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Found 1,680 results

  1. Hiya, Been browsing the forums before deciding whether to stay or not. Found it very impressive, detailed and friendly. I am here as a noob to mod/edit the game CSR2 racing. I have or know the basics using game guardian and Bluestacks etc. Meaning I can add cash, gold, crates etc. What I have found interesting is that people can add cars or add stars to cars. I have seen it done in Android but not in IOS so far. So I am here requesting the IOS Gods to help as in guiding me with the required tools/apps and tutorial if able. I heard that we need to edit the NSB or Key-chain file. But I am not sure about anything. I heard that cloning your CSR2 account is possible and stay unbanned, I hope I am not a burden and thanks in advance for any help.
  2. ive been a member for a bit of time, but i recently came back due to getting free from the basement, hi everybody, I'm broavs, i dont speak very good english and i tried really hard to write this as well as i could.
  3. Introduction Hi

    Hi, I just donated, hoping to use the site a lot
  4. haven't been a member to long, joined in may just happened to never post, site seems great so far!
  5. Introduction Hello

    Hi This is my new Birth in iG i am enjoying Thanks
  6. Hi, my english isn't really good but I think ppl can understand what I'm trying to say. I love play game computer ( like League of legend ) but some times I'm playing with my phone too ^^. I discover this site in search of some info about the game "bit heroes". Now I'm trying to search a game that have a good PVP and it's all ._. PS: My IOS is 10.2.1 so bye bye jailbreak
  7. Introduction Hello

    My name is Codicia I'm 669 Years old. (Hint add them together) I'm from the country of Amsterdam , hempton I'm a boy who is a cyborg fused a demonic being known as ebris
  8. Introduction Hello! :)

    Hello, I'm from the philippines and I've been a member from quite some time now, I really appreciate each and everyone in this community helping each other and such. Hope this community grows bigger!
  9. Introduction Yo!

    What up Jake Paulers. It's me the one and only Jake Paul. (buy my merch?) It's everyday bro with the disney channel flow.
  10. Introduction Heya !

    Hello IOS Gods Members, Hope you are all well. Ever since I have joined and I loved how this community is well organized and how everyone treats each other with the respect they all deserve (is it actually what attracted me to be part of this lovey family ) My real name is Ibrahim or in English Abraham and am 30 years old, love technology along with other interests such as Astronomy. I am from Dubai- UAE and I work for a government investment authority. I am trying my best to be as active as possible given that I have limited free time with work and what not. I would like to thank IOSGods Management team and congratulate them on the well done and well established community that I am very sure was made with love in addition to alot of love, swet and hard work hoping this community to grow larger amd wishing it more success in the near future. All of you from smallest member to most senior member never seizes to impress with all of your amazing ideas and support. Again thank you all so much and kindly know that am extremely proud to be part of this beautiful family. Thank you! BobMeister โœŒ๐Ÿป
  11. Introduction VIP membership

    All the good content here is "VIP" access. $25 - $35 every 3 months for a "VIP membership" ( $100 - $140 + tax annually ) !? Is this serious ?
  12. I used to be a member here....like 2-4 years ago? idk....things happened....i disappeared....and now i have no clue what my password may have been and im too lazy to do anything about it.... yay...
  13. Introduction Hello

    Hello, so I am brand new to iOSGods as well as modding for phones. I have only ever been apart of 2-3 forums so this is still pretty new to me. So far the site is really easy to use and the community seems better than most other forums, however, I have only seen a few threads/posts, after I have got the hang of this I'll try and give back to the community as the community has already given me something which I have wanted for a while. Sorry if this seems forced or weird, it's really just because I'm new to forums and modding in general.
  14. Hello, New to the world of iOS Gods...Yet to get myself a jailbroken iOS device, but it seems those days may be coming to an end, atleast for now!
  15. Hey brother and sister... Am glad to be here joining the gods of ios community ๐Ÿ˜‡ Thank you everyone.
  16. Introduction Hello.

    Hello, My name is Infinity. Some may know me from other forums under the following names: Infinity, Infinitum, InfinityMedia. I am a 16 year old german fat f**k who is currently studying in France. I hope to be somehow useful to the community by offering free design services and such. I'm sadly not too good at coding. Hope to see you around, InfinityMedia -Infinity
  17. Introduction Hello

    Hi Guys, I am A pro Gamer, Know Android Hacking using Net Reflector And learning IDA Too and a youtuber. Thanks
  18. Hello everyone, please introduce yourself first! I'm from China, hubei! I'm so happy with you! If a friend needs to learn Chinese to come to me, we can instruct each other! English level is very low, please forgive me! This is the first post published, if it violates the BBS, please handle it lightly. Thank you!
  19. Introduction Hi Everyone

    I want to use some Mods, I hope DIDA can pass my VIP payment asap
  20. Introduction Hello

    Hi, newbie here. This is new world for me. Hopefully i can learn a lot here. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š
  21. Introduction Greetings !

    Hi there, I really like hacking and tweaking and stuff like that, it makes me feel better than the others . I hope I can help too with my little knowledge. See ya all
  22. Introduction Hi everyone!

    Hello, I'm just starting to learn how to hack games
  23. Introduction Hello!

    Hello everyone ๐Ÿ˜„ I forgot to make this post time ago ๐Ÿค” This is an awesome forum and all the work that that everyone doing is awesome, I need to say thank you to everyone here ๐Ÿ˜ Cheers ๐Ÿป now on a little question, is there someone that can help me with image editing? ๐Ÿ˜‚