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App Forest

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How many of you is using app Forest?


Have you noticed yourself being more concerned in what you have to do and less distracted?

I was using the app for some time and it was successful and I was cool with it but I didn't enjoy the moment I was reading a book and tried to look in dictionary for some word and my tree just died. I changed the setting so the tree didn't die after switching the app but then I realized it ain't the same. 

I deleted all my progress and now I will start again without the setting to not kill the tree and will be using app when I really don't need to use the phone and don't want to be distracted by it 

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      there's a free movie app you can download off cydia called moviebox. sometimes, i like laying down on my side and watch stuff. but when i lock my orientation, it always turns to portrait mode instead of landscape. if you're confused, download the app, go into a movie, go into landscape mode, lock your orientation, and you'll see it flip back to portrait. if someone could make a tweak to fix this, that would be cool. if no one does, then it's whatever. 
      also, idk what topic this is supposed to be in so if it's the wrong one, then rip. 
      EDIT: it works fine on my ipad. not on my phone, though. is there a fix?
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