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Request PUBG MOBILE v0.5.0.8028 [iOSGods Exclusive]

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Name of the game you want hacked: PUBG MOBILE By Tencent Mobile International Limited
Version of the game:
iTunes Link for the app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pubg-mobile/id1330123889?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4
Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken:  Non-Jailbroken VIP MOD MENU HACK [iOSGods Exclusive]

Requested Features: 
- X-Ray Hack -> Works like Rules of Survival X-Ray hack. See through walls of a building! The building needs to be a few meters away from you for it to work.
- X-Ray Hack #2 -> This one works with all buildings, even close. See enemies, loot, drops, boxes and everything!!!!
- No Gun Recoil -> When shooting, your gun will not have any recoil so your aim is more precise. Works with Red Dots, Holographic, 2x, 4x, 8x and all other sights & scopes. Super useful at close and long ranges. Tested and working fine with Automatic Rifles. 
- No Camera Recoil
- Less/Better Spread -> Bullets will spread less when auto hip firing. 
- Walk Through Walls -> This works a few times until the anti-cheat kicks in and prevents you from walking through walls again. Use wisely.
- God's View -> When crouched or proned, you can see & shoot everything as if you were standing up.
- No/Hide Grass/Trees/Wheat -> Everything is disabled. Enable/disable whenever via the Mod Menu.
- No/Hide Trees -> Trees farther from you will be hidden. The ones closer won't so you can drive or shoot better. You can see enemies across the map.
- No/Hide All Trees ->  Hide all trees unless you get close to them. Useful to find a tree to hide behind.
- No/Hide Grass #2 -> Grass that is some meters away from you will be hidden.
- No/Hide Wheat -> Wheat that is some meters far from you will be hidden/disabled.
- No/Hide Stone/Rock
- Speed Hack -> Choose your character speed inside the mod menu! Only use this to make it to distant circles otherwise you will be banned! 0.7-1.0 is normal game speed. 
- Increase Field of View x1 -> See more in 3rd person 
- Increase Field of View x2- > See even more 
Enable/Disable features above inside the Mod Menu in-game. 



Edited by TheBoommieBk

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