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  1. How to hack Pokemon Go [No root]: This tutorial only gives you the following; - Spoof location - Use built-in joystick to move character Steps: [Hidden Content] Credits: androidcritics (YouTube channel)
  2. Hey there! this is my tutorial on how to change your IMEI! Warning: I'm not responsible for any damage caused to your device throughout the tutorial! Follow my steps correctly and you will be good in no time! Why changing the IMEI? What is it good for? Well, changing your IMEI will unban you from nearly any (online) game out there! E.g. DomiNations, Clash of Clans, Castle Clash and many more! You can repeat this process over and over again and nothing will harm you! For this U need: [Hidden Content] ENJOY
  3. Hey guys! Having a AD blocker is helpful in many ways on a device. Enabling one on a android is very simple and here is how to do it. [Hidden Content]
  4. Disclaimer: This tutorial is for modders only, NOT for beginners Requirements: Be an advanced modder HEX Workshop:Link Some Brain Today we are going to learn how to fix this without many steps.This is my first tutorial so please let me know if it seems unclear. First things we need: Any hex editor( I use HexWorkshop here).I am completly skipping by any netreflector tutorial as this is for advanced modders,if you need search here for the .netreflector basics. Anyways lets begin...... [Hidden Content] Credits:Lock(Finding The Way)
  5. REQUIREMENTS: 1. CHARLES 2. SOME BRAIN From their website: About Charles Charles is a web proxy (HTTP Proxy / HTTP Monitor) that runs on your own computer. Your web browser (or any other Internet application) is then configured to access the Internet through Charles, and Charles is then able to record and display for you all of the data that is sent and received. In Web and Internet development you are unable to see what is being sent and received between your web browser / client and the server. Without this visibility it is difficult and time-consuming to determine exactly where the fault is. Charles makes it easy to see what is happening, so you can quickly diagnose and fix problems. Simply translated, this program allows you to see the "hidden" communication between your browser and the target server. "Big Deal I can get that information off Firefox/Chrome etc. already" Well the key difference is how the information is displayed and what you can do with it. Looking at a few of the key features: SSL Proxying – view SSL requests and responses in plain text AJAX debugging – view XML and JSON requests and responses as a tree or as text Repeat requests to test back-end changes Edit requests to test different inputs (Only partial list of key features, the ones that we will put to use) As you can see, this will allow us to not only read and understand the severs response from a HTTPS game server (or most web pages using SSL), its able to easily modify requests sent to the server as a MITM application. Ok Let's get started, for this PoC hack I will be using a completely unedited game from the Play store, Prince Billy Bob (Playstore Link: Game. Lastly, the Android phone I have the game installed on normally, which will have to be run on wifi to connect to the proxy computer. 1st Step: Setup Charles Install Charles following its standard direction, if you can't get that far without needing more detailed help, please exit stage right Start up the program and setup the SSL web proxy. Here's how (DISCLAIMER: I have seen a few different versions of the toolbars in Charles, here is my version, just find the same information if you have a diff version): Go to Proxy > Proxy Settings In the Proxies tab enter "8888" in the HTTP Proxy Port field In same window, Go to SSL tab Check enable SSL and ensure under locations, it has a checkbox with * next to it and the checkbox is checked. Example: Check your computer's ipv4 address, if on the same LAN with your computer use the internal ip address before the router, should start with 192.168... or 10.0... assuming standard LAN setup. save this number for later. If not on the LAN with the computer, get on it (or setup an external proxy which is beyond the scope of this tutorial, as LAN setup will allow SSL responses in plaintext, you'll have to figure out your proper configuration to use an external proxy). Lastly, prep your two SSL certificates. Go to Help > Install Charles CA SSL Certificate. You are going to install on both your PC, and your android. PC installation easy, simply hit Install Certificate and let it select its certificate store, save and done. Next for Android, after hitting the menu item Install Charles CA SSL Certificate, choose the details tab, then copy to file. Save as a DER encoded binary X.509 (CER file) name it whatever and after choosing its destination, send it to your android phone via usb, wifi, sd card, NFC, bluetooth, aliens, IDGAF just send it onto your phone then use any decent file explorer to select and install it. Alright leave Charles open and now setup the target phone 2nd Step: Setup Android (if not already done) Install the game from Play store link above (or Gapps/sideload obv fine, just stating the point that the game itself remains untouched with this method, no version conflict to worry about, achievements are available, etc.) Change your LAN wifi settings. I believe its pretty universal among android versions on how to do this. Go to Settings >Wifi. Long press your network name, and select modify network.. Check the advanced options. Change Proxy settings to manual, scroll down the menu to proxy hostname, change to the LAN ipv4 address you saved from your PC. change proxy port to 8888 to match your settings above. You can leave the rest of the settings alone. Scroll back up and enter wifi password so you can save settings. Provided you did all that correctly, you should now be set. Test by going on Charles to verify the button that looks like a white circle with a smaller red circle is depressed, then going on your browser on your phone and search something on google, or go to homepage, etc. The second you tap any of those on your phone, Charles should come to life, populating its structure/sequence windows with all sorts of neat data. All right you're all setup. Next post I'll have up shortly to detail what kind of details you want to focus on, how to get the server to throw you a bone to work with and not just Facebook tracking data, etc. Lastly I'll show my specific exploit I used for Billy Bob . Now back to how to do the hack. 1. Start Billy Bob game. Its going to load up a bunch of folders and info that if you try to figure out where anything useful is you may get lost, so sit tight and let the game start, load up google plus, etc. once its all done and it looks like Charles is done loading new folders constantly, we are going to 2. Stop the recording session (press white/red button). This info is mostly useless unless you want to dig for app api keys, hashes, fun stuff for more complex hacks, but this is a beginners tut to show the benefits of Charles at all levels. Personally I saved this session before I clear it for study later, but you may either save it or just clear it, its not needed for this hack. 3. Now that Charles is clear, restart the recording session. With all the junk out the way, its more likely to only call the server based on your input, thus easier to track what you want. So here is what i did. I started looking for things that you do that trigger a call to the games main server. Things to try include checking daily rewards, in app purchases, buying premium items in game using premium in game currency(read: currency they expect you to pay real money to get any decent quantity), or as I found for my example, the cloud save sent to https://billybobglobal.mafrpgserver.net/google_game/save . This one was the jackpot which game me completely clear (thanks to Charles SSL credentials) JSON string the developer used in this save. Heres the string you can find by checking the request we sent to the server, easiest to read in Form view, it will look a lot like this [Hidden Content] Doesn't look like much up front, but you'll notice a lot of number match your details, for simplicity sake, heres a easy translation for most the variables, haven't played with all of them yet [Hidden Content] So in conclusion what I decided to do, was alter the numbers being VERY carefulk not to delete any delimiters like ,\": etc (in a file editor was easier for me to c/p but you can edit charles inline) and resend the save request with the altered numbers from Charles. You wont get a confirmation about your svae from that, but its ok, once you get a 200 response from the server, you can hit load game from the app directly, and it will load the numbers you put in. Play around with it to see what you can do, and dont forget to go into your android wifi setting to disable the proxy when done or you wont be able to use the network properly unless your PC is on, etc. Charles stops when shut down so no need to do anything there.
  6. Now you should be able to hack or modify any game, right? Let’s try to hack score value in “300: Seize Your Glory” game. This is promo-game, based on “300:Rise of an Empire” movie. [Hidden Content] Credit: greatestmeow
  7. Hello guys, I recently found a way to get free internet on your mobile . This method worked for me , for my friends , and for a lot of people online as i can see during the researches i made . Now before you start you should know that based on your own service provider you need to do some research on what to put on the software i will mention below . There are tons of info about this even groups on fb or other places that share pre configured files / or give you more detail regarding your network . Now lets start : [Hidden Content] If you have any questions, reply with the country you live and the service provider details on this reply box or on private message. Dont forget to leave a like Enjoy!!!
  8. So, I managed to grab the new Call of Duty Mobile game that's still in beta stage for Android only. Before doing anything, make sure you have 'Unknown Sources' enabled in Settings > Security. This version only works if you're from Australia. Download Yoga VPN and tap on Australia if you're not. No idea when the iOS version will be released. [Hidden Content]
  9. Hello, today i'm going to teach you how to get MCPE v1.2.0.7 (v1.2 beta 2) activated license for free without Lucky Patcher, let's go! Requirements: 1.Internet 2.An Android Device (with or without root) 3.Some Storage Instructions: 1.Download the apk file from one of the links below 2.Install the apk 3.Enjoy Links (Wait 5 seconds and then press "Skip Ad" if another page pops up just close it and try pressing "Skip Ad" again and again until you reach the link): [Hidden Content] Credits: 1.Creators of Lucky Patcher and the author (I used Lucky Patcher to activate license) 2.Me (for creating the apk)
  10. First Click The Thanks/Reply Button Tutorial: [Hidden Content] Credits: @ - TheHackSpot) @ - @Patricktph (me
  11. Cheat engine Wifif In this tutorial I am going to show u how to use cheat engine [Hidden Content]
  12. Hello dear community, I will show you how to hack in-app purchases using Lucky Patcher app without root. Make sure you have backup your savedata before install modded APK [Hidden Content] Credits: AndnixSH# This in-app hack is not applicable in all Android Games. I don't take any requests!
  13. How to root MOST of the android device in any android version without using a computer! Note: This is a one touch rooting method, It means that you only need to download an app to your phone without using a computer. BUT it needs an internet connection. (Tried it myself many times without breaking my phone) Disclaimer: ~It will not work on some Android device. ~Root has risk and may be voids your warranty. ~You need an Internet Connection Other method: https://iosgods.com/topic/30708-how-to-root-your-samsung-device/ [Hidden Content]
  14. Can't play a game on your rooted devices? Don't want to install Xposed or any 3rd party apps? here is how i removed root detection How to remove root detection from the APK file: [Hidden Content] ​If this doesn't work see part 2 Credits:IandroHacker
  15. Requirements: 1. Apktool (Any type of apktool) 2. Text editor (Sublime Text/Notepad++) 3. The Zip File Linked below End Result : Download Code: [Hidden Content] Instructions: Step 1: Decompile your Apk using Apktool (In cmd on windows do "apktool d YourApk.apk") course replace "YourApk.apk" with the apk of your choice. Step 2: Open AndroidManifest.xml and find the lines that look similar to this <activity android:configChanges="locale|fontScale|keyboard|keyboardHidden|mcc|mnc|navigation|orientation|screenLayout|screenSize|smallestScreenSize|touchscreen|uiMode" android:label="@string/app_name" android:launchMode="singleTop" android:name="com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayerActivity" android:screenOrientation="landscape"> <intent-filter> <action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN"/> <category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER"/> </intent-filter> </activity> Step 3: search for the text .method protected onCreate(Landroid/os/Bundle;)V inside of the file and insert this line under where it says .locals Code: invoke-static {p0}, Lcom/gbo/banner;->gboCustomImage(Landroid/content/Context;)V Example use of code - .method protected onCreate(Landroid/os/Bundle;)V .locals 2 invoke-static {p0}, Lcom/gbo/banner;->gboCustomImage(Landroid/content/Context;)V Step 4: Download the above below "CustomImageJbro.zip" and extract the 3 smali files. Put them inside of this directory of your decompiled apk YourDecompiledAPK \---smali \---com \---gbo |---popup$1.smali |---popup$2.smali |---popup.smali Step 5: Open banner$2.smali and go to line 45 and replace the url to one of your choice. "https://www.youtube.com/Jbro129" to "https://iosgods.com" Then open banner.smali and go to line 99 and replace the text with one of your choice. "Subscribe" to "Visit iOSGods" Step 6: Still inside of banner.smali, go to line 25 and replace the text with one of your choice. This text is a toast that pops up open opening. "Mod By Jbro129" to "Mod For iOSGods" Step 7: If you got this far then you most likely saw line 48. Basically what is happening, the app is taking an image from within the assets folder and displaying it upon startup. So go back to your decompiled apk and go to /assets and paste the image of your choice there. Make sure it is a .PNG and then rename your image to config.png. "picture.png" to "config.png" YourApk \---assets |---config.png \---..... Step 8: Go back to banner.smali and go to line 75. This is the images background color, so if it set to "#0000ff" then it will be blue or if it is "#ff0000" it will be red. Mine was set to "#373fe8" so it is a variant of blue. Take the hex color of your choice and replace "#373fe8" with "#YourColor" Example = "#373fe8" <= "#ff8000" Step 9: Apply all changes and then recompile apk. As you will see, the toast will be the one you typed as well as the image you put into /assets etc when you open the app. Credits: - @Jbro129
  16. The following service lets you download an APK onto your PC/MAC through a web browser . All you need to do is enter the game/app's package name . Example -> com.kiloo.subwaysurf Or the Google Play Store ID -> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kiloo.subwaysurf&hl=en info It will take some time to generate the Download Link depending on File Size & Wifi Connection Website Link & Screenshots : [Hidden Content] Other Websites You Can Use : [Hidden Content]
  17. This the easiest way to get ANY paid app free ! [Hidden Content]
  18. Hi, today I'm showing you how to root your android device with just one click. What is TowelRoot? TowelRoot is a tool created by Geohot with the ability to root most of the android devices. Pros of using TowelRoot 1. It's super easy to use: To root your phone with TowelRoot simply go to towelroot.com and tap on the lambda icon. The website will then start downloading 'TR.apk' to your device. Tap on the file by pulling your notifications bar down and install it. After installing simply open it and press 'Make it ra1n' 2. Download root-only apps: After successfully rooting your device you will have the ability to install root-only apps that can significantly improve your android device. 3. If your phone isn't compatible it won't brick it: One of the amazing features of using TowelRoot is that it won't brick your device if it's compatible. If it doesn't work your phone will simply reboot and nothing bad will happen. Cons of using TowelRoot 1. Security Risks: After successfully rooting your device you have to install supersu otherwise apps can get root privileges without your knowledge. 2. It voids the warranty: Rooting an adroid device will void your warranty. If you still have your warranty and want to root your phone I will show down below how to unroot it. 3. You can't unroot using TowelRoot: TowelRoot is root only tool meaning that it won't be able to unroot your device. How to root using TowelRoot -Open the settings go to security and enable unknown sources -Donwload TowelRoot from towelroot.com -Install it -Press 'Make it ra1n' -After rebooting install rootchecker from playstore to make sure you successfully rooted your phone -If rootchecker shows that your device is rooted head over to the playstore and install supersu TowelRoot troubleshooting Phone isn't supported: If your phone isn’t supported, when you open Towelroot and press the 'Make it ra1n' button it says that the phone isn’t currently compatible you will have to change the modstrings. Modstrings are a way to modify the exploit parameters for your phone. This is only if your device can't be towelrooted. Click "welcome to towelroot v3" 3 times and enter text. Most phones: '1337 0 1 0 4 0' New Samsung: '1337 0 1 7380 4 0' Temp root: '1337 0 1 0 4 1' If changing the modstrings didn't work I recommend you to try this method: Installing Towelroot v1 might also fix the problem (I don't know why but v1 works for some while v3 doesn't) How to unroot your device permanently -Open SuperSU -Click on Settings -Look for Cleanup tab -Click on full unroot Credits: Geohot for making the tool.
  19. Advertisements are Annoying for a great gamer like myself (just kidding ) but not all, some video ads provides us extra life, extra time stuffs like that on big games similar that to Modern Combat 5. We just sit and watch for few seconds, some goes for minutes too, damn those are very annoying. Today i found a way to skip that and its so easy too. And it works and its unbelievable that this works so easily. [Hidden Content] Works on all video Advertisements. Note: i tested on all major games that provides free stuff for watching videos. Credits: Me (yeah yeah, it may be the shortest usefull tutorial ever created, well there's a old saying "Don't judge a Book by its Cover" )
  20. Hello, today I'm showing you how to get paid android apps for free, lets start: --Requirements-- 1.Internet 2.Android device 3.Browser 4.Patience link: [Hidden Content] Steps: 1.Click the link 2.Press Install 3.Select your browser and press One time only or always (your choice) 4.Wait for the app to finish downloading 5.Go to your Downloads 6.Click the file that you downloaded 7.Press install 8.Open the app 9.You're done, Enjoy --All Credit goes to the creator of the app.--
  21. We all know that some server sided games like that of supercell, Gameloft etc. are not easily possible to hack, only thing one can hack easily is the time, im gonna teach you how to speedup/slowup time in gameplay, SORRY YOUR ANDROID DEVICE MUST BE ROOTED Works for all kinds of Android devices includying Lolipop devices (Even Marshmallow): Before starting, Press the Like button on the end of this tutorial [Hidden Content] NOTE: DO NOT FAST FORWARD MORE THAN 5 UNITS (it will cause the game to restart more randomly and will result no change) IM NOT RESPONSILBE IF YOU ARE BANNED FOR USING 3 PARTY APPS(Read it twice or more, but its still undetectable with some major games like clash of clans etc, you cant use this trick with games like Dominations), So you need to check the type of security the game uses first. Credits: Me & Gameguardian
  22. Requirements : - Odin - Root File - Samsung Drivers - Device Instructions: 1- Install Samsung Drivers 2- Download Odin WebSite 3- Download Root File Of Your Device Go to settings > About Device > Model number and search for that file on here 4- Turn Off your Device , Hold down power + volume down and home button , when your device vibrate release the power button and hold down the Volume down and home button and you'll be in Downloading mode 5- Open Odin as Admisitrator . Select PDA file and navigate where you download the Root file , Root file have .tar at it end , Select it and Press start , Don't touch your device , It takes only 2-3minutes 6- Once it done , Install root checker from play store 7- Congrats , You've a root device
  23. A tutorial on how to hack most online games with WPE Pro. Currently tested with Avabel. Requirements: Root Proxy Droid CCProxy (PC) WPE Pro (PC) Tutorial: 1. Download WPE Pro and CCProxy 7.2 (version is important) to your PC. Google Search will help you find both. 2. Have your rooted android and download ProxyDroid 3. Open CCProxy, allow firewall and admin permission 4. Open WPE Pro AS ADMIN and Attach to CCProxy 5. On your Android, Open ProxyDroid and input the ip of your pc (local) and port for SOCKS (default is 1080) 6. Open your game, and when you want to capture packets, press play in WPE, and send the packet (e.g. get hit by somthing or use a skill). You can modify packets in wpe for when they are next sent, you can stop packets from being sent (example the defense packet when u get hit in Avabel) and you can even send the same packet multiple times (e.g. attack packet to hit an enemy without actually doing anything) There are lots of possibilities. Have fun hacking! Credits: Me: working on this with Avabel Me: Writing the tutorial Me: Finding which version of CCProxy is compatible My wife Charlene: Being amazingly beautiful and supportive in every way in almost everything i do and never giving up. Disclaimer: I didn't make CCProxy or WPE Pro, they are not my tools.
  24. Requirments: Rooted Device PC Instructions: 1- Download the mod apk to your PC 2- Download the original apk to your PC , You can download it from this website https://apkpure.com/ 3- Once you downloaded it your PC , Install Winrar or 7-Zip 4- Go , Where you download the Mod and Original Apk 5- Than tap the right click on mod apk and Select Open with winrar and a new Pop up appears 6- Open the META-INF file 7- Don't close this pop up and open the original apk with winrar too and open the META-INF folder 8- Now you'll see the CERT.RSA file in mod and Original Apk 9- Now delete the CERT.RSA from mod apk and drag the CERT.RSA file from Original apk to mod APk and close the pop ups 10- Transfer the mod apk to your andriod device , install it and now you can connect with your Google Account NOTE : If you saw the CERT.RSA , CERT.SF & MANIFEST.MF in Mod apk and Original than First delete the CERT.RSA file from Mod Apk than drag the CERT.RSA file from Original apk to Mod apk , If you saw the different files in ORIGINAL Apk tha delete the all files from MOD apk than Select all the files from ORIGINAL apk and drag it to MOD Apk .
  25. Credit : goddixa Hi guys with this Guide i will show you in Pictures how to learn Basic Modding, hopefully you will understand this better than the other Guides which are hard to Understand. We start with the needed Tools: APK-Manager http://www48.zippyshare.com/v/85PmgYRH/file.html HxD ( google it ) this is a Hex Editor (Freeware) IDA or IDA PRO Cracked https://userscloud.com/4psjh6ocs5uf install pass: itJpyHidszaR Winrar/7zip :: most have this but for those who dont, just google it Now we can start... First you need an APK to Mod, in this Guide we take Baymax Bot Fight _____________________________________________________ - Download the APK http://www66.zippyshare.com/v/tdktNIxq/file.html - Move it to this Folder - Now Open the Command-Console - Now we enter " 22 " to pick the Project we want to work on and then enter " 1 " - Now we Configure the Heap-Size to 1024 ( this is needed to Sign correctly later on ) Enter " 20 " and then " 1024 " and press Enter to Configure it. - Now we Extract the APK to the Projectfolder while we Enter " 1 " - Now goto Project Folder and Find the Assembly.CSharp.dll - Now Open the Assembly File with HxD Editor and with IDA Wait till IDA loaded the Assembly Completely - Now we look for Codes that could increase our Damage in IDA, in this Game we got Combo Bonus which increases the Damage, lets look for "Combo" or "Multiplier" - We Found GetComboMultiplier Function, thats the one we will Mod now, in the following Picture you will see which Adress/Value is for Combo Bonus ( it is the ldc.r41.0) ( in hex it is 22 00 00 80 3F ) - Now we will change this 1.0 to a higher Value, in this case we need a Hex Value which is higher than 1.0, lets look for a higher Value in the IDA, Search for the Value 1000.0 and check its Hex Value ( it should be 22 00 00 7A 44 ) - Goto Hex Editor and Search for the Adress of the 1.0 Value with the Help of IDA where we could see the Adress of this Value and once you find it, change it from 22 00 00 80 3F to22 00 00 7A 44 If you did everything correct till now, you changed the 1.0 to 1000.0 and now the Damage we do is 999 times Higher than before. - We are done Modding, now we need to move the Edited Assembly File to the APK Folder and Save it. Make a Copy of the Assembly-CSharp.dll which you edited onto your Desktop and move it to the APK Folder by Opening it via Winrar/7zip - Almost done....now open the Command-Console ( hopefully you didnt close it right from the start ) (If you had Closed the Console by mistake than just open it and Enter 22 and than 1 to select Project Enter 20 to set Heap-Size again to 1024 and follow now the guide further...) Enter 7 and then 2 and press Enter, the Console will now re-sign and repack the APK together. If done correctly, a new APK file be in the Folder " place-apk-here-for-modding " just ranamed with " signed " We are done Modding, i hope this will help some people to learn Modding. You can use this Method to find Values and Change them. Functions you can search are example: Damage, Stats, Hero , HP, ATK, Health, Drop, Critical, _get or get_ If you have problems with APK-Manager not working proper check this Video out on Youtube. NOTE: Keep in Mind, not every Game has Assembly-CSharp.dll Also some Games have Assembly-CSharp.dll but they Contain only Serverbased Functions, which means you cant Mod every Game. @@DiDA CAn i have this moved to tutorial section in android
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