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Tobias Rieper

Senior Member
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Status Updates posted by Tobias Rieper

  1. Finally jailbreak success my iPhone 5s iOS 12.4.4 thanks to bootra1n

    1. Caroline_


      i thought they stopped updating 5s OS

  2. Happy Lunar New Year to everyone in iOSGods I wish you have a best luck and good health :)



      Thank You ! You too \0/

  3. Sometimes i can't come here due to my school day and sad that i am not eligible for my Contributor rank :sad:

    1. Tobias Rieper

      Tobias Rieper

      Sorry about that hope you guys don't mind about that

  4. Sorry to ask this but who is the one that is pay for my renewal ViP and thanks for doing that :)

    1. Rook
    2. Fadexz


      DiDA that naughty thing

  5. Sorry for ask here boss but can you check why Merry Christmas awards is not awarded to me ? Happy new year boss :)

    1. Rook


      Will do!

    2. Is300boyousif


      Hi boss

      i need new update 4.1.3 need for speed no limits??

      thax 😊

  6. @Laxus why are you keep ignoring me bro ? 

  7. Please stop asking me when the app (iOSGods app) is back on because I don’t know when it turn on DADi will post it on Twitter 

  8. @Laxus and @Lord Alucard why are you ignoring me is there anything I did wrong if that then I sorry :(

  9. Have a nice day everyone ! 

  10. Welcome to iOSGods all newbie please take your time to read Forum Rules to get familiarized and avoid getting unnecessary warning or ban

  11. Just changed my profile name what do you guys think ? 

  12. Just changed my profile name what do you guys think ? (Agent 47's pseudonym)

  13. Congratulations all three winner in absolut1on giveaway: @Adhiosa @0zy @AideNx

  14. Hello :)

    Can you check issues about your Standoff2 hack inside iOSGods app

    User: @Danila777228

    Issues Crash when open 

    Jailbroken or non jailbroken : jailbroken

    Yeah i just tell you to fix that hack for him please don't critize me

    1. Laxus
    2. Max-Q


      Standoff2 is now fixed .

  15. Have a nice day everyone :)

  16. Can you fix one issues on CB rn is can't edit replies when you have time

  17. @DADi hey boss just ask this question that why chatbox it removed so long no rush boss just ask hope u have nice day

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Shmurda420


      Makes it 100 times harder to get ahold of him now lol

    3. Shmurda420


      You make mods @LooksAreEverything ? I been requesting a hack for 3 weeks lmfao still no mod created A lot of the hacks are outdated fam last month I’m paying for I guess 🤔

    4. Tobias Rieper

      Tobias Rieper

      No I don’t make mod

  18. Hey boss can you fix the issues on CB cuz when I edit my comment it said :”Your message is empty. Are you OK there” and wish u have a great day :)

  19. Have a nice day everyone :)

    1. Brabus2288


      Thanks bro. U too

  20. @Laxus My apologize when post that status up hope you don't mind about it

  21. Loyal forever to Cydia :hyper:

  22. i hope boss will bring back chatbox soon :(

  23. Bye guys have to go sleep now hasta la vista you all tomorrow :bye:

  24. Hope everyone have a great weekend :)

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