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  1. When developers make a game, sometimes they include memory checks to make things harder to hack. But what are memory checks? Memory checks are checks to make sure that a certain value, for example, money has been hacked. If it has been hacked, the memory check will kick in and set it back to its original, unhacked value. This is why when you test in iGameGuardian, GDB, LLDB, etc. your hack will not work. But we want our hacks to work, so here is how to disable them This is also only an example function [hide] General background info: R0 holds your previous value of money. R5 holds the cost. R10 holds the new value of money after you bought something. The IDA offset for money will be 0xA99F8: STR R10, [R6, #32]. Here is the example function that I came up with: 0xA99C0 CMP R0, R10 //compare R10 with R0 0xA99C4 BLE 0xA99E8 //branch to 0xA99E8 if it is less than or equal to 0xA99C8 LDR R0, [R6, #32] //load R6+32 into R0 0xA99CC SUB R5, R0, R10 //subtract R0 (previous money value) with R5 (cost) and put that value into R10 0xA99D0 MOV R0, R6 //move R6 into R0 0xA99D4 BL 0x30E7B0 //branch with link to 0x30E7B0 0xA99D8 ADD R1, R0, R5 //add R0 with R1 and put that value into R5 0xA99DC MOV R0, R6 //move R6 into R0 0xA99E0 BL 0x30E7C0 //branch with link to 0x30E7C0 0xA99E4 MOV R0, R6 //move R6 into R0 0xA99E8 BL 0x30E7D0 //branch with link to 0x30E7D0 0xA99EC ADD R1, R0, R5 //add R0 with R1 and put that value into R5 0xA99F0 MOV R0, R6 //move R6 into R0 0xA99F8 STR R10, [R6, #32] //IDA offset, store R10 (new money value) into R6+32 I'm sure you know that the equivalent of spending in a game is subtracting. Knowing that, logically you would change 0xA99CC to MOV R10, R7. And you are right for thinking that , but it won't work because of the memory check. Earlier you read that R0 holds the previous value of money, R5 holds cost, and R10 holds the new value after spending. So you want to look for a "CMP" (compare) instruction that compares the previous value of money with the new value of money that is followed by a branch to somewhere. If the branch is BGT (branch if greater than), BLT (branch if less than), BNE (branch if not equal), or BLE (branch if less than or equal to), you usually have found the memory check. And there is one, at the beginning of the function: 0xA99C0: CMP R0, R10 followed by 0xA99C4: BLE 0xA99F8, or our IDA offset. That is telling the game to compare R10 with R0 and branch to 0xA99C4, or our IDA offset, and store the unhacked money value into R6+32 if R10 is less than or equal to R0. To defeat the memory check, you can NOP the branch to 0xA99F8 (our IDA offset) or change CMP R0, R10 to CMP R0, R0 or CMP R10, R10 so that the memory check (the CMP R0, R10) occurs but has no effect because the branch is NOP'ed or it is comparing itself to itself. And now you can change the SUB R5, R0, R10 (0xA99CC) to MOV R10, R7, and it will work! Recap: - R0 holds our previous value of money, R5 holds cost, and R10 holds the new value of money. - Our IDA offset is 0xA99F8, STR R10, [R6, #32]. - Memory checks usually compare an old value of something with a new value of something, followed by a branch. They usually are BNE's (branch if not equal), BGT's (branch if greater than), BLT (branch if less than), or BLE's (branch if less than or equal to) - You can NOP the branch after the CMP to disable memory checks, or you can change CMP RX, RY to CMP RX, RX or CMP RY, RY to compare values to itself rather than comparing values to another value. Extra info: - Never NOP a CMP before a branch because a branch is literally a true or false type of instruction, and by doing that it the game will write both true and false, which will result in a crash. - Breakpoints really help with memory checks, if you set a breakpoint on what you think is a memory check, you will know if you got it if it hits or not. - If a breakpoint for what you think is a memory check hits, type "info r" for GDB or "reg re" in LLDB. That will let you see what registers hold what, and you can determine if you found the memory check or not. For example, if what you think you've found the memory check for a CMP R0, R3 followed by a BNE (branch if not equal), and the registers R0 and R3 are equal to each other, you have probably found the memory check. - This only applies to you if NOP'ing the branch does not work, or if you just decide to hack the CMP. Always check if the CMP is in ARM or thumb, and patch accordingly. If you patch a thumb instruction with an ARM instruction the game will crash. But how will you know if it is in thumb or in ARM? What you have to do it highlight the hex in IDA then go to "Hex View 1". If the hex is like this: 00 00 00 00 it is in ARM, but if the hex is like this: 00 00 it is in thumb. Think of it like this: an arm is longer than a thumb, so logically hex in ARM will be longer than hex in thumb. [/hide] I hope this helped! Also be sure to ask any questions if you have any
  2. Hi Guys I'm Gonna Show You How To : ----- Watch Over 200 Channels Like Bein Sports,Movies,Osn ----- Requirements : 1-IPhone,IPad,IPod touch 2-iOS 8 Or 9.xx+ 3-Good Internet Speed To see the Hidden Content first hit ,then reply or hit the button. Steps : [Hidden Content] Code :460011173934600
  3. I will show you how to install trybreakwifi v1.0.5 without error 256 1 You need to download the link below Hack Download Link: [Hidden Content] 2 After you downloaded it, go to cydia and find that deb file you just installed 3 click modify and upgrade 4 respring and you will get trybreakwifi v1.0.5 without any problem 5 enjoy hacking wifi
  4. What up guys? how are you today? For the people that locked with icloud this time I comes up with a new way to almost fully bypass so let's get started Last time I've been showed you how to semi bypass icloud activation wish all your applications updated to network and without network you can not see them but this time is little bit different from the ex time that it mean within or without network. Your ipad iphone or ipod will be unlocked same in the picture bellow but you can not use any of the apps except facetime and newstand That Awkward no worries guys I'll search for this issue until I find the solution and I'll give it to you ofcourse so if you want it guys just follow the following instructions 1 : when you are attempting to activate your idevice press home button ----> more wifi settings [Hidden Content] 3 : press back then next 4 : press activation help ( the idevice will crash to the semi bypass like the ex time 5 : in the right of the top press menu 6 : from the categories choose application ----> then press lost not restored 7 : the idevice will respring automatically 8 : unlock the ipad choose your language and your country 9 : press again home button ----> more wifi settings 10 : delete the DNS you've been wrote before an do not write any thing 11 : in the http proxy press on manual 12 : in server box write some of the the emoticons 15 or more then in port box write 8888 (important) 13 : press back then next 14 ; the idevice will respring then slide to unlock 15 : the idevice will respring again then redo it again keep doing it until the home page pop up this operation will work up 100% will work up. I hope you enjoy with your fully bypass Credits: (owner) Mehdi (shared by) me
  5. Hello everyone we all know that there's no hack/cheat for the latest version of shadow fight 2 which is 1.9.20 for now at least! But there's a way to hack it if your device is jailbroken! *note: you might loose your progress but you can still hack it so do it at your own RISK! Tutorial~ [Hidden Content] . My first post so don't judge!
  6. Hello everybody, I'll be showing you how to convert a video (assuming you made a signature in a video editing program and it rendered out as a video file) to GIF! I made my own signature in Sony Vegas, and converted the video to each individual frames. And then made it into a GIF. The result is this: So let's get started. Requirements: - Photoshop (I use CS6) - A video file Procedure: 1. Make sure your video file is encoded in one of these formats (I'm not sure with other file types not included here): .264, 3GP, 3GPP, AVC, AVI, F4V, FLV, MOV, MPE, MPEG‑1, MPEG‑4, MXF Also make sure that your video file isn't very big, or else it will NOT load... Open Photoshop, go to File > Import and then click "Video Frames to Layers...". You can browse for your video and then just leave the settings and click OK. 2. Now, you can mess with the individual layers/frames with tools on Photoshop. But if you're fine with it already, then... 3. Go to File and click "Save for Web". Now this is on CS6. I believe some other versions have File > Export > Save for Web. 4. Once again, you can mess with things around here. You can change how many colors can be used, you can change the resolution. Leave things as is unless edits are necessary. Click Save. 5. You should be greeted with a window where you can browse on where to save. Well, that's your decision. 6. Good job, you're done! You should be able to upload it on sites. I hope this helped! Thanks for reading.
  7. Designing A Website By: Goggwell T H I S I S M Y T U T O R I A L I bet you're all here to find out how to design a website. Lucky guess Well, that's simple, if you know how to code (which I am assuming you don't). For starters, you have to learn the basics of HTML/CSS, with jQuery as an added bonus. (WHICH by the way you can learn for free on Codecademy) But, there are ways to design websites without coding. Luckily for you, I have found several options! 1. You can make a design on Photoshop and have someone else figure out all of the interface options By this I mean you can design your own interface on Photoshop. This could be easy or hard, depending on your knowledge of Graphic Designing. 2. Use Adobe Muse Adobe has created a program called Adobe Muse CC where you can create a new website without any coding whatsoever. If you're willing to spend a little cash, you'll be designing interfaces in no time! Here's a link to the official Adobe Muse Tutorial Site -=- https://helpx.adobe.com/muse/how-to/create-website.html -=- 3. Find website makers using Google There are tons of places to make websites for free using a website maker ONLINE. It's fast, easy-to-use, and best of all, CODING-FREE! Some are for free, but more advanced ones cost a few dollars. Some are drag-and-drop, and some are computed to your liking (or disliking, if you like drag-and-drop). But if you wish to code a website, here are a few pointers: - To get started, you need to learn how to code, obviously... So here are a few sites to learn how to code (for free, or not ) CODECADEMY (Free and intuitive) (here's my description of this website) Codecademy offers a wide range and selection of coding languages that can be learned step-by-step from courses created and perfected by coding intellects and gurus. It's sleek, intuitive design, followed by an easy-to-follow tutorial is best tailored and suited and directed for beginners. This website is also COMPLETELY FREE, meaning that you do not have to spend a dime on these amazing courses. Also, if you are stuck on a course, you can always ask for help or look for solutions in the Codecademy Forums. In conclusion, this site is A MUST if you want to learn the basics of coding. Here are a few other sites that I have yet to take part in, but could be interesting: - KHANACADEMY - (How I found out: From another forum) - CODEYEAR - (How I found out: My ICT Class) If you are already good with coding, then I recommend you start off here: THE CODING SECTION So far, I only know of 2 sites/programs that you use to create websites with code. Unless I am mistaken and you could create websites from scratch using NOTEPAD ++ Bootstrap: Bootstrap is an epic site maker that creates incredible designs that we all enjoy. From simple yet elegant pages to complex and interesting sites, Bootstrap is one tool to get. Here is a link to their official site: http://getbootstrap.com Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. It's free and fun to use, and there are also pre-made templates that you can use as well (free and premium templates available, just search ) With Bootstrap, you can make websites that look like this: (Sorry if the pictures are a little blurry. I took snapshots using the Snipping Tool) You can find pre-made templates in the Downloads below (just scroll down to the bottom of this thread to find downloads) If you find yourself stuck, here's a Get Started topic from the site itself: http://getbootstrap.com/getting-started/ There's also Wordpress, but I have no idea how to use it The Actual Code I have a code for a basic Bootstrap document built upon HTML/CSS (you need Bootstrap to load this code) Just write this code somewhere (like Notepad ++) and just rewrite the file to 'index.html' or something like that (without the quotation marks) to get it working. Here's the code: <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge"> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"> <title>Bootstrap 101 Template</title> <!-- Bootstrap --> <link href="css/bootstrap.min.css" rel="stylesheet"> <!-- HTML5 Shim and Respond.js IE8 support of HTML5 elements and media queries --> <!-- WARNING: Respond.js doesn't work if you view the page via file:// --> <!--[if lt IE 9]> <script src="https://oss.maxcdn.com/html5shiv/3.7.2/html5shiv.min.js"></script> <script src="https://oss.maxcdn.com/respond/1.4.2/respond.min.js"></script> <![endif]--> </head> <body> <h1>Hello, world!</h1> <!-- jQuery (necessary for Bootstrap's JavaScript plugins) --> <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.11.1/jquery.min.js"></script> <!-- Include all compiled plugins (below), or include individual files as needed --> <script src="js/bootstrap.min.js"></script> </body> </html> Of course, this is just the basic code. There's much more coding involved to make a fully functioning website. Make sure you have HTML/CSS and jQuery coding files ready/installed into your computer. The code will work that way So after having said all that, this stuff is what you need to get ready! Downloads: Free Bootstrap Templates: http://startbootstrap.com http://www.templatemag.com/free-bootstrap-templates/ Adobe Muse: https://creative.adobe.com/products/download/muse Hope you found this tutorial helpful! There will be much more information in the future. Because right now I am studying web design (THAT'S RIGHT) Good luck to everyone!
  8. How to Get Unlimited 30 day-trials of Amazon Prime! Steps: [Hidden Content] It would be really appreciated if you could heart and thank me for this tutorial. Thank you
  9. Ok so let's get right into this. Many of you might have seen this hack posted on this website. [Hidden Content] Tada
  10. Hello I-G member's Here we go to fix some cydia error's 1- failed in buffer_write(fd) (8, ret=-1) [Hidden Content] 2- Hash Sum Mismatch Fixing .. [Hidden Content] 3- Hash Unreachable Fixing ... [Hidden Content] i hope you have fixed your problems !
  11. This can be used for all sorts of things. I mainly use this for the ownage pranks app, as you can create a new account using this number Super simple! I'll just post a link, its so easy, anyone can do it. You guys dont need instuctions!!! [Hidden Content]
  12. I find it very annoying to have to go to my computer, load a binary, and wait forever for IDA to finish, so I found a little work around This does everything IDA Pro does, expect for the different views. (strings, etc.) You will have to have Theos and everything installed though, and make sure you have a good amount of space on your iDevice. [hide] 1. Crack the app and put the cracked binary in /var/mobile. 2. Open up MobileTerminal, and login as root. 3. In MobileTerminal, run this command: otool -tV /var/mobile/cracked binary >~/xxx.txt "cracked binary" is the name of the binary and "xxx" is the name of the text file you are going to have the disassembly in. If you did not change the directory, the text file with the app disassembly should be in /var/mobile. Basically, instead of printing the disassembly in Terminal, it will instead output the app disassembly in a text file to allow for searches. You can also open it up in iFile and search which is why I really like this method. Here is a picture for what it looks like (app is SAS 3, it is MSHook): [/hide] Hope you guys found this helpful, a way of hacking sub_x and MSHook while on the go
  13. This is a nice little tut I found online on making a simple memory editor. Link: [Hidden Content]
  14. Hack iphone/itouch games the guide 1. Preparations. What do we need? a) first of all we need the main file (the executable file) of the game we want to hack. It has no extension and it is found inside the 'game.app' folder on your idevice. you can also get it from the .ipa package (open it with winrar) B ) ida pro v5.5+ c) a hex-editor (i use hex workshop) 2. Let's begin! This is an old tut that I found online on hacking iPhone games using IDA. It explains the full procedure on how to hack Plants vz. Zombies. [Hidden Content]
  15. For educational purposes only! Hi everybody,this is a new tutorial on How To Crack and Export Apps in .ipa,so enjoy and if i helped you click the button below and see you to the next thread NOTE: YOU CAN'T CRACK APPS DOWNLOADED ON APPCAKE,PP25 OR WHATELSE. Requirements: An iDevice Jailbroken; Mobile Terminal; A tweak named "Clutch"; The app you want to crack; A PC; (for Export) iFunBox/iTools; (for Export) How to Crack: [Hidden Content] How to Export: [Hidden Content] Credit: iSpongebob10
  16. This might happen if u have low ram It will say could not connect to locking daemon When opening gamegem Or the game will close in the backround and refresh And I'm super excited to show u I have found a way to fix This finally REQUIREMENTS 1. Cydia substrate 2. [Hidden Content] Open it and click individual Then click + Then select gamegem from list of apps Then click it and select "force" Then click + And find the game u want to hack from the list of apps Then select it and hit "force" No need to respring Now ur apps will not crash or refresh in the background Once hacked go back and press minus on the left of the apps u selected And click delete and Do all over again when hacking another game Hope this helped OF COURSE IT DID enjoy Happy hacking
  17. Today, I'll be telling you how to get unbanned today. [Hidden Content]
  18. IDA TUTORIAL #1 - Learning SUB Instruction Before I watching this tutorial, make sure you know how to use that brain of yours. I will not go detail for every small step but if you have any question just write down in the comments Here are few things you need to have:- ~ IDA PRO ~ ~ HxD ~ ~ Cracked IPA (Use Clutch / Rasticrac) ~ ~ SSH Software to connect to your iDevice [ Putty / WinSCP ] ~ >>or<< ~ iTools/iFunbox to just connect your device directly to your computer ~ ~ ARM CONVERTER ~ Here are few things you need to know before watching this tutorial:- ~ How to crack games ~ ~ How to thin binary to test your hack ~ ~ How to connect your device to your computer ~ ~ How to find your application binary directory (different OS' have different file locations) ~ ~ How to set permission to 777 ~ [Hidden Content] Platform: iOS Device: iPhone 6 iOS: 8.1.2 Game Used: Bubble Witch Saga 2 Binary for Practice: http://bit.ly/idatut1
  19. Well, hello everyone, that's my first post ever in a forum, and i'd like to start with this trick that i found trying around to hack in game purchases. After years of research to hack that F****ing SimCity Buildit, i found a way that worked for almost other 5 games like MegaPolis or Paradise Beach, I'm keeping trying with other games , plus, after you've read this tut you should be able to test it yourself at anytime with any game. What are we going to need? [Hidden Content] -----> | | | \/ Atm i'm working to hack simcity for arm32 or lower devices so that everyone can have his city hacked. Till now just money can be hacked using a gameguardian ios similar in arm32.
  20. I've really been wanting to make this tutorial for a long time but have never gotten around to it. But it's 11:09 and my parents are in bed so I can make this now I'm going to be providing the site with more things, like tutorials and templates, but not so much hacks. Hacking has gotten so dull recently it's the same thing over and over and over again and I'm done with the stress. I will be using Blitz Brigade for this tutorial because it is a great game for beginners to start learning strings. I know this binary is not the current version, but the strings are the same and the functions look more or less the same. Requirements: - A good grip on arm assembly. Do NOT go into this knowing nothing and then expect me to help you. - IDA Pro - Blitz Brigade - A freaking brain and an IQ of at least 50 For this tutorial, we will be hacking ammo and invisible actions. [hide] To hack with strings you have to know how to open the strings subview in IDA. Go to View -> Open Subviews -> Strings. IDA will take a few seconds to get that loaded up, and after it loads, you'll want to sort them in alphabetical order. Then create a quick filter so that you can search. To create a quick filter, right click and then click "quick filter". I don't think you guys need a picture for that Now you'll search for ammo. Type "ammo" (without the quotes, always type everything without the quotes) and you should see a ton of results pop up. Don't be scared. It's normal for that many to pop up. When you first heard strings, did you think that we actually mod the string itself? No we don't. If it was that easy, everyone would be able to hack like this. Instead, the strings in a game are either useful or useless. Useful strings point to useful functions that actually handle what the string describes. Useless strings don't relate to anything and usually point to functions that I like to call "essential NPC's". Or they will point to completely different functions than what you wanted to hack. Anyway, an NPC is a character in a video game that NEEDS to be there or else the whole game breaks. Can you see where I am going from here? If you get a string that points to an essential NPC, and you mod that NPC, the game will crash. Let's try some of these results! In some cases, the most useless-looking strings are the useful ones, always remember that. Try every single string because you never can truly know if it will be useful or not. To select a string, double click on it. You will then be presented with a window that has a ton of strings listed. Thankfully for us, IDA will highlight the one that you just double clicked. After that, you want to right-click on the highlighted string and then click "jump to xref to operand". When you click that, you'll see a box with however many times the string occurs in the binary. It could be anywere from one to one thousand times the string occurs in the binary. The first string I tried was POPOUT_AMMO. POPOUT to me could mean the ammo label popping out from the background of the game into the foreground so that you can actually see how much ammo you have once the level loads. I right clicked and xref'ed to where the string was occuring and wow, this does not look useful at all. These strings have no useful functions near them, and not only that, they have NO functions near them. Plus, they are all the way out in the 0xAyyyyy (y being a variable) range. If you see any string that goes to a spot in the binary that looks like this, its useless. Let's try another string. This time we will be doing Ammopack. Ammopack could refer to an item that you can buy that gives ammo, the amount of an item that you have that gives ammo, or just simply your ammo. Double click on the string and bring up the xref dialouge box. Huh, looks like there are two occurences! "But wait shmoo, aren't there four? Are you blind?" Yes, you are right, there are four separate spots where it occurs. But in reality, there is only two. Why? Because, if the same string has two places where it shows up that are eight or ten bytes away from each other, you count that as one whole occurence of that particular string. As you can see in the picture above, each occurence of the string has an eight byte differences between the two. In hex, A=10 and 2=2. What is 10-2? 8. In the second occurence, what is 8-0? 8. You see what I am saying. Let's try the first occurence. Alright, stuff we can work with! Like I said in the beginning of the tutorial, hacking with strings means that you hack the functions near the string, not the string itself. You should know by now that functions always start with sub_, but they can also rarely start with loc_. Let's try the two that occur above the string, sub_2AB7B8. Double click on it so that IDA will bring you to it. Oh no. This doesn't look good. This function is far too small to actually do anything useful and it has 569 xrefs. That means that the game uses sub_2AB7B8 569 times for 569 different things. Looks like an essential NPC to me. To see how many xrefs a function has, you right click the function name (it is highlighted in the picture above) and then you click "jump to xref to operand". Let's try the function directly below it, sub_2AC254. Double click on it to bring it up. Let's check how many xrefs this function has. It has 127. That's a little high, but let's look at it some more. Oh no. This function calls strcmp two times to do something. Everytime you see a function that calls strcmp, srand, time, rand, etc, will be useless, at least in my experience. rand might be useful, but the only time it was useful for me was when I was hacking Modern Combat 3 and every useful function had it. So that function is a no. Go back to where the string was, and little bit below it, there is a function called sub_2ADCD0. Double click it to bring it up. Right off the bat we see that this function calls time. It's a useless function. Finally, before calling it quits with this string, try the one a little bit below sub_2ADCD0, sub_50070. Wow, holy crap that is an ugly function. As always, let's check the amount of xrefs before we do anything. There are 1104 xrefs to this function. This games uses this function 1104 times for 1104 different things. No way this is useful to us. The second occurence to Ammopack has only two functions near it: sub_2BEBA4, which looks exactily like sub_50070, and sub_2C00E8, which calls two of the functions that we previously determined useless. Ammopack is a useless string. Go back to the strings window. Let's try ammo_server. Double click the string and xref it. There is no way this could ever be useful. For starters, this function contains many other strings such as speed, ammo_client, cheat_type, map, etc. Then it calls not only the same function, sub_81788 over and over again, but it also branches to "that very long function in the blue text" over and over again. I call it "the very long function in the blue text" because I don't know what else to call it ammo_server is a useless string. Go back to the strings window. Let's try ammo_clipsize. Xref it. I want to first make something clear before we continue. Any function that starts with sub_7 is useless. Don't even think about modding it, because the game will crash. But look, in between all of the useless functions, there is a function called sub_3094A4. Huh, why would that be there? Let's check it out. As always, check how many xrefs there are. Only 27! A good sign. A useful function will generally have about 3-40 xrefs. And this function also looks very distinct from all the others that we have looked at, and the functions around it look similar and they all call the same function. Size looks great too! Guess what, this function is the ammo function, meaning that the string ammo_clipsize is a useful string! When you BX LR this function, and reload the level, you ammo will become infinite. Also, if you mod the function being called inside of it, you'll get the ultrahack. Congradulations, you have just modded Blitz Brigade ammo without the need for watchpoints or iGameGuardian! I'd like to point out that sometimes developers will leave messages in their games that they use to troubleshoot problems with. One example could be "CHelicopterPhysicsComponent::Update - playerId not found!!" or "GameMpManager::GetClassFromPlayerDetails player %d not found". Stuff like that. The functions that contain the strings are the ones you want to mod because that function would be printing that error message if you were a Gameloft employee making and debugging the game. Gameloft, with the genius that it is, left a string that allows you to be invisible on multiplayer. They left in a string called "MP_ClientSendPositionsMessage: m_playerPositions memory overflow". Why they left that in is beyond me but it allows invisibility. Xref to that string, and the function you will be in is sub_22C63C. To achieve invisible actions, you have to BX LR that function. Why? Read the string. "SendPositions". When you BX LR that function, your device won't be able to send you position to the multiplayer server that would normally allow other people to see you. You have just gotten an invisibility hack on Blitz Brigade! Blitz Brigade is by far the best game to practice with if you want to learn strings. No other Gameloft game is like this. If you've mastered this game, don't think that you can go hack MC5 or DH5 because while those do have strings, it's much more complex than this. This is as basic as it gets. ----------- Hacking with strings is an incredibly efficient way to hack once you get good at it. Practice some more with Blitz Brigade, and see how many features of the 16 that I got in my hack for 2.1.0 that you can get. I got all those features with strings. Good luck! And I hope you found this helpful. Expect more tutorials. [/hide]
  21. Hello everybody, this is shmoo with his first tutorial on hacking. I prefer this way over regular MS hacking and sub_x hacking because it is not too easy or too hard. This is an updated way of hacking with MSHook, meaning it is less tedious than the regular way. Assuming you already have everything installed (theos, an sdk, etc), that you know how to crack iOS games, know what bool's, int's, etc. are, and create a new project with NIC, we can begin. If you are just starting out hacking, start with regular MobileSubstrate, there are many tutorials on this forum. I will be using Real Racing 3 for this tutorial. First of all, you will need Clutch Beta (version 1.4.7-2) from the insanelyi repo. I use this because it won't give you the Trace/BPT trap error, and that it only packages the cracked binary, and nothing else. Now we can move on to actually doing it [hide] Instructions: 1. Load the binary into IDA Pro. (duh) 2. Finding the thing to hack. Once it is loaded, you should see a functions window to your left. You can keep it there, or you can drag it next to "exports" for a better view. Right click and create a quick filter: Now, search for the thing that you want to hack, no need to press enter. In my case, it will be money. You should get a lot of results, but this will vary on your game. Double click on the result that you think will be the correct one to hack. Here is the function: And here it is when I double click on it. This will be the thing you want to hack. It is __ZN10Characters5Money8GetValueEv. You can click on it and do a ctrl + c to copy it. 3. Putting everything together in your Tweak.xm In your Tweak.xm, copy and paste this template into it. %ctor{ MSHookFunction(((void*)MSFindSymbol(NULL, "")),(void*), NULL); } Something you should know about this way of hacking with MSHook: you don't change the void's to anything else. Just keep them as void's no matter what. This way of hacking with MSHook will allow you to have much less text in your Tweak.xm, and you can also name the functions to what you want. Here is where everything will go: %ctor{ MSHookFunction(((void*)MSFindSymbol(NULL, "the thing that you are hacking will go here")),(void*)your function name goes here, NULL); } The finished result of the template should look like this: %ctor{ MSHookFunction(((void*)MSFindSymbol(NULL, "__ZN10Characters5Money8GetValueEv")),(void*)getMoney, NULL); } That's not all, we have to override the thing that we are hacking. With this method, void's can be overridden like an int, bool, etc. So above the %ctor, put this: int getMoney() { return 9999; } VERY IMPORTANT: Above everything else in your Tweak.xm, put this: #include <substrate.h> Once you are done, your finished Tweak.xm should look like this: #include <substrate.h> int getMoney() { return 9999; } %ctor{ MSHookFunction(((void*)MSFindSymbol(NULL, "__ZN10Characters5Money8GetValueEv")),(void*)getMoney, NULL); } And you are good to compile! Good luck [/hide] KNOWN PROBLEMS: If you get an error like this: Go to this thread: http://iosgods.com/topic/1986-use-of-undeclared-identifier-msfindsymbol/#entry23807 and use CosnotraLF's solution (you should see it right after you click the link, don't scroll down) If you are following my tutorial and using Real Racing 3 just like I am, you need to add ARCHS = armv7 arm64 at the top of your Makefile because it just occurred to me that Real Racing 3 has an arm64 portion of the code now, and if you don't add that, your hack will not work. See how much simpler it is? Much cleaner also. This method of hacking can be as good as sub_x, also
  22. This will be able to convert nearly every instruction that you need the hex for. The only annoying thing is that the hex is formatted in the way where you would type it into GDB, but everything else is great! Here's how to do it: [hide] Requirements: Darwin CC Tools (855), MobileTerminal, iFile 1. In /var/mobile, in iFile, create a new document called "test.s". 2. Open up that document. Correct formatting is crucial when you do this. Here is what to type in test.s: start: <enter> <the instruction you want to convert goes here> <enter> You must make sure that everything is lowercase, there are no spaces after the instruction, and that you tap enter after you are done entering in all of the instructions you want to convert. 3. Save it, and go to MobileTerminal, and log in as root. 4. Run this command: as -arch armv7 test.s -o test.o Then this one: otool -tV test.o Here is the output if you did it correctly: After all that, otool should disassemble test.o with the hex for the instruction you want. But for some reason the hex is backwards, so you have to "make it correct". For example, if you converted BX LR and otool gave you E12FFF1E, here is how you convert it: E1 2F FF 1E Your new hex would be: 1E FF 2F E1 See how I just reversed the order? Another example: VSUB.F32.F64 The hex otool gave you: EC 43 2B 30 New hex: 30 2B 43 EC Reversed. [/hide] Hope it helped
  23. KStore Cydia tweak is one of those lucky tweaks that got updated for iOS 9.3.3 and it was also awaiting since iOS 9.1 jailbreak. Now when the jailbreak is out and we can install KStore, there are couple of steps that you need to take in order to include K Store tweak on your device. Package: kStore - LinkStore Alternative Identifier : com.hackyouriphone.kstore Added Date : 20:01 - 01/08/2016 Updated Date : 10:31 - 08/08/2016 Author : [email protected]> Size : 8246 Version : 1.0.1 Requirements: Jailbroken iDevice iFile/Filza PreferenceLoader CydiaSubstrate As I’ve stated above jailbreak is needed to install or update KStore on your iPhone or iPad. Follow below steps to download and install this tweak… Access Cydia app on your iPhone. You must have HackYouriPhone repo, if you don’t have add it. Add http://repo.hackyouriphone.org Once the repo source installed, you can tap on search and type “KStore” and install it. reboot your device. How to Use kStore: Once you’ve installed and rebooted your device, you need to connect your iPhone to WiFi and follow below steps… Open Apple App Store. Type the name of any popular paid app or game. Choose the game or app which you were searching from result and tap it. You’d notice “K” button or link which is placed by KStore. Tap on that “K” button and the pop up would be appear at bottom or centre of the screen that would offer download the full version of your game or app. Download and install it. Install AppSync Unified iOS 9.3.3 to make KStore work without any issue. AppSync is app signer so it would be needed in order to install those free apps using KStore Download Links: [Hidden Content] Credits/Source-->Cydiahacks.net
  24. WARNING: I am not sure if someone has posted this before but I didn't make sure so please don't send hate at me So I was going to install a package when I came along this error: dpkg: requested operation requires superuser privilege Don't worry there is a fix: Requirements: MTerminal Filza Or iFile Package you wanted to install but couldn't So First: Open Up Your File Manager, I used Filza for this, find the package and click on the "I" ( information ) Now click Open With... And Choose Installer Go Back And Click On The Package and Click Install Copy Something That Looks Like This: dpkg -i "/var/mobile/Documents/NAME OF FILE" ; Copy that Text and Go to Terminal and Type "su" Type your password: If you haven't used Terminal on iOS before your password will be "alpine" Put that and now paste that code... BOOM! You are done! Hopefully I helped you out! Any Problems? Leave a comment and I'll answer you ASAP! Bye.
  25. So with the Critical ops aimbot when it locks on to somebody and u shoot, you don't hit them due to the Recoil. For the people that haven't already found this out when you launch the game it should let you adjust the values for aimbot or just use WallHack. To make the Aimbot actually hit someone instead of shooting over them use these values [Hidden Content]
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