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Tulak Hord

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  1. Be aware of ban risk. I got banned. I was just doing campaign missions with hack and nothing else. I didn't even use hack on other things like arena, zodiac bla bla.
  2. I tried and nothing worked how there were hack once in this game is unbelievable
  3. I fixed it already just forgot to say. @DADi you can close the topic.
  4. Dammit why this game cuts my connection when I try to hack I tried artifact upgrade chance
  5. Okay thanks Then it will be Offset: 10133B184 Patch: 210080D2 I really appreciate your help thanks
  6. Then do I make this like this Offset: 10133B180 or 10133B184 Patch: 000080D2210080D2
  7. Hello I need help about this issue: From What I see in the video patch box is too long. Is it because hex change is too long or do you write for example 00 00 00 00 to 11 11 11 11 = 000000111111 (patch box)  Because I couldn't make it work. I write to the offset box 00 00 80 D2 and write 20 00 80 D2 to patch box but couldn't make it work (auto win) Do I have to write offset box this this or lastly this?
  8. Do I write the hex inside the box? Before the change - after the change
  9. There are no levelx asset in data this is kinda different but I dug through data/raw/assetbundles and from one of the files there I found this 5.x.x 2018.4. it was on the top but the other things were decrypted.
  10. Could you clarify more? I tried to open unity default resources in ipa file with notepad++ but I can't see the version
  11. They didn't work either 5.6.7 latest What can I do then? Do you know other way?
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