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Found 48 results

  1. Hi, everyone> Im french and sorry for my bad english lol I put you my gallery and you told me what you think
  2. Hi everyone👋🏻 ▻I looooove editing things and making montages 💻✨I'm not really good but I hope you will like them 💖 ▻Here I will post most of them (not the bad ones 😅) ▻If you have any request, tips or anything don't hesitate to comment ✍︎ Enjoy ! If you use them give credits please ! 😃
  3. Here's some of my personal work. The rest can be found on my Behance page... I'll be taking requests this month Thanks everyone,
  4. I Did this for fun. Msg for full resolution.
  5. Hi •Here I will post my transparent •You can use them if you want •I hope you're gonna like them, I will put them into categories ENJOY ☛WonderWoman transparent 1♛ https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2017/29/3/1500461998-img-2614.png ☛WonderWoman transparent 2♛ https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2017/29/3/1500462003-img-2615.png
  6. Hello everybody, I don't have a web-portfolio, so i will just post here my " works " . After 5 months ( this laptop had a problem with dualboot ) i started again with graphics, if we can call it that way . I've been using photoshop for some time, in this old cr@ppy laptop, so i can't use advanced functions such as 3D effects etc. This is my first-new " avatar " that i made 5 minutes ago. That was very simple to do though, would love to get some suggestion on how to get better. I will update this topic when i make new things. You can click HERE to see the image, or just scroll down. Thanks.
  7. ProNab DiDA Lulunaba1 Zayza _______________________________________________________ If you want me to cook you up some signatures. Leave a comment _______________________________________________________
  8. Here's almost everything I have created. Everything is mostly Photoshop and Cinema 4D. Hopefully, some of these are eye-candy to you. {Projects and such} Project Virulent Project Naturer Project Triangle Project Cuboid Project Surface Project Closer contained. Wallpaper Project Dodeca Project Simple {Banners & Signatures} Lion Signature AP Banner Virus Banner GOGRemon Banner SoRz Banner (Blue) (Green) aCe Banner Arran Bear Banner Hope you liked them.
  9. MY WORK: My masterpiece @DiDA's house Anonymous masks I'll keep updating them when I make new gfx.
  10. In this topic I will be posting stuff I have made. I hope you enjoy looking at whatever is here. Flat Designs I Have Made: Great Lord Fapdos Magnifying Glass: UncoiledLobster GFX Team (Old) Watermill House Trip on Lake Rowing Castle Halloween Wolf Triangle Moonlight Cauldron Monster Mash Hanzo Spacecraft Shmoo Computer Store Joka Holiday Banner Other stuff I have Made: Jackoo's Request Apple Truck Other GFX Topics I have made: Free iOSGods Rank Signatures Halloween Signatures Random Creations ZahirSher's Wedding I will be adding more as I continue graphic designing. If you would like me to make you something, send me a pm. Please leave comments/suggestions below, and if you liked it please press the blue heart.
  11. behance.net/doxed
  12. I just couldn't fit all my Projects in my first Portfolio and won't be able to in this one as well. So, Part 3,4 & 5 coming soon! Since this is obviously a Portfolio, so I'll continue where I left off on my introduction in the first Part. It's been a great ride with iOSGods. I've learned so much and there is much more to learn. So many new friends that I'm grateful for. And so many more to make! I love you all! And thanks for always showing me love and support! I DO NOT do GFX professionally/for a living or in any place else other than iOSGods. I started creating GFX here and this Website is the boundary. Don't Forget To Click On That Little ❤ This took a lot of time! -- Here's a 60 Minute Mixtape you can enjoy while scrolling down! -- You can find my First Portfolio here: https://iosgods.com/topic/19933-i-am-mickysofine/ ___________________________________________________________ Soulstice (Manipulation, Wallpaper, Avatar, Surreal) iOSGods SpaceCraft Postage Stamp (Sticker, Logo, Avatar, Flat) Super Candy SOTW (Signature, Flat) Cloud State #2 (Surreal, Manipulation, Wallpaper) Pocket Tiger (Surreal, Wallpaper) Forgotten Dome (Anime, Surreal, Signature) 3x Batmen Stickers (Stickers, Flat, Minimal, Cartoon, Anime) Icebreaker (Pop, Minimal, Flat) Monochrome Fantasy (Vintage, 80s, Surreal, Manipulation) Cloud State (Surreal) Climbing Altitude (Surreal) Nature's Egg (Abstract, Flat) Crash Landed (Manipulation) Dreamless (Surreal, Abstract) Up One (Surreal, Manipulation, Minimal) Turnshine (Manipulation) Pronto Zeus (Avatar, Logo, Abstract) Pin-Ups 1.0 (Pins, Flat, Avatars, Logos, Minimalist, Stickers) iOSGods Video Intros! (Intro, Video, Modelling, Abstract, Minimal, YT) Earth-Set (Abstract, Surreal, Manipulation) Exquisite Dining (Surreal, Vintage) Flower Logo (Logo, Abstract) Fish Island (Manipulation) eSport Team Logos (Logos, Avatars, Minimal, Flat) Asteria (Abstract) Prince. (Tribute, Abstract, Surreal) Cute Cow! (Abstract) West District (Surreal, Modelling) Enlightenment (Surreal) Grandeur (Flat) Simple Desert (Abstract, Minimal) Imagination (Women's Day Manipulation, Abstact) 10x Avatars (Flat, Contemporary, Minimal, Abstract, Modelling) Inception (Surreal) Deadpool (Avatar, Logo) Sunset Lover (Surreal) I can't post more. Not because I don't want to. But because the Forum doesn't allow it. But Thanks a lot if you went through all this and for always supporting! Cheers!
  13. This is just something where I can post all my work. I don't do much but when I do I will put it here. It will updated with new images over time If you would like to use any of these for yourself then just pm me and I will change the text and/or anything else to what you want. The only thing I ask is that you leave a like and comment your thoughts Profile pic/signature: Signature/advertisement: Signature (I love this one LOL): Profile picture: Random iosgods thing O my GOSH this is my FAVOURITE (spent so long on this AHAHA): Signature: Signature: Gold username: iOS Gods themed images: Signatures and profile pics: GIF: 4x signatures:
  14. My Signatures V1 V2 Series V4 V5 V6 Series [GIF] Free Signatures For Use Rias Gremory (Anime Lover) Fulfilled Requests Kizzy Kixzee Note: Not all of these are used Wallpapers Earthiest Hi From Synergy Clan - Demon Fox
  15. Circles: I know I'm the best.
  16. This is my portfolio. I've been doing some GFX that I want to share with you guys. Hope you like it. I'll be updating this from time to time 's request : Probably the worst GFX you'll ever see : Space :
  17. Hope you guys enjoy it, i havent been designing for some months now trying to turn into a painting/draw designer like sketches and character creation but still need to learn alot since im transitioning from banner(youtube template) designing i also do logo creation, wallpapers, custom signatures(not that good) sorry in advance for the black spaces otherwise the quality wouldnt be as good
  18. plz can someone make me signature.that would rally help me.
  19. Never knew portolios existed Time to Take Advantage. [Files Are Compressed So It May Be Blurry] (IMG Links Are Being Updated ) Made From Scratch: NEW Jolly NEW Oubliette NEW Eldritch Elegant Banner "Afterlife" "Delta" "Omicron" "Cryogenic" "Criterion" [My Hardest Of Work] "Vermilion"
  20. It's been a long time since I decided to make a portfolio, but I've been too lazy to do it. Here is all my art: Rippled designs (logo): Zipper: Colorful banner: @@WhiteBeard's request: Line Mountain: Colorful logo: @@DeathScripts's request: Poly diamonds: Colorful signature: Simple gif: Pattern background: Colorful shapes (one example, I have lots): Nature wallpaper: 100k members contest entry: Newest logo: Triangle art: @@TOZ's request: 300k members banners: @@Mannit's request: @@Fr3sh's request (incomplete) @@mitosis' request: Swords & shield: Octagon designs: Badge (Tried to recreate intro's logo): K Squared: Long shadows: Phone wallpapers: Looks like that was all. I'll keep updating this post, so visit it from time to time. Leave a like if you like what I do, and want to support me. I do requests, so if you want a signature, banner, logo, or whatever, contact me.
  21. VHS TEMPLATE V1 VHS TEMPLATE V2 Ground Control To Major Tripping Ballz. Scary Smashed GFX New VHS GFX Template inspired by hotline miami Codey Type Very Very Simple GFX No Effects CC'S And Light Overlays Touched With TXT Glitch VHS Effect TXT AMAZING! @DeathScriptsReq A E S T H T I C V1 (avatar so looks less hd enlarged) Spanish Conquest inspired by 800x800px so enlarged looks non hd @mitosis Suprise finally Req Ez Clan Banner Art Ez Clan Recruitment Tag Glitch GFX Where Are U YouTube AVATAR Packs Used -TheIllumaniti -ThunderBudies -15k and 5k Pack -Flow Pack
  22. Hey everyone, here is a small little portfolio of my work that I just quickly threw together for you guys... I am currently working on my own site which will host things from source code snippets, to my graphics design work and etc... Once I'm finished with the site I will let you know and a link will be given out so you can come on over and visit but again, here's some of my artwork for you in the mean time! Logo(s): Twitter Header(s): YouTube Banner(s): Miscellaneous Designs: You can view my actual full portfolio at: http://azusgraphicdzn.carbonmade.com
  23. Hey guys! Welcome to my singature collection! Here I will post signatures that I have made! I hope you like it! I'd love feedback, and remember... ALL feedback is welcome! I'll make sure to keep this collection updated! UPDATE: Now when I look back at these, I see what I could've done better. I was still a nub when making these <--- And still am (just found this topic again (9/16/2017)) Debrone: Violet Lotus: Tokyo Ghoul: Toky Ghoul Kankei: Flying Guy in Green: Let me know which signatures you like the most!
  24. Credits -ViRaLSanity Can't even use yet because i haven't unlocked signatures.
  25. Graphic Design by: EDDIE BOY PHOENIX Instagram: @magikgfx

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