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Introduction Welcome Newcomers!

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Hello new members, and WELCOME! The community of iOSGods welcomes all the new and wondrous members who join and would like to

be apart of our community.We have a diversity of people, and always open to more members! Here, you can find anything related to iOS and Android here! Whether its

tutorials, tools, support, cheats, mods, hacks, apps and more. If you're feeling a little shy of the mods, join us for a chat in the Shoutbox, located on the homepage,

BUT we wary of the rules! Located at the top of the shoutbox, or using thislink - Shoutbox rules. If you're new and need help locating things around the page,

please check out the links below, and we'll help youget where you'd like to go :) Other than that, welcome once again and we'll see you guys around the forums.

Please remember, if you are using the Shoutbox, remember the rules!
"You can't request, ask for support, harass, or be rude in the shoutbox. You will get shoutbox banned without notice if you do. Forum Rules apply on the shoutbox."
If you would like ti request mods/hacks, or anything of that nature PLEASE use the given links below.
If you're looking for mods for a certain game. Chances are we've already hacked it ;)
Before you go asking for anything, try using the search bar located at the top right of the forum.
if you don't find what you desire, then be sure to check around the forum, make a post in the correct section, and we'll be
sure and glad to help you out :)



Posting? Here's how to locate the correct forum!


So of course, usually coming to a forum like this you'll need to know the correct locations. This will be a brief discussion, as for most

of the other topics are self-explanatory. If you're looking for help, PLEASE do not go posting in the shoutbox, as for members are

asked kingly to post in the "Help & Support" section. If you're looking for mods, and hacks. Once again, please refrain from going into the Shoutbox

and begging/asking for mods. If you would kindly create a topic in the desired sub-forum your request maybe taken up

if it is possible to hack/mod your desired game. The forums for that would be located within the "Hack Requests" section.





Getting around the forums


If you are looking where to post your topics, you've come to the right place. Here we'll have a list of links

that will redirect you to different parts of the site that you are desired. Wether it'll be for Help/support topics, or if you'd like to

share some ideas in the General Discussion section, or anywhere along the lines.




Places & Links You'll NEED to Know!


Forum Rules:



Shoutbox Rules:



Becoming VIP



Forum Announcements:



Tutorial Section:



General Talk/Discussion:



Help & Support Section:



iOS Hack Requests:



Android Hack Requests:







If you've read this, I would like to personally welcome you aboard the iOSGod community! We are a diverse community, filled with

members who have different knowledge in different areas. A community who always seems to be active even past bed time ;) So don't be afraid in joining the

community, posting around in some forums. Just be sure to read the rules, and we'll all be seeing you guys around VERY SOON.


If you need help, don't feel shy to contact staff or one of the administrators, they're extremely kind and helpful


~ We welcome, & thank you all for joining us ~

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