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Status Updates posted by earbud

  1. how come after i click "download now" it says "Download has started. please wait" but never downloads

    1. Soud3mk501


      From iosgods app ? Try to hit the app when it download

  2. someone pls add: [email protected] to a family plan for spotify. hes my brother and hes so desperate and keeps annoying me

    1. Ted2


      so it’s you

    2. earbud


      @Ted2no its not, i already have premium 

    3. Ted2


      invite your brother yourself then

  3. why did joka leave

  4. hi does unc0ver download from ignition work now? or do i still have to use ipa

    1. Soud3mk501


      I think it work i download it from it 1 week ago


    2. DanYal


      Why not download it from iOSAPP ? 

    3. Mr1up1


      Hell yeah u traitor!!! Lolz

  5. any1 have a cracked version of adobe after effects? pls message me thanks im desperate 

  6. so when i get unc0ver i get this: b9bb989365beaee90395c2d2fda887dc.png
    https://gyazo.com/b9bb989365beaee90395c2d2fda887dc any help? 

    1. arcie


      Delete your current unc0ver, install it again via impactor with your own Apple ID 

  7. anyone have any working discord spam bots? discord haxx isnt working 

  8. anyone here have a discord spam bot? discordhaxx flooder doesnt work :( 

  9. lmao give me username suggestions thanks, preferably 1 word and no symbols/numbers 

  10. anyone also having unc0ver issues? cant download it from iosgods app and ignition not working

    1. LethalDMG


      All apps, including iOSGods-App certificates are revoked. Everyone is encountering the same issue.

      Wait it out, should be updated in a couple of hours/tomorrow.


  11. how do i edit a csv file in filza?

  12. is there any PUBG mod menus working right now?

  13. been a while since i was on

  14. anyone have a geforce now code they don't need/want? 

  15. I got unc0ver from iosgods app but the unc0ver supported hacks still don't work

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Archangel04


      Or don't contact and just wait a bit.

    3. earbud


      they are updated. It says Unc0ver support and busman says it works with unc0ver

    4. Bushthet
  16. how do I get the new unc0ver substrate??

    1. DADi


      Install from the iOSGods App.

    2. arcie


      @DiDA does this apply to unc0ver? Noticed Sileo is now available 

  17. When will the unc0ver issue be fixed?


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Mr.Helpster


      @earbud we can’t guarantee u when it will be fix cause they have a lot of hack to make iOS 12 jaibreak support it, but it’s not a problem I’m sure they will make them support iOS 12 jaibreak by tomorrow, but no promises

    3. Pradeep6868


      do you knoooooooow da waayyyy?

    4. busmanl30


      it isn't ios 12 fault it's the new cydia substrate that messes with code injection since hooking using the constructor and memory patching using it is a "unsafe" which it is, so DiDA made a fix but the current cheaters and novice cheaters do not have access to this new template so I would say give it 1-2 weeks and then you will start seeing that most hacks have been updated to support the latest and most stable version of Cydia Substrate. Hope this helps you and have a good rest of your day! :D 

  18. #BringChatboxBack

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Glavar94



      "What once made iOSGods full of happiness and gave us a reason to revisit, is now becoming the very thing that is dividing us.

      Starting now, the Chatbox will be severely limited. You will not be able to see or use the Chatbox for a while. During this time, we will evaluate whether iOSGods needs a Chatbox or not." - DiDa

    3. earbud


      oh, where did he say that?

    4. Glavar94
  19. BRUH, there was 3 failed detected logins onto my account from Spain lmfao

    1. Glavar94


      Oh sorry it was me..

    2. earbud
  20. wHy WaS tHe ChAtBoX rEmOvEd?

    1. Error.


      Idk but I’m bored without it


    2. Joka


      Glad it’s gone 😎

  21. chatbox* 

    1. Kira


      It's still there.

    2. earbud
  22. what happened to hatbox

  23. anyone have the download link to Targo? the discord raid bot

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