols and like a crap rifle he pulls up with a minigun. xD

    5. Rayan-


      Lmao, why are you doing heists with pistols? LUL 

    6. 1Jakey


      It was when we first started and did the one where we still some server computer in the van or some sh!t. We gotten better guns.

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