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  1. already know a bit , interested in learning more. Thanks
  2. I want to get into making cheats for mobile games, (Mainly Mod Menus and app cracking) I’ve been interested in this for awhile and I’m thinking about try a to start now. 1. Where would be the best place to start off? (I have no experience in iOS cheat making) 2. And what would be the best program to use / start off with I appreciate anyone who could help me with this , thanks
  3. Did they add a new anti-cheat? , I'm getting banned 1 game after using the features Edit // I can play one game with the features on, on a new IP & reinstall of the game before I get banned again.
  4. Maybe adding unlimited ammo would be good too, the game gives barely any ammo at all
  5. Testing this to compare to another method I know
  6. Can confirm this works, drains battery like sh!t tho
  7. Maybe if @Joka's no recoil hack is still working you could make it lock to the head
  8. Guns of Boom would've been trashed by hackers if this and the speed hack were on the same menu lol
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