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  1. Requested Award: Silver Reputation Award Proof:https://iosgods.com/profile/1254236-keybode/
  2. 1200 reputation, and I was not given Awards pepehands

    1. DiDA


      In that case, please request them. :)

    2. keybode


      How can I do that?:know:

    3. DiDA


      There's a topic in forum announcements :)

  3. How to get offset(s)?
    addHack(offset (s), hacked hex (es), original hex(es));
    HackedHex and OroginalHex I already found, but where to find offset(s)?

    1. Laxus


      By counting from one to 69000 in IDA

  4. Dude, just don't start with heavy games like PUBG, I've been trying to find the right offsets for 2 weeks, and to no avail
  5. Who can explain how to find offsets and hacked HEX correctly?Kappa
    All done, it remains only to find the right offsets and hacked HEX pepehands

    1. Archangel04


      Finding offsets and hacking Hex is the entirety of making a hack basically. 

    2. TheArmKing


      ^ikr lol

  6. Hi, began to develop a hack for PUBG, started from the bottom, I want to make a menu where you can clean the grass(iGMM), THEOS has created everything you need, but I can not find in which class you need to change the znachenya, or how you can do a search and change the value in Tweak.xm? P.S.Please do not send me to the tutorial section, I just need an example, minimal knowledge, for further development in this field.
  7. I use from the first days Antenna + Chams + no recoil + slider = no ban. iPhone SE 11.4.1. IGMM - crash the game, by double-clicking. @Scriptical Thank you very much for your work, for the information provided.
  8. I need a little help with the development of the hack, how can I contact you to ask a couple of questions? PM you closed.
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