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Coupon iOSGods' 4th Anniversary Celebration!

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DiDA has managed to keep the site running for almost four years now. Shocker. :bigwink:

Because of that, we felt it was only fitting that we did a big giveaway for our community! Over the next week, we will choose 20 members that have posted below at random. Depending when you are chosen, you can win one of these prizes.

5 ViP & Non-Jailbroken ViP + 3 Months

5 ViP - 3 Months

10 ViP - 2 Months


But that's not all! Starting today and for the next four days, you will be able to purchase the following ViP packages at a 60% discount!

The discount code IOSGODS4YEARS applies to the following and can only be used towards a single ViP subscription:

- ViP 2 Months

- ViP 3 Months

- ViP & Non-Jailbroken ViP + 3 Months

We hope you enjoy and here's to another four years!


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oh man, an hour ago I bought 3 months VIP and non jailbroken without knowing about the code (sad face lol)

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Thank you for everything you’ve all done! Quite literally the best! I look forward to playing more games with all of you!

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