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Request Awesome new mobile PubG game

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Name of the game you want hacked:Knives Out  
Version of the game: 1.0
iTunes Link for the app: Knives Out by NetEase Games
Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: jailbroken or/and non-Jailbroken

Requested Features: this is an awesome/new mobile game that is exactly like unknown public battlegrounds aka pubg..id love radar, in-game currency/items any other possible tweak hacks that can be found

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Official applink added
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 Cool game I'm not a hacker I just have a bit of a background and I'm going to play the game to see if I can help you someway 

 Probably I can't help you but I'm going to try 

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 Okay I have played a bit and from my experience a hack for this game is nearly impossible... At least for the gold coins they are server-sided...but I can be totally wrong 

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  • This game is sooo much fun !! Lets see who will hack it first ..thanks for all the comments!

    2 hours ago, EgyptianHax0r said:

    Is it survival game?

    Yes is a battle royale meaning 100 people vs you..also has teams and duo(2 man team) with in game voice chat 

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        Name of the game you want hacked: 
        週刊少年ジャンプ オレコレクション! (Weekly Shonen Jump Ore Collection)

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        Name of the game you want hacked: Real Drum
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          please mod this game please, No Ads
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        Name of the game you want hacked:Dream League Soccer 2018 
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        Players Unlocked
        Please Do it @DiDA @ZahirSher
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        Name of the game you want hacked: Game Of Dice by JoyCity Corp
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        Name of the game you want hacked: Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle
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        Requested Features: 
        Unlimited Health
        Unlimited Damage
        1-2-3 Roll
        Unlimited Dragon Stones (if possible, disregard if it isn't)
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