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[Cracked]Zygor In-Game WOW Guide

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This is The Best WOW Addon You can Get in my opinion


it helps with everything from farming questing to the AH anything you need is here on This Addon


What The Addon Does:

Shows Detailed instructions on every quest

Shows Exact Location With On Screen Navigation Arrow

Shows Best Possible Route To The Objective Area

Auto-Turn in Quest

Auto-Accept Quests

Auto-Equip Armor Upgrades

Shows Pictures Beside Pop-up Window In-Game of Target or Quest Giver

Shows Your Profit of a certain for sale item inside AH (This is for the AH junkies that love getting awesome deals and flipping them)

Shows Detailed Instructions For Farming Certain Mats ect

Shows Detailed Instructions on Transmog Dungeons (Good for selling on the AH)

Daily Quest Helper (List All Daily Quests)

Auto-Price items on the AH undercutting any comp

Has a Dreanor Pathfinder Helper (Which Details Every thing needed for the achievement)

Can Clean out Quest-log only leaving important ones related to the guide you are on

Alot more :D


Needed Programs:

Curse Client







Download The Cracked Addon Here:

Hidden Content

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Install Instructions:

Download The .zip Above

Once Downloaded Place it onto your desktop

Extract The folder Then Navigate to your WOW Folder(Inside Program files)

Once inside your WOW Folder Go inside Interface

then Addons 

once in Addons just copy or move the extracted folder inside Addons


I hope you guys enjoy the addon as much as me :D

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