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  1. Anyone has this experience? I left my laptop idle for over 30 minutes and its begin overheating, fans is going crazy. I opened Task Manager and 3uTools are using 90% of my cpu This doesn't happen if you're using your computer with 3uTools open. Also this doesn't happen if you left your PC idle without 3uTools open Don't know if it's just me
  2. Hello guys I was wondering if anyone from 2014 still following like me? ^^ i remember that @Zahir made me join iC in 2014 and now days only @Laxus make me keep visiting the iosgods to me i use cheats only for fun even if i get ban to me its fun because i don’t like to spend long time on same game i keep changing all time @Laxus you are the best and i hope you keep going in your path 😉😉
  3. Bnfst

    General Nebebe

    Bshevejewbwbwjj Iuubklutcvn
  4. This Hack ( which surprisingly is a keyboard trick along with the console ) lets you get fast speed , even on a multiplayer server **Note** You are likely to then get VAC Banned so use it at your own risks [hide] Type in dev console : ret57rthro Then: PC: Press Alt+F4 Mac : Press Cmd+Option+Esc Enjoy ! [/hide]
  5. What was the first game you ever used a cheat code/hack/glitch on? For me my first cheat code was on Midnight Club Dub Edition lol But more importantly my first "hack" was on the playstation 2 - Socom 2 Online. My dad and I built a lag switch from some stuff we bought at or local Radioshack. Basically you hit the switch it cuts your internet and then about 2 to 3 seconds later hit the switch again to kick the internet back on. It was very cheaty lol You could be staring at the enemy hit the switch run around behind him hit the switch again and on his screen your character would just jump around the screen and they couldnt kill you. Now games usually detect that and just kick you whenever internet connection is lost. Now i look for cheats/hacks/mods because companies are getting way too greedy with microtransactions. So what was yours? I wanna hear some stories of first time cheaters/hackers!!
  6. Is there anyone willing to climb ranked with me? (with Laxus’ mod) I am Emerald I and if you are interested in teaming up, just send me a private message here.
  7. Doing a hackers only injustice 2 guild feel free to join CODE: 2W71NM
  8. Português (brasileiro) Olá, me chamo Petterson, brasileiro, tenho 20 anos, sou usuário do fórum a pouco mais de 2 anos porém eu perdi o acesso da minha conta primaria, e recentemente eu venho criando "amor" por hackers dentro de aplicativos, principalmente jogos... Fico de boca aberta com algumas façanhas que alguns dos nossos mais profissionais hackers do fórum desenvolvem. Eu tenho uma enorme fome de informação e muitas vezes me deparo pensando em como seria desenvolver algo do tipo. Para vocês que já são "experts" no assunto ou até mesmo para quem já desenvolveu um hacker se quer ou fez qualquer modificação dentro de qualquer aplicativo iOS (sem utilizar ferramentas fáceis, como o LuckyPatcher para Android) oque fizeram ou precisaram saber para se aprofundar mais no assunto e hoje conseguirem desenvolver ou modificar esses hackers incríveis? Eu tenho uma enorme vontade de aprender e quem sabe trazer modificações incríveis para os usuários do iOS, inovar e principalmente surpreender a todos. Contando com tudo que a tecnologia pode nos oferecer eu sei o básico sobre... não sou nenhum "Programador profissional" mas eu sei uma coisa outra, lembrando, bem básicas. Alguém gostaria de me dar um "Help"? Quem sabe ser meu professor, meu mestre! Ou pelo menos podem me indicar algo, curso ou algum conhecimento, para me aprofundar nesse assunto? Inglês Hello, my name is Petterson, Brazilian, I'm 20 years old, I'm a forum user for just over 2 years but I lost access to my primary account, and recently I've been creating "love" for hackers within applications, mainly games .. I keep my mouth open with some exploits that some of our most professional hackers on the forum develop. I have a huge hunger for information and I often find myself thinking about what it would be like to develop something like that. For you who are already "experts" on the subject or even for those who have already developed a hacker if you want or made any changes within any iOS application (without using easy tools, such as LuckyPatcher for Android) what you did or needed to know to get deeper more on the subject and today are able to develop or modify these incredible hackers? I have a huge desire to learn and maybe bring incredible changes to iOS users, innovate and especially surprise everyone. With all that technology can offer us, I know the basics about ... I'm not a "professional programmer" but I know something else, remembering, very basic. Would anyone like to give me a "Help"? Who knows how to be my teacher, my master! Or at least can you indicate something, course or some knowledge, to deepen me on this subject?
  9. Hi Guys, Is it possible to get an ipa from Talking Tom Splash Force? The game is only available in the US in the App Store, unfortunately not outside of it. I checked the internet for an IPA but couldn't find anything. Help is very much appreciated. Many Thanks!
  10. Hey people I knop one cares about this but today my left wrist and neck broke. A really bad incident happened. So on the roads a car of my friend was there and i was standing outside talking. A lot of cars rushed behind me and after i finished talking i was waiting to cross the road and got a moment to cross. But still i don't know what happened but a car hit me on my left wrist and went a bir in the and hit a pole. At the moment my eyes closed and even my backbone was damaged. I woke up in hospital and now I'm here with a damaged body Plesse people try to stay safe around roads and cars anything can happen
  11. as you can see, ive been registered here since 2014... i love this community so much and everyone here has always been helpful. id like to give back to the community eventually and host some giveaways from time to time. how has everyone's Christmas gone for those who celebrate ?
  12. How do I purchase/donate for VIP status
  13. It’s live right now! iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini were announced. https://www.apple.com/apple-events/event-stream/
  14. I didn't socialize much anyways so not much has changed for me. How about you? stop hoarding the toilet paper
  15. Hey how is everyone’s day going? What is everyone’s thoughts on the mods being released and hacks I love it and think it’s amazing we’ve come this far
  16. I’m looking to grow my team in Mavel Contest of Champions and was wondering if anyone was down to join?
  17. Hello everybody. I am a businessman selling clothes. This year we decided to scale up and open an office in Montenegro. Who can help with advice?
  18. just wondering if there is any guide on how to hack you spare iphone.
  19. For several years I have been asking myself a question. How to find a girl? There are a lot of girls in my environment, but I cannot find the very girl I will love all my life.
  20. For more hacks, tricks and tutorials visit My main topic Swift is an innovative new programming language for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. Writing code is interactive and fun, the syntax is concise yet expressive, and apps run lightning-fast. Swift code works side-by-side with Objective-C. You can learn how to code using this simple and awesome app: A. To see the app name first hit the like buttonthen reply/comment [hide] https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/swifty-learn-how-to-code-in/id886315617?mt=8 [/hide]
  21. Hi I’ve got a jailbroken iphone I’m wondering if they’s any tweak like 8x speeder For android for ios thanks
  22. I’ve been here for awhile now and there is something I’ve been wondering about. I’ve noticed that several of the games on the jb side seem to have more cheats than the njb side. The games on the njb side used to have more cheats than they do now but it seems as they are updated the cheats become less. I once asked one of the hackers why they didn’t add more cheats and they said “it makes the game more fun to play”. I asked admin about it and they said “it is up to the individual hacker on what cheats are added”. Personally I think that the hackers should add as many cheats as possible to the games whether it is the jb side or the njb side. I truly enjoy this place and have since I first found it but I think it is up to the individuals that play the games to decide what makes them “fun”. I always ask for as many cheats as possible on a game so I can play the way I want and choose which cheats to use. We all come here and pay the money because we like to have the chance to play the games our way. If the hackers get to choose how we play or what cheats we are allowed then it is barely a step above what the “fruit company” allows us to do. When requesting updates or thanking a hacker for a game if there is a cheat you would also like to have then ask for it. As I said I have truly enjoyed being here and meeting the people I have who have been kind, helpful, and patient with me. I just wanted a chance to have my say on something I’ve been thinking about for awhile now. Thank you
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