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Found 1,539 results

  1. Hello! I'm new on this forum, I learned about this site thru another forum. Glad to be here!
  2. Introduction

    Let's make some friends I got no friends ):
  3. Hi guys,I am a noobie cheater,I downloaded Ida Demo 2 days ago,its too hard,I see the tutorial of @ZahirSher (really thank you),His tutorial help me a lot. Thanks to all and bye. Sorry for my bad english,I used google translate
  4. Introduction

    Hi people, I'm was a worker at ChAIR entertainment. But not anymore because of not making any new games. So I came in search for the CATS hack and discovered. I am also a photo editor so u can lend me some photos for editing
  5. Introduction

    Hi. How's everyone keeping?
  6. Hi this is my first post. Ign for most games : Snaptvrs
  7. Introduction

    Hi! My names putra desky you can call me desky, joining cause the community seems nice ^^
  8. Introduction

    Hi people, this website looks legit and the other forums are so fake and this website looks so neat too
  9. Hey there everybody! Just a short intro of myself. Browsed the forum a bit from time to time, figured I'd actually join up. Not new to the jailbreak scene though. Some experience in coding, not fluent in any major one, more objective-C than anything. I've created a couple apps (can't divulge which ones as that would break forum rules for advertising other sites). Just wanted to say hey!
  10. Introduction

    hello site i am new here i found this site on google hop i will make some good friends here and collect some data for my apple
  11. Hey everyone, my name is Easa and I'm new to this website. I'm also trying since two days to subscribe to the VIP section without success so you can go ahead and laugh at that :'( Nice to meet you all, and I'm sure I'll enjoy my stay here
  12. Woah I'm amazed by the site! Great Customisation I would like to know about you and yeah Welcome me idk what else to say Stay AWESOME
  13. I'm from switzerland and jailbroken since the iphone 3
  14. Introduction

    Hi all i am Hemdidjazairia and i like summoners war and dragon ball z dokkan battle
  15. Introduction

    hEllO eVeRI1 As yUO c4n C MY N4mE i5 XXXXHACKERKID69420XXXX ANd i lyk TRAINS !!1 ty
  16. Introduction

    Hello from Lyon!
  17. Hey Everyone My name is Nathan or Nayx7 and Im an aspiring Graphic Designer I came to this site to look for some mods for certain games I play and the community seems to be nice If you ever need some work done hit me up im pretty cheap and will get it done asap Thanks peeps
  18. Introduction

    whatsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss gooooooooooooooooood boooooooopys and ggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa;llllllllllllllllllllllllll
  19. Introduction

    New to this wanna team with someone on a LIVE.ME mod/hack on IOS!
  20. Introduction

    Hi everybodyyyyyyyyyyy.
  21. Hi Guys !!! happy to be here in this awesome site with all you
  22. Introduction

    I'mextremely talented player. Fifa4lif