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jbme.qwertyoruiop.com have some weird codes behind it

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so I was inspecting the sites and all this appearedxDxD

 This is licensed under the Anyone But Stefan Esser license.
 sorry 4 indentation but i was using nano lmao


The game of chess, is like a sword fight 
You must think first, before you move 
Wu style is immensely strong, and immune to nearly any weapon 
When it's properly used, it's almost invincible 

Raw I'ma give it to ya, with no trivia 
Raw like cocaine straight from Bolivia 
My hip hop will rock and shock the nation 
Like the Emancipation Proclamation 
Weak MC's approach with slang that's dead 
You might as well run into the wall and bang your head 
I'm pushin' force, my force your doubtin' 
I'm makin' devils cower to the Caucus Mountains 

Well I'm a sire, I set the microphone on fire 
Rap styles vary, and carry like Mariah 
I come from the shaolin slum, and the isle I'm from 
Is comin' through with nuff n!gg4s, and nuff guns 
So if you want to come sweatin', stressin' contesting 
You'll catch a sharp sword to the midsection 
Don't talk the talk, if you can't walk the walk 
Phony n!gg4s are outlined in chalk 
A man vexed, is what the projects made me 
Rebel to the grain there's no way to barricade me 
Steam-rollin' n!gg4s with the eighteen wheeler 
With the drunk driver drivin', there's no survivin'

Ruff like Timberland wear, yeah 
Me and the Clan, and yo the Landcruisers out there 
Peace to all the crooks, all the n!gg4s with bad looks 
Bald heads, braids, blow this hook 
We got chrome tecs, nickel plated macs 
Black axe, drug dealin' styles in phat stacks 
I only been a good n!gg4 for a minute though 
'Cause I got to get my props, and win it yo 
I got beef wit commercial-ass n!gg4s with gold teeth 
Lampin' in a Lexus eatin' beef 
Straight up and down don't even bother 
I got forty n!gg4s up in here now, who kill n!gg4s fathers 

My peoples are you with me where you at? 
In the front, in the back killa-bees on attack 
My peoples are you with me where you at? 
Smokin meth hittin caps on the block with the gats 

Here I go, deep type flow 
Jacque Cousteau could never get this low, I'm 
Cherry bombin' sh!ts boom!
Just warmin' up a little bit, vroom vroom 
Rappinin is what's happenin'
Keep the pockets stacked and then, hands clappin' and 
At the party when I move my body 
Gotta get up, and be somebody 
Grab the microphone put strength to the bone 
Duh, duh, duh enter the Wu-Tang zone 
Sure enough when I rock that stuff 
Huff puff I'm gonna catch your bluff tuff 
Rough, kickin' rhymes like Jim Kelly 
Or Alex Haley I'm a Mi Beetle Bailey rhymes 
Comin' raw style, hardcore 
n!gg4s be comin' to the hip-hop store 
Comin' to buy grocery from me 
Tryin' to be a hip-hop MC
The law, in order to enter the Wu-Tang 
You must bring the Ol Dirty Bastard type slang 
Represent the Gza, Abbot, RZA, Shaquan, Inspecta Deck 
Dirty hoe gettin' low wit his flow 
Introducin' the Ghostface Killer 
No one could get illa 

My peoples are you with me where you at? 
In the front, in the back killa-bees on attack 
My peoples are you with me where you at? 
Smokin meth hittin caps on the block with the gats 

Speakin' of the devil psych, no it's the God, get the sh!t right 
Mega trife, and yo I killed you in a past life 
On the mic while you was kickin' that fast sh!t 
You reneged tried again, and got blasted 
Half mastered ass style mad ruff task 
When I struck I had on Tims and a black mask 
Remember that sh!t? I know you don't remember jack 
That night yo I was hittin' like a spiked bat 
And then you thought I was bugged out, and crazy 
Strapped for nonsense, after me became lazy 
Yo, nobody budge while I shot slugs 
Never shot thugs, I'm runnin' with thugs that flood mugs 
So grab your eight plus one, start flippin' and trippin'
n!gg4s is jettin' I'm lickin' off son 

Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang!

Homicide's illegal and death is the penalty 
What justifies the homicide, when he dies? 
In his own iniquity it's the 
Master of the Mantis Rapture comin at cha 
We have an APB on an MC Killer 
Look like the work of a Master 
Evidence indicates that's it's stature 
Merciless like a terrorist hard to capture 
The flow changes like a chameleon 
Plays like a friend, and stabs you like a dagger 
This technique attacks the immune system 
Disguised like a lie paralyzin' the victim 
You scream, as it enters your bloodstream 
Erupts your brain from the pain these thoughts contain 
Movin' on a n!gg4 with the speed of a centipede 
And injure any motherf***in' contender

My peoples are you with me where you at? 
In the front, in the back killa-bees on attack 
My peoples are you with me where you at? 
Smokin meth hittin caps on the block with the gats  

 Shaolin shadowboxing, and the Wu-Tang sword style
 If what you say is true,
 The Shaolin and the Wu-Tang could be dangerous
 Do you think your Wu-Tang sword can defeat me?
 En garde, I'll let you try my Wu-Tang style
 Bring da motherf***in' ruckus
 Bring da motherf***in' ruckus
 Bring da mother, bring da motherf***in' ruckus
 Bring da motherf***in' ruckus
 Ghostface, catch the blast of a hype verse
 My glock bursts, leave in a hearse, I did worse
 I come rough, tough like an elephant tusk
 Ya head rush, fly like Egyptian musk
 Aw sh!t, Wu-Tang Clan spark the wicks an'
 However, I master the trick just like Nixon
 Causin' terror, quick damage ya whole era
 Hardrocks is locked the f*** up, or found shot
 P.L.O. style, hazardous, cause I wreck this dangerous
 I blow sparks like Waco, Texas
 I watch my back like I'm locked down, hardcore
 Hittin' sound, watch me act bugged, and tear it down
 A literate type asshole, songs goin' gold, no doubt
 And you watch a corny n!gg4 fold
 Yeah, they fake and all that
 Carryin' gats but yo, my Clan
 Rollin like forty Macs
 Now ya act convinced, I guess it makes sense
 Wu-Tang, yo sew, represent
 I wait for one to act up
 Now I got him backed up
 Gun to his neck now, react what?
 And that's one in the chamber
 Wu-Tang banger, 36 styles of danger
 Bring da motherf***in' ruckus
 Bring da motherf***in' ruckus
 Bring da mother, bring da motherf***in' ruckus
 Bring da motherf***in' ruckus
 I rip it hardcore, like prono-flick b****es
 I roll with groups of ghetto bastards with biscuits
 Check it, my method on the microphone's bangin'
 Wu-Tang slang'll leave your headpiece hangin'
 Bust this, I'm kickin' like Segal, Out For Justice
 The roughness, yes, the rudeness, ruckus
 Redrum, I verbally assault with the tongue
 Murder one, my style shot ya knot like a stun-gun
 I'm hectic, I wreck it with the quickness
 Set it on the microphone, and competition get blown
 By this nasty ass n!gg4 with my n!gg4, the RZA
 Charged like a bull and got pull like a trigga
 So bad, stabbin' up the pad with the vocab, crab
 I scream on ya ass like your dad, bring it on
 Bring da motherf***in' ruckus
 Bring da motherf***in' ruckus
 Bring da mother, bring da motherf***in' ruckus
 Bring da motherf***in' ruckus
 Yo, I'm more rugged than slave man boots
 New recruits, I'm f***in' up MC troops
 I break loops, and trample sh!t, while I stomp!
 A mud hole in that ass, cause I'm straight out the swamp
 Creepin' up on site, now it's Fright Night
 My Wu-Tang slang is mad f***in' dangerous
 And more deadly than the stroke of an axe
 Choppin' through ya back swish
 Givin' bystanders heart-attacks
 n!gg4s try to flip, tell me who is him
 I blow up his f***in' prism
 Make it a vicious act of terrorism
 You want to bring it, so f*** it
 Come on and bring the ruckus
 And I provoke n!gg4z to kick buckets
 I'm wettin' cream, I ain't wettin' fame
 Who sellin' gain, I'm givin' out a deadly game
 It's not the Russian it's the Wu-Tang crushin'
 Roulette, slip up and get f***ed like Suzette
 Bring da f***in' ruckus
 Bring da motherf***in' ruckus
 Bring da motherf***in' ruckus
 Bring da mother, bring da motherf***in' ruckus
 Bring da motherf***in' ruckus
 So bring it on
 So bring it on
 So bring it on
 So bring it on
 So bring it on
 So bring it on
 So bring it on
 Punk n!gg4!

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      - Infinite Black Pearls

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