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  1. I have a strict policy regarding mentioning me when I do know about it. Namely, don't do it.
  2. Ok cool. Might take a while to update since I don't have newest project files and last backup is from March (since new phone)
  3. The hack is working on 5.3.5. It does work though Not really
  4. You have proven once again, that you can't read. Look at what I sent over 3 days before the update even came out V It should work on 13.5 fine as long as jailbreak bypass tweaks are disabled for this game (aka dont enable them)
  5. Oof. Yeah I know the feeling. Make sure to disable Liberty on dragalia if you do play it
  6. Also, please note this is advance notice that post the next update, I will not be able to update the hack if there are any issues for a period of time while I try and procure an iDevice. This is applicable for all future updates for the game unless I am able to get one, which at present is not guaranteed.
  7. You are the one who has been rude multiple times over multiple days. Never even once have you bothered reading through even the first post before complaining. You complained 3 times and insulted me within 24 hours because of the fact that you don't know how to scroll through hacks. You're the only one being rude here. As for you crying about people abusing one hit kill in HDTs, cue "read the first post". Theres a disclaimer which tells people not to do so, unless they wanna get banned. And that's will happen, if people abuse it. The other people in the room only benefit from your hack, while you get banned in this case. Autoplay anywhere in HDT/Agito is a negative for other players, since now you're wasting their time. And with Autoplay anywhere, this could even happen accidentally, which makes everyones player experience worse. Moreover, as for my decision as to update it or not, or make it auto-update or not. This is not open for discussion. I am not giving you an opportunity to argue against it or to change my mind. I am providing you the rationale behind my decision. Accept it or not, I don't care. My hack, my rules. It's simple as that. Disagree? Make your own hack or find another hack. If you think this is a power trip for me, feel free not to use it, I literally do not give a sh!t. Have a problem with no auto-update on AutoPlay? Well, no one asked you to use the hack. And before someone conveniently drops the paying customer argument, you don't pay me. You bought ViP, which, whether for one hack or multiples, does not entitle you to ask or order me to do anything. I am simply maintaining the hack because I like to think that people enjoy using it or think the hack is useful.
  8. Other people using Autoplay in HDT/Agito coop makes it harder for you to clear. As for being a customer, you're not my customer at all. You pay the site, not me. You pay for Vip not for this hack alone.
  9. And moreover, as for not making Autoplay anywhere auto-update or updating it every time, this is a test thing. I have to consider the fact that there are many pieces of sh!t who will use autoplay in coop in places they shouldn't like HDTs or Agitos. Unless you're telling me you'd rather have people running around as AI in those fights? It's useful and it's also highly abusable That part is not autoupdating for a reason. How is that relevant? How is Gala in any way related? And not just that, they released 2 updates in less than a week. Why exactly do you think I am going to take time out for QoL features? Moreover, the rest is "solo stuff"? Do you even play the game? Exactly. Even under lockdown, I have a lot of work to do. If major hacks work, I am not exactly going to focus on features which are QoL
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