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Found 10,653 results

  1. Hi, So I tried downloading a mod for modern combat 4 from shmoo and it keeps saying that i have installed mods from ioscheats. So I researched and did what I could, I did everything from Ifile to deleting everything related to ioscheats, wich, in reality, I dont believe i actually installed some mod from them in the first place. Aprecciate your reply! Thanks!
  2. Has anyone found a clash of clans modded iPA? If so could you post it in the comments? Thanks!
  3. I'm really confused about this my iPhone 6+ running iOS 9.3.3 refuses to update. I tried doing it through settings but that's on a constant search mode. I tried on the computer with iTunes and that gave me a download error 9006. I even downloaded the ispw file and I get the not compatible error. my last resort is hard reboot but with my luck lately I'm not to quick to try it. A few notes about the phone: 1: it is locked to AT&T and I have an outstanding balance with them. Not sure if they have the kind of power to prevent the phone from updating. 2: I have the untethered jailbreak from taig for iOS 9.3.3. However I want to get the one for iOS 10.3.1 that's why I need to update it before Apple releases a new version. 3: someone, a phone store operator suggested it may be a software issue but he can't fix it. Any ideas will be very helpful. If anyone here can unlock and update this phone or have any solutions to this problem, it would be highly appreciated. Thanks Guys.
  4. Problem: Can't jailbreak my iphone 10.2.1 Help: Is there anyway to do this? Its new phone so no shsh blobs. Should i wait till next week when ios 10.3.1 jb is out supposedly?
  5. Hi friends, I will start by saying that i use a jailbroken iPhone SE . I have a big broblem with finding a good SDK for ios 10.2 . It is the last thing i need for starting to develop things and i am havig problem finding it. Please help me With love and patience: Killer 402
  6. I've made all the search and I cant find any issue to upgrade ios 10.0.2 to 10.1.1 Please help If there any solution It says always cannot jailbreak iPhone 7 Thx
  7. Hey guys, Sorry to bother you all. Can anyone help me find a cracked IPA for Simcity Buildit? I would really appreciate the help as I am new to all of this. Thanks!
  8. Hi So, I can connect now to my phone etc. but lldb won't load more than: Got a connection, waiting for process information for launching or attaching. Those 2 are my terminal screen: debugserver screen: iPhone-van-Joey:~ root# debugserver 192.168.***.***:1234 --attach-877 debugserver: unrecognized option `--attach-877' debugserver-@(#)PROGRAM:debugserver PROJECT:debugserver-320.2.89 for arm64. Listening to port 1234 for a connection from 192.168.***.***... Got a connection, waiting for process information for launching or attaching. lldb screen: (lldb) process connect connect://192.168.***.***:1234 (lldb) It's already like 10 minutes.. Anyone knows what the problem can be? thank you in advance...
  9. Help/Support

    The game i'm trying to hack are The Tribez from game insight, the function I'm trying to hack are gems, want to to buy something without deduct my actual gems so i assume its SUB, but i only see sub.w.....found the offset from LLDB and search at IDA and i got this: https://ibb.co/cuv31Q https://ibb.co/byH5Fk https://ibb.co/g2NST5 pls guard me to the right direction
  10. I do this topic . and now I can't do anything jailbreak gone , Can't install ipa with cydia impactor . It's said have this app already .
  11. I have a iphone 6+ on 9.3.3 previously jailbroken but for some reason, it didnt work anymore, hence I tried to erase everything to do a master reset. However, after the reset, some jb apps like cydia, tutuhelper are still there (won't run though) I tried doinga restore via itunes, but it says the ispw has errors, despite downloading 4 same files from 4 mirror sites. I tried restoring to a fake backup, but the jb apps are still there. Any options for me to reset or restore the phone with itunes or any programs to help where the phone will not be forced to go thru an ios update?
  12. Hi , as the topic stated above . Is there any way to create two or more accounts on iOS ? Please teach me how to do so .
  13. Hello! So my Pangu app on my jailbreak 6s+ 9.3.3 has been crashing on opening, and I looked at the profiles and the certification profile for it is gone so figured it past a year. How do I put the enterprise profile back for one year? do I have to completely rejailbreak my entire phone? ☹️
  14. Help/Support

    Please help me to retrieve my old bigo account...bi dont know what happen ....i have my number and my password but when i log in it is like a new account appear..i dont really know what happen ... dont want to go back in newbie again..i have to much beans in that account ..please help me to get it back...
  15. Help/Support

    hi, i jailbroke my iphone 6 and i used 9months jailbreak untill april its 28.april its going out of date soon. there is a new way to jailbreak, when im trying, this it need to restart my phone wich mean no jailbreak or its off basically(jailbreak). after when i restarted my phone im not abale to turn off wifi to use this new way with safari thats my problem. please help me
  16. Help/Support

    Hey just wanted to let people know that kong's hack for csr racing 2 does not work for me at this moment the hack site: is anyone having the same problem as me at this moment or anyone know if it's gonna be fixed - Lasse
  17. Alright, the problem is that i installed facebook messenger on iPhone 5s Non-Jailbroken device, it's been 3 months till now, when friends see me through their facebook messenger they tell me that they can't see me on messenger but actually i am on messenger, i uninstalled facebook app and facebook messneger, even logged out of facebook and logged in again but i am still not shown using messenger, any ideas about what might be the problem? Your time and help would be highly appreciated.
  18. Hi,i see a few tutorial in this site,but now there are some new options in IDA,anyone can create a new IDA TUTORIAL for hacking android app and teach me?I can pay for this. P.S.:Sorry for my bad english,i use google translate.
  19. Help/Support

    i found the skill offset and i change subs r0,#1 to nop but game crash. what i need do.. someone know? this is ida code thx __text:000E18B2 ; --------------------------------------------------------------------------- __text:000E18B2 __text:000E18B2 loc_E18B2 ; CODE XREF: sub_E17E0+9Cj __text:000E18B2 LDR.W R0, [R4,#0x220] __text:000E18B6 CMP R0, #0 __text:000E18B8 BLE loc_E18F4 __text:000E18BA SUBS R0, #1 __text:000E18BC STR.W R0, [R4,#0x220] __text:000E18C0 MOVS R0, #0 __text:000E18C2 MOVS R1, #0 __text:000E18C4 BL sub_248C10 __text:000E18C8 CMP R0, #0 __text:000E18CA BEQ.W loc_E19DE __text:000E18CE MOVW R1, #(:lower16:(off_189FBC8 - 0xE18DE)) __text:000E18D2 MOVS R2, #1 __text:000E18D4 MOVT.W R1, #(:upper16:(off_189FBC8 - 0xE18DE)) __text:000E18D8 MOVS R3, #0 __text:000E18DA ADD R1, PC ; off_189FBC8 __text:000E18DC MOVS R5, #1 __text:000E18DE LDR R1, [R1] ; unk_19E5970 __text:000E18E0 LDR R1, [R1] __text:000E18E2 BL sub_255CCE __text:000E18E6 LDR.W R0, [R4,#0x220] __text:000E18EA CMP R0, #0 __text:000E18EC BNE loc_E19D6 __text:000E18EE STRB.W R5, [R4,#0x259] __text:000E18F2 B loc_E19D6
  20. Basically, I used the recent CSR Racing 2 Hack to upgrade some of my car, purely because I didn't have money to upgrade and I was too lazy to grind, and I have removed the hack so that it looks legitimate but for some reason, i have 0 money and it won't change, even after winning races. I want to know if there's a way to fix this? Whether I need to modify files in ifile, or if I just simply have to regain the money I spent. Maybe the game goes into negative but doesn't show it and I need to make all the money back? I'm actually enjoying this game and I don't really want to cheat my way to the end.
  21. Help/Support

    Decided to install bullet force again and it starts crashing, so I removed any previous hacks of it still installed and even installed xcon but it still crashes as soon as it opens, but when im in a non-jailbroken state the app opens and runs fine, any way to get it working while im jailbroken or no? also this is after i reinstalled it when i got a cheat detection
  22. How to find the deference hex or binary without two file. Once a time I can do it by hex exditor workshop by Hex-ray but it update the new version i can't see about that. If i use the notepad++ can i know the defence binary ? Thank you for support
  23. Hey, I've used windows before, and when I had a hex editor I had the option 'goto' to get to the locations of the function I wanted to hack. I can't seem to find that option on any Mac Hex editor, or is it just called diffrently?
  24. Help/Support

    is there is an android emulator better than Bluestacks or have a feature to change phone types
  25. I'm looking for any Safari Upload enabler for iOS 9, and iOS 10 support would be even better. The SAFUploadA y can't be downloaded due to missing package, the devtools written by imokles. I've read he is kind of a persona non grata after adding malware to tweaks. Wondering if anyone has the iMoDevTools (from before he went postal) they could share, or suggest an alternative. I tried downloading the imodevtools2 from Nkod but that didn't work because it's a different package ID. With all the clouds that allow you to upload that way it's not a big deal, it's just annoying having to upload everything multiple times.