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Tool CPAntiDumper v1.2 - Secure iOS/Android Binaries & Defeat Offset Dumping!

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Posted (edited)

@caoyin has blessed us Cheaters with yet another amazing tool called "CPAntiDumper" or "CPAD" for short. The whole purpose of CPAD is to obfuscate your (modded) binary file(s) & prevent others from dumping offsets from your tweaks. CPAD works on binary files and .dylibs! If CPLoader (also from caoyin) is not for you, CPAntiDumper is a great alternative!


- ARMv7 & ARM64 iOS Binary. Your binary must be thinned if you select only ARMv7.
- Android ARM binaries! With THUMB to come soon!

If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to ask down below in a post. :)


How to use it
For ease of use, I have included a CPAD.bat file inside the download link below which simplifies the whole process by simply dragging your binary file to the .bat file and reading the on-screen instructions. Of course, you can modify the .bat to your liking. You will also need to edit it to add the location of cpad.exe on your computer. Example usage of CPAD.bat file.

NOTE CPAD is only a Windows tool but will likely work on other operating systems with Wine since it's a simple CLI. 


If you would like to run CPAD using cmd, you can do so using this command:


iOS Examples:
cpad.exe baba 15000 arm64
cpad.exe iosfps 25000 armv7

Android Example:
cpad.exe libmarvel.so 2000 elfarmv7

Once you run the command, CPAD will analyze the binary and start obfuscating it thus preventing Binary Compare.


Once CPAD completes the process, it will generate 2 new files. BINARYNAME(.so)obf & BINARYNAME.txt

BINARYNAME(.so)obf will be the obfuscated binary file you will need to use. Rename the file and place it back into your IPA/APK and test/share your hack.

BINARYNAME(.so).txt will be the file that contains all the writeData instructions for you to implement inside your Tweak.xm. Most effective way to integrate all the writeDatas inside the .txt to your Tweak.xm is by placing your real writeData in a random place amongst all the other CPAD writeDatas. So if someone tries to dump your offsets, they will have to go through <YOURVALUE> (20,000 other writeDatas for example). This is only for iOS .deb hacks. Example:

vm_writeData(0x100673DC0,0xC0033FD6); // writeData Generated by CPAD
vm_writeData(0x100A969D8,0x2100014A); // writeData Generated by CPAD
vm_writeData(0x100A969DC,0x420002CB); // writeData Generated by CPAD
vm_writeData(0x100A969E4,0x210001CB); // writeData Generated by CPAD
vm_writeData(0x10051EBF8,0xE00300AA); // writeData Generated by CPAD
vm_writeData(0x100114DF8,0x12345678); // Your Real Offset!
vm_writeData(0x10051EC44,0x000000CB); // writeData Generated by CPAD
vm_writeData(0x10051EC4C,0x840004CB); // writeData Generated by CPAD
vm_writeData(0x10051EC6C,0xC0033FD6); // writeData Generated by CPAD
vm_writeData(0x10051EC74,0xE20302AA); // writeData Generated by CPAD
vm_writeData(0x10051EC88,0xE10301AA); // writeData Generated by CPAD

Remember! You can go crazy with your value by entering 100000 into CPAD which will make it super secure but will likely take a lot of time depending on your computer.

NOTE For CPAD to be more efficient. Use it AFTER you have modded your binary.



Hidden Content

    React or reply to this topic to see the hidden content. More info


- v1.0 Initial release. Only iOS ARMv7 Support.
- v1.1 iOS ARM64 Support, improved interface.
- v1.2 Introduces ELF ARM Android Support. Improved code and added credits at the end of the process.

Edited by DiDA
V1.2 Updated!
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  • Topic Author
  • 1 minute ago, ZahirSher said:

    :gasm: finally man!

    Edit: thought android was here :pepe: nvm ill go

    It's being worked on! Any suggestions? :)

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    Just now, DiDA said:

    It's being worked on! Any suggestions? :)

    GUI would be good :) Like choose file, amount and click Proceed and wallah!

    Also an output folder instead of everything in a single place.

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  • Topic Author
  • 4 minutes ago, ZahirSher said:

    GUI would be good :) Like choose file, amount and click Proceed and wallah!

    Also an output folder instead of everything in a single place.

    GUI is not really necessary since that's what the .bat does. However, and output "-o" option would be cool to customise the .bat file with.

    So you can drag and drop the binary to your CPAD.bat desktop shortcut and it will output it wherever you want or wherever you set it to do so inside the .bat file.

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  • Topic Author
  • 1 minute ago, TheArmKing said:

    Can this possibly help a developer secure his app ? 

    No, this doesn't prevent the app from being hacked. This prevents offsets from being leeched.

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    Just now, DiDA said:

    No, this doesn't prevent the app from being hacked. This prevents offsets from being leeched.

    Thats great :) AntiFahadDumper

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  • Topic Author
  • Posted (edited)
    1 minute ago, TheArmKing said:

    Thats great :) AntiFahadDumper

    This will be great for Android APK Mods! Since apparently everyone leeches in Android.

    Edited by DiDA
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        To download new versions, use "Check for Updates..." under the Impactor menu from inside of the application. Impactor will also occasionally prompt about new versions that come out. 
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        Q: The app on iOS 11 is displaying half screen? Black screen.
        A: The popup the modded IPA uses seems to cause issues with iOS 11's Rotation Lock. To fix this, simply disable rotation lock on your device via the Control Center then reopen the app. 
        Q: How can I save my in-game progress?
        A: You need to make sure your game progress is being synced over Game Center, Facebook, Twitter or Google+. If the game saves it's progress locally, you will need to install the modded IPA overwriting the one you already have installed. In order to overwrite, the modified IPA must have the same bundle ID and you must use the same Apple ID when sideloading. See below for more information.
        Q: Can I overwrite my current app without removing it?
        A: Yes, it is possible. In order to accomplish this, you need to sideload the modded IPA with the same Apple ID that your previously sideloaded app is with. Meaning you must use the same Apple ID you used to sideload the previous app. The bundle ID must be the same otherwise it will install as a duplicate app.
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        Q: Cydia Impactor is stuck on "Verifying Application". Why?
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        Q: How to fix the Cydia Impactor "provision.cpp:81 The 'Network Extensions' feature is only available to users enrolled in Apple Developer Program." error?
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        Q: How to fix the Cydia Impactor "provision.cpp:168 Please sign in with an app specific password." error?
        A: If you get this error, please see this topic.
        Q: Can I install the modded IPA without overwriting or deleting the App Store IPA?
        A: Yes, you can. See this tutorial.
        Q: How do I fix "lockdown.cpp:57 LOCKDOWN_E_MUX_ERROR"?
        A: This issue is caused when another program on your computer might be interfering with Cydia Impactor. Close programs you are not using or restart your computer and run Cydia Impactor again.
        Q: How do I fix "You already have a current iOS Development certificate or a pending certificate request."?
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        Name of the game you want hacked: Marvel contest of champions
        Version of the game: 14.0.0Latest Version
        Google Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kabam.marvelbattle&hl=en
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        Requested Features: 
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        Version of the app: 12.0.1
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        Requested features: - Enemy Doesn't Attack (working online/offline)
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        - No Knockbacks - Disables yourself/enemy from getting thrown backward when you hit or get hit 
        - No Knockdowns - Disables yourself or the enemy from getting knocked down when hit 
        -unlimited units
        -unlimited gold
        Rooted or Non-Rooted: 
        Thank you! 
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