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Found 11,088 results

  1. I messed up my var/containers/bundles. Deleted it and didnt turn trash on. Is there a way to restore it without updating? -and also jailbreak it again without using pc? im 9.3.3 ios
  2. I was trying to replace the var/container/bundle/application from the bundles of var/mobile/container/bundles/application. So i deleted the var/container/bundle/application and i thought that would be ok because i already have those bundles in var/mobile/bundles/application. But i was wrong, they are different, all my apps were gone, i didnt have use trash option on, so nothing in var/mobile/library/ifile/trash, then i tried to copy the one from var/mobile/bundles/application to var/containers/bundles. But only few apps came back then mostly were gone and i tried to download it from appstore, but it always says "unable to download at this time" no matter how many times i tried. please help me, what should i do?
  3. Help/Support

    error: failed to attach to process 19466: unable to start the exception thread. Every time I try and attach an app I get this error, I've tried multiple "fixes" and none of them worked. And GDB doesn't work for me so I can't switch to that.
  4. I jailbreak my iPhone 6s iOS 10.2 today and everything went wrong when I unjailbreak my device with the tutorial I watched on youtube. I followed every steps given but failed. Cydia and tweaks are there. I tried rejailbreak and open cydia, i got error like DKPG locked and file not found or something similar. so i searched for the solution and i got one but it requires Filza, since i got filza installed and couldnt be removed, i could not proceed to the next step. Please, someone help me with this. I tried deleting everything with Find My iPhone and everything but none is working. Please help me. I wanted to get rid of the cydia and tweaks and everything related to jailbreak.
  5. hi all, guys i am addicted to dawn of titans however, in their last update there were changes on banning player whenever i reach castle lvl 10 i got ban right away can someone explain to me what is their new method of banning players so i can avoid all their tricks and trips thank in advance
  6. So my cydia wont start no matter what I do. It opens and shuts down instantly. Ive restarted and re-Jailbreak and respringed a thousand times, nothing works. Please help! Using iphone 6+ 9.3.3
  7. My dominations games has been crashing at the loading screen sense yesterday. I looked and found that there's something called a 4 general glitch that causes the game to crash? If anyone has a fix for the crashing please help me.
  8. Help/Support

    My iPad will not connect to iTunes but it shows up in ifunbox all of this while connected to my Mac it also shows up in Tongbu assistant I need to do this so I can install ipas through iTunes I've even reset location & privacy so I can "trust" this computer again on my iPad even removed the last few cydia tweaks I installed before I had this problem I don't have many installed anyways but I also rebooted and even ran my iPad in safe mode this problem is only for this iPad I've already check for my non jb phone and another jb iPad using the same jb (pangu) So my question is how can I fix this so that my iPad may connect to iTunes properly so I may back up and install and what not
  9. Hi, I'm trying to hack a function, but it's protected & can't seem to find how to bypass it. When hacking this function, the game will crash. Can we get the actual offset which causes a crash? Maybe using lldb? if yes, what command would I use? Thankyou
  10. Okay. So I have no credit/debit cards, no bank or anything but I have a PayPal account. Is it possible to receive funds on my PayPal account without having a bank account linked to it? I heard it's possible to receive but not to spend.
  11. I was ask dida dida said "For your current rank no." that's ok? somepeople level is newbie that I same level. But they are already Vip. why My credits card can't pay for vip? That is hard.. I really want to vip. I have a card and paypal. maybe I need a rank up for pay to vip?
  12. Sup guys I have an issue with this DLL file.. it seems like that this DLL file is encrypted/locked.. So my questions are; 1. IF this is encrypted DLL .. how can I decrypt it ? 2. Do I need to encrypt it after I decrypt and edit it ? 3. How many ways exist for decryption? Thanks
  13. Help/Support

    I'm not sure if this is the right section but if it's not can admin please move it to the right section anyways so the boxing match between mayweather and mcgregor is coming up soon and I was wondering if anyone knows where and how I can watch it without paying ? Like similar to the ufc hack if anyone can help I'd appreciate it a lot.
  14. I don't know what is going on. I am on iOS 9.3.3 and jailbroken on it. My cydia was working fine yesterday.. But I opened it today and it started the reloading data thing it does.. It was at it for about 10 minutes then it went to the 'Running' page and it did nothing. I can't update or reinstall or remove anything with cydia.. (Also I can't do anything that involves iTunes on my laptop, my laptop had a system restore on it and I lost everything that I had on it). I even turned off my phone and re-jailbroke it, but it didn't fix it. does any of that make sense? Can someone help me?
  15. Help/Support

    Hello, I tried to purchase VIP 2 times but always got declined. Please explain to me why my payment failed? I checked with my credit card company, they said nothing wrong with my credit card. Is there any other way to make the payment, such as PayPal? Thanks.
  16. So I follow all the steps on the "Asphalt StreetStorm Subscribers Hack" thread using GamePlayer all of it seems to work I get 1 value change it however when I change the value it doesn't change in the game? but when I race again it changes the value I changed back to original how do I fix this?
  17. Help/Support

    Can you watch my video and analyze error? https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=KtbEihz1cs8
  18. Help/Support

    My ipad is in bootloop, how can I get rid of it without restoring? iPad Air 10.2 Jailbroken Shows the apple logo for a while, the screen blinks, and restarts
  19. so i installed and jailbroke my phone with no problem with this site http://yalu.qwertyyoruiop.com and i had cydia running with no problem but now that i rebooted my phone i click on it and it comes up for like 1 sec then just closes can someone please help me fix this
  20. Help/Support

    I would post this under requests, but I have so many questions about it that it's not worth it. My goal is to make my own private server for Celtic heroes (App download). I've seen this done on games like clash royale and clash of clans, so it gets my hopes up that it's possible. My questions about it are- If a server is made, can I manipulate server sided things like currency and premium currency that normally wouldn't be alterable? What would I be looking at requirement wise to keep this server up and running? Would I be able to use earlier versions of the game on this server? (on the actual game, if you try to use old versions it won't let you sign in) And finally, can anyone find the things needed to make the server for Celtic Heroes? (Insert request for tutorial here haha). Thanks everyone!
  21. Hello. I understood that this converter can be used with IDA. But will you convert Flex methods and classes using converters? Please.
  22. Hi guys, Is there any way to change viber ringtone and message tone. The default tone is so boring and there is no way to change it.
  23. Hello guys I got a little problem i got banned on csr racing just when the update came out and from that moment i removed the app and i didnt play till now befor installing the game i used icleaner i am logged out of my account on gameceneter the game is downloading but i think when i go i will still been banned so the question is : Is there a way to get unbanned without losing the things i got on that account money gold cars lvl and others. My phone is jailbroke and i am using ios 9.3.2 and on the game i am on lvl 60 maybe 70
  24. Help/Support

    Guys i need help.. has anyone tried the jailbreak for ios9.3.5 32bit(ElevatedEngineering's post)???? i have tried it around 25 times(failed)