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    • By absoluT1on
      Browsing and searching all kind of stuff in world wide web I have found a super Terminal for our working Cydia Jailbreak
      I have tested a lot of terminals from many repos, most of them are buggy or not work at all.
      Has a nice sleek and coloured interface
      The best thing is that is being regularly updated
      Note This terminal works on Electra 11.3.1  perfectly!
      Supports ios versions 6.0 to 10.3.3


      Hidden Content
      React or reply to this topic to see the hidden content. More info All credits goes to the creator of this terminal.
    • By Don riddle
      I was getting so many ads as soon as I launched the app that everything would freeze. I had to constantly close out the app like 6 times and relaunch until it would let me play. Today, I decided to delete and reinstall ( thinking that would help) before i was able to play again I decided to update my iOS software to the latest(11.4). Now it’s not working like before. Please advice ! 
    • By datagen
      Hidden Content
    • By datagen
      Hidden Content samerchef@hotmail.com:Autopsygen crunchyroll prem
      norgonkog@hotmail.com:Autopsygen crunchyroll prem
      the_boab2002@hotmail.com:Autopsygen crunchyroll prem
      resident021@hotmail.com:Autopsygen crunchyroll prem
      jayyman4@hotmail.com:Autopsygen crunchyroll prem
      neil_rose13@hotmail.com:Autopsygen curnchyroll prem
      tarczon_24@hotmail.com:Autopsygen crunchyroll prem
      caroll_x3@hotmail.com:Autopsygen crunchyroll prem
      ekakuage@hotmail.com:Autopsygen Crunchyroll prem
      manosbarca@hotmail.com:Autopsygen crunchyroll prem
      jaysample@hotmail.com:Autopsygen crunchyroll prem
      sprixels@hotmail.com:Autopsygen crunchyroll prem
      madsstrunge@hotmail.com:Autopsygen crunchyroll prem
      nt_v.i.p@hotmail.com:Autopsygen crunchy roll prem
      rafa.pequetucha@hotmail.com:Autopsygen crunchyroll prem
      daniel.escobar111@hotmail.com:Autopsygen crunchy prem
      danieleamatulli@live.it:Datagen spotify prem
      grantarlo@yahoo.it:Datagen spotify prem
      fabianagiada@gmail.com:Datagen spotify prem
      matis905@hotmail.it:Datagen spotify prem
      danilo.saddiki@gmail.com:Datagen spotify prem  
    • By Taylor Meyer
      Download Charles proxy from here https://www.charlesproxy.com/download/ pick your platform 
      then download the script for latest version as of right now 4.2.6  
      overwrite the downloaded charles.jar for windows 10 at C:\Program Files\Charles\lib 
      MacOS  /Applications/Charles.app/Contents/Java/charles.jar
      for any other platform i don't know find charles.jar in the directory 😀 
      Hidden Content https://github.com/100apps/charles-hacking/tree/master/4.2.5   
      Hidden Content  https://www.zzzmode.com/mytools/charles/  and yes i tested and working 
      PS: ^ site for crack is all in chinese here is in english 
      Please select the correct version to be cracked. It is recommended to install the latest version, the official download address https://www.charlesproxy.com/download/
      This tool is used to generate the cracked charles.jar file. The blog introduces:
      Enter RegisterName (this name is free to display Registered to xxx), <------------------------------ Example Registered to XXXX when you enter the program it will display the name when entering and in help so you can pick a name 
       select the locally installed version, click Generate, and download the charles.jar file.
      Replace the local charles.jar file
      macOS: /Applications/Charles.app/Contents/Java/charles.jar
      Windows: C:\Program Files\Charles\lib\charles.jar
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