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  1. Hello Godders, . How the hell are we all doing on this fine day, I hope we are all doing well and ready to have a chat about "HeadPhone's", we all use them and we all go through them like there is no next week. Today I'm here for "Opinions" as I personally need a new set ... I was a Beats guy but after breaking several pairs I am no longer a fan ... What do I want from headphones crystal clear loudness, DONT WE ALL ! So I have been looking at several brands, some I have never heard of, some the usual named brands ... But I want to know what others think first so ... Here are my top 3 so far, starting from 3 ........ 3 : a-JAYS Three - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Jays-T00074-Three-Heavy-Earphones-Black/dp/B003EV68SU 2 : Bowers & Wilkins C5 Series 2 - https://www.google.co.uk/aclk?sa=l&ai=DChcSEwinkvjhlsnXAhXtvO0KHRq8A9IYABAAGgJkZw&sig=AOD64_3j9W9WEG3_udKGk4X0IxHtNxaEjA&q=&ved=0ahUKEwjY2vDhlsnXAhUhLMAKHdK6DHQQ0QwIQA&adurl= 1 : Denon AH-C821- https://www.denon.co.uk/uk/product/portableaudio/inearheadphone/ahc821 Been hovering over these as well : B&O ( Bang and Olufsen ) - Beoplay H5 Wireless https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/audio-and-headphones/headphones/headphones/b-o-beoplay-h5-wireless-bluetooth-headphones-black-10150204-pdt.html?store=2819&cmpid=ppc~gg~(PLA)-LOCAL~~Exact&istCompanyId=bec25c7e-cbcd-460d-81d5-a25372d2e3d7&istItemId=xwixrqxixw&istBid=t&srcid=198&cmpid=ppc~gg~0090 (PLA) HEADPHONES~All Products~Exact&mctag=gg_goog_7904&kwid=GOOGLE&device=m&ds_kids=92700027234642966&PLA=1&tgtid=0090 (PLA) HEADPHONES&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6Pnr8dXK1wIVhpPtCh1vnAL3EAQYDSABEgKtafD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Thanks for any input iDavie
  2. K.K.W. Camera Lighter, 1948 Hi Godders, Today I bring you a strange but kind of cool historical lighter from the 1940's that was found on a construction job, it was placed in storage and stayed there for 10 years until...... This year. The K.K.W. Camera Lighterwas first manufactured in 1948 in Occupied Japan. Primely it was available as a wick lighter - in 1958 the butane version of the lighter was introduced and manufactured till the end of the 1960s. The camera lighter was available with a compass on front and without which was a cheaper version. I have this lighter, me iDavie. i found this lighter in the office at work while clearing out my belongings, it didn't work but it looked ... Dated ... Old, in need of a restore. It is for sure one of the best examples of Japanese craftsmanship. It is very well detailed and the materials used are good quality. The shutter button works the lighter and it can be locked by using the red button on the front which is marked open - lock. Spare flints can be kept under the large nurled knob on top. Marked on the bottom of the camera lighter: K.K.W P.P 13449 On the earlier wick lighter version the camera and the tripod were marked: Made in Occupied Japan The plastic cover was marked: Peace-Gas (gas lighter) or Photo-Flash (wick lighter) Type: gas (butane) lighter & wick (petrol) lighterScarcity: common–uncommon Lighters this old at quite rear so I have decided to hang on to it for a little while longer. More info : http://table-lighters.blogspot.co.uk/2010/10/kkw-camera-lighter-1948.html?m=1 What was happening in the 1940s ? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1940s https://www.timetoast.com/timelines/52213 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Depression https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attack_on_Pearl_Harbor https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Holocaust What item do you have from or what historical event do you know about your country or religion in 1940's, let us know, post a link and share what you have !! Thank for reading iDavie.
  3. It looks like a Chinese copy, which it actually is but it's pretty decent. Voice chat, normal chat, good graphics. Not bad. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rules-of-survival/id1307961750?mt=8
  4. General Shoutbox

    For Admin Shoutbox Show this You need to contribute more to be able to chat. why this
  5. 2017-11-16 7 Million Downloads! Lots of Special Events!! Thank you for playing Toram Online. Thanks to your continuous support, the total number of app downloads reached 7 million! As a token of our appreciation, we would like to hold special events. Please look forward to the future update! Challenge the Glittering Potums! Limited Boss Battles Coming Back Again! The wormhole to the boss battles for download events are open at "Government Office"! In addition to the battle with Golden Potum, which are available from Lv50, you can challenge the mighty boss Platinum Potum appeared in the 6 million download event! Also, event limited boss battles will be added at a later day. Please look forward to it! Enjoy the breathtaking battles with the limited bosses! Event Period From: After the maintenance on 11/16/2017 Until: Before the maintenance on 11/30/2017 Get Dyeing Items! Gold Potums Are Coming!! Golden Potums appear during the event period again! If you defeat them, you may get special items for dyeing your equipment. The color will be the one that was most popular on our official Twitter survey. Event Period From: After the maintenance on 11/16/2017 Until: Before the maintenance on 11/30/2017 Complete All! Limited Emblems! We have added special emblems for 7 million downloads event. If you meet certain conditions such as logging in the game, or play the game for an hour, you can get up to Orb x1500 (worth Orb x15)! Limited Emblems Name: 7 Million Downloads A Condition: Logged in the game. Item: Orb Shard x50 Name:7 Million Downloads B Condition: Played for an hour today. Item: Orb Shard x50 Name:7 Million Downloads C Condition: Defeated 100 monsters. Item: Ticket Piece x40 Event Period From: After the maintenance on 11/16/2017 Until: Before the maintenance on 11/30/2017 Chance to Get Orbs! Twitter Follow&Retweet Campaign 7 players will be selected at random from the players who follow our official Twitter (@toram_pr) and retweet the indicated tweet during the campaign period, and they can win Orb x70 (worth 7000 JPY). Please check "here" for the tweet to retweet on our official Twitter! We will send messages to the winners via Twitter. Event Period From: After the maintenance on 11/16/2017 Until: Before the maintenance on 11/30/2017 Login to Get "7 Million DLs Pack"! During the campaign period, we would like to gift "7 Million DLs Pack". The item pack contains Life Potion (HP Recovery Item), Mana Potion (MP Recovery Item), and 5 more types of items. Even if you are new to Toram Online, you can get the item pack after completing the tutorial. Item Details ・Life Potion x3 Restore HP to max. ・Mana Potion x3 Restore 2000 MP. ・Revive Droplet x3 Ignores the resurrection time. ・Fairy Sewing Tool x3 Grants 1 to 3 types of abilities to an avatar item. The same abilities will not be granted. ・Refinement Ticket (+7) x3 If you succeed in refinement at blacksmith's using this item, the refinement value becomes +7. Unavailable for equipment with +7 or more. ・Insurance Ticket (100%) x3 Prevents the equipment from degradation caused by blacksmith's refinement. It'll be used even if the refinement is successful. ・Challenge Crystal x3 Restores 1 Gem for Challenge Dungeon. Available only when the number of Gems left is 0. Event Period From: After the maintenance on 11/16/2017 Until: Before the maintenance on 11/30/2017 Useful for Refinement! Limited Recipes!! During the event period, 3 types of item recipes will be added to Item Synthesis. They are useful for equipment refinement. Create a lot and refine your gear! ・Gold Pom Refine For Equipment Refinement Success Rate +15% Prevents the equipment from degradation 95% of the time. ・Silver Pom Refine For Equipment Refinement Success Rate +10% Prevents the equipment from degradation 85% of the time. ・Bronze Pom Refine For Equipment Refinement Success Rate +5% Prevents the equipment from degradation 75% of the time. Available Period From: After the maintenance on 11/16/2017 Until: Before the maintenance on 12/7/2017
  6. Alright i am aware that the blobs are used to downgrade to a specific version so i downloaded telegram app and saved blobs for iOS 11.1.1 , at present i am on iOS 8.4 (iPhone 6) , so in future if there is a jailbreak for iOS 11.1.1 and apple stops signing it on the the same date and when the jailbreak is released then if i have to force upgrade to ios 11.1.x or 11.2 , will i be able to use these blobs which i saved? Please help. Your time and help will be highly appreciated!
  7. Yeah I know I suck at this but I can't figure it out. Making a "Guessing game" but I'm getting an error that I don't know how to fix. I know this is basic. welp import random Num = random.randint(1, 100) MyNum = input("from 1 to 100! Guess!!: ") while Num > MyNum: print("Higher!") elif Num < MyNum: #Error here print("Lower!") elif Num == MyNum: print("YOU GOT IT!")
  8. General Blue Dash In Ihe Middle

    Good morning members Can anyone tell me what the blue dash is in the middle of my MacBook? In a screenshot this does not apply. Is it on the screen or on the graphics card thanks for your help
  9. I've made an payment on ViP Subcription, and yes, i've successful the money, and its giving me and msg to wati the staff to review, and i find out that only DiDA can review my order, so i've wait for 2-3 days til now I've send DiDA PM but he don't answer me even that i see him online all the days ?
  10. Update Thursday's! Is that a thing? Should it be? Not important. What is important is this update regarding yesterday. After hours of DiDA pulling his hair trying to get the hosting site issue fixed, and at the same time aging about 5 years, we’re excited to announce that, in theory, it's been fixed! If you didn't log on yesterday then you shouldn't notice a single difference in the site. If you were, we can say with confidence that this won't happen again. On top of that, those who took the effort of helping with the hacks they had downloaded, we’ll be reimbursing you for your wonderful help with a free month of VIP. HOWEVER, were still in the middle of restoring everything so if a link that should be working isn't, give it an hour or so before trying again. Lastly, the staff would like to thank you all for being patient with us even though it was only a day. Have an awesome weekend! -D&K
  11. Updated announcement: Hello! We hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday. We decided to be completely open with you all by informing you about some unfortunate series of events that have occurred behind the scenes of iOSGods. Recently, we discovered that the file hosting site we use, iosddl, had some internal issues that caused a good chunk of the files that were hosted there to be deleted. Because of that, a lot of the hacks right now might not exist anymore. Now, “that shouldn’t be a problem because you have a backup right?” Sadly, no. We never had a problem with this hosting site for over two years so we weren’t expecting anything of this nature. This is all on us. We apologize. On the positive side of things, we are personally working with the hosting site to see if we can scavenge anything from the fail state. If we are able to do so, we will slowly but surely re-upload all the hacks to their original topics and get everything back to normal. In addition to us trying to solve it on our end, you all can help us by messaging either DiDA or myself with any hacks and/or IPAs that you might have downloaded and still have so that we can update the topics. To future proof this from happening ever again, we encourage hackers and those that download the hacks, to keep a copy of anything you download from here… just in case. We are truly sorry for this misfortune but we’re working hard on fixing it! -D&K
  12. General Got some pictures want to share

    So i'm got some picture , random shot then edit it hope you guy enjoy
  13. General online converter

    Hi guys. Really hope someone has a solution. I am looking for online converter (ost to pst file) on iPhone 7. Can anyone recommend me a good one?
  14. Someone make a hack for this game! It has a lot of request a couple of months ago and still unseen and now it has millions of users sooo please make a hack for this App: Hotel Hideaway
  15. General Any good music?

    Guys, what are some good music that I can listen to? -Grindcore -Rap -Dance/Electronic I'm bored af
  16. I got 2 options. 1. To keep my iPad Mini 2 (iOS 8.4). 2. To get an iPad Mini 4 (iOS 10) But I’m not sure on what to go with, so I’m asking you people. What should I do? Stay or upgrade? What are the pros/cons? Since this is iOSGods... would this upgrade be good or bad for iOS hacking?
  17. Vip

    I thought VIP people are high class people but in a final 50% of this people are a MF because they change the password so VIP people are just a f**king stupid people I'm not saying everybody but you good people know what iam talking about. Now I'm gonna talk to dida this VIP needs to become expensive we don't need sh!tty people here can you make this happen can you make this VIP thing over 100$ we don't want sh!tty people here I appreciated if you can make it over 100$ I don't wanna be VIP with stupid people thank you dida for the hard work 👍
  18. General Toram Online

    I've seen quite a number of posts from people expressing their appreciation for hacks created in this community for Toram, but I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in playing together. I've gotten to a pretty decent level, but playing solo can only get you so far and is only so much fun... I've considered starting a club, but I don't know if there is that much interest in it. If anyone is interested please let's see if we can get something started or just play together.
  19. General Trying to sleep

    Hey guys, I got a problem. I can't sleep and I'm very sleepy. Can someone please give me some tips ? Thanks
  20. General No Halloween Special ?

    Why there is no Halloween Special Sales or Giveaways ? or something exept theme, logo and background.
  21. General Making a phone app

    So a couple guys at work and myself were talking today and came up with a really awesome phone app idea. The app is on the verge of comedy and professional, which will make it a decent app that people will like. I really want to make this app and I think there's potential in the app to make some decent profit. I have never made an app before nor do I have a mac computer so that takes away from Apple Developer... I have checked out a few app creating/making websites and they are reallllly expensive. I have seen in the thousands and even 100,000 dollar figures to publish my app for me. I also saw a few sites with templates and app building features but unfortunately, it is limited to what you can do with the builder. I am wondering if anyone has made an app before and if you could give some pointers on how to do it, where to go and/or any websites that you suggest. I really want to get this app made and as I said, I think there is potential here. I just want to pay massive figures to create it. Thanks
  22. General Jailbroken Device Advise

    Hey Everyone... I am currently looking for some advice... I currently have an Iphone 7 Plus 128gb phone running IOS 11.0.3 which in my opinion won't be able to be jailbroken for a long time. I am interested in jailbreak and learning to hack games also am keen to contribute to the site, I have thought about the options how to obtain a jailbroken device and checked out some prices and I have come to the decision that the best way to do it is to sell my Iphone and downgrade to an Iphone 6 Plus with the IOS 10.2 My question is, would you do it. I know my phone is worth around $800-$900 and the iphone jailbroken around $500.. Should I wait and see if I can find an Iphone 7 which is jailbroken or bite the bullet and downgrade to an Iphone 6 lol weird question and not even sure if this is the right section but I need some advice and not sure which direction I should go. Thanks for any replies