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Tool [NIC TEMPLATE] Minimalist Mod Menu Framework for iOS Games

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APMenu THEOS NIC Template
RELEASE (v1.0:new:

You can use this template in any personal or paid project. Just keep the proper credits to iOSGods.com and myself. Never modify the bundled dynamic menu library. If you want to study it for learning purposes, doing reverse engineering, feel free, but don't tweak or modify it, never.
Hello, iOSGoders coders and players! It's my pleasure to announce the mod menu engine I use in my professional and free hacks. Of course, since it's a real release, I completely revamped the code from scratch. This code unites two years of iOS hacking and Objective-C experience. If you don't know what a NIC Template is, you probably shouldn't be here on this topic. But, if you know what you are doing, let's go:


OpenSSH or Filza and some knowledge 


  1. Access my website (http://arthur.services) and download the template
  2. Move apmenu10.nic.tar to $THEOS/templates/
  3. Go to the folder where you'll create your hack and type: $THEOS/bin/nic.pl
  4. Choose the template named [N] APMenu v1.0


Inside the files Tweak.xm and Menu.h will be pretty self-explanatory with a lots of comments.

Try doing a make package right from start, install the generated package and test it on the target application that you choose.


— Just tap a switch to toggle it on/off

— it saves and recovers information automatically

— Tap and hold any UI controller to view its description (a small documentation defined by the developer of the hack)

— To drag the Mod Menu drag using title bar or footer bar

— To close the mod menu, just tap title bar or use the same invoke gesture defined by the developer




  • most stable version yet developed
  • adjusted version numbering :D (pure aesthetics)
  • now the APMenu uses my MemPatcher class, a powerful and written from scratch replacement for our old friend: writeData.h
  • there is no more need to paste the original offsets! MemPatcher handles it for you
  • better documented via comments (read them all to understand)
    • Menu.h and Tweak.xm (all instruction you need is commented in those files)
  • menu code revamped - now it fills all Apple standards
  • performance improvements and less memory usage

v0.0.9  fixed bug related from v.0.0.8 where the hack wasn't patching the game memory

v0.0.8  fixed MemoryPatcher — (vm_writeData) wrapper to allow 64 bit offsets without slicing them

v0.0.7  security fix - the offsets are now hidden from memory inspection/debugging tools

v0.0.6  fixed UISlider touch area and optimized for indexed UISlider

v0.0.5  removed library dependency

v0.0.4  removed user interface 3D design

v0.0.3  initial release with library dependency



— 0) Add autolipo to the project :)

Video Tutorials and Documentation With the Following Subjects:

— 1) Setup your template and make your first project

— 2) How to set your custom template logo image

— 3) Adding hooks and getting data from the UI controllers

— 4) How to use MemoryPatcher class to do advanced tricks

— 5) Extra: debugging and testing your mod menu



@DiDA for maintaining this community

@shmoo for the being a great inspiration and because I used his UIColor macros. Love ya, buddy!

Edited by arthurdapaz
HUGE v1.0 UPDATE! Read change log ;)
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  • 17 minutes ago, Joka said:

    Screenshots? :p


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