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  1. I know it's what you thought, I was just telling you that it wasn't though since you didn't know. "It's best to state facts rather than contemplate rumors." - Some fat guy
  2. You just raid more. I've gathered all of the zone magazines from raids pal. Just put in the effort you'll get there eventually.
  3. Raid bases, gather the XP magazines. Once you have the XP magazines, duplicate them and use them all.
  4. Just want to throw this out there, the dogs gender is predefined. If you duplicate a box 1000's of times then you will have 1000's of dogs with the same gender. The colour of the dog does NOT define it's base statistics. It's there purely for aesthetics.
  5. Hello everyone! As of the current 1.9 LDoE update, Kefir! have nerfed the weapon recycling if you didn't realise already. The component chance from weapons is scaled upon your weapon durability, therefore recycling guns that have 1 shot left in them is absolutely useless. This seems really broken to the extent where I predict that Kefir! will actually change this back. So for now, create a junk chest to store all your broken weapons in because they might actually be useful again in the future updates. Unless you don't play legit, of course Happy modding! - Owzmo
  6. This is a mobile hack forum, if you want hacks for the PC version I suggest you use Google. I would give you some where to look put advertising other forums is against the rules.
  7. There's strict rules specifying to not create items that aren't in-game yet. If you didn't follow them then you probably deserve it. Either way, go to Kefir! support, say you picked up an item that wasn't in-game yet from a raid. Assuming your account doesn't have over 100k coins and your base isn't all metal they might remove the broken item from your account.
  8. Well, unless you're really committed to the game you're not going to kill him at level 40. Easiest way for you is to probably just cheat. Unfortunately the only way to avoid him is to move zones, it's not common for him to appear twice in a row.
  9. Make sure the hack you're using is up to date. I also recall reading in another forum where it's max XP for picking up one stone.
  10. In a modded APK you can split everything, even things that do not stack. This will give you another gun in your inventory ( or wherever you're splitting it ) if there's a free slot. It doesn't stack.
  11. Wagwan yer little rassclart.
  12. Yes, you can craft anything that is in-game. Do not craft things that are obviously not in-game. Don't forget, if you are a super-skitso you CAN just duplicate weapons using mods. When you craft an item that IS in-game, with a mod - all you are doing is creating an item with the same ID as items that you can find. The way an item is obtained is not logged, or bound to the item ID.
  13. +1 I think there should be a discord server just for communication between members, not necessarily used instead of the forums. It's nice, light and easy to use. Although there's a possibility of getting the server wiped if you maintain cheats/mods through the server such as GTAGivers used to do. But that's what the forums are for. If there's only discussion on a topic they don't have any reason to wipe the server.
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