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  1. Hey i was wondering if i could receive some guidance from you, if you could message me. Also appreciate all the work you’ve done on summoners war and apologies for all the ungrateful people and harassment.

  2. This hack is now updated to App Store version 6.2.9 Moving forward, just to let you know, I may or may not be able to update stuff. Don't get ViP for this please
  3. I'm in Summoners War Asia sever  may I join your guild?  

  4. Galaxy on Fire 3 download link has been removed, can you please re-upload?

  5. It's not updated for the latest version yet, but it should work
  6. How do you guys get it past Error no. 32? I tried A-Bypass for it, didnt work
  7. still havent managed to fully recreate the hack from my backup. So idk if id be able to do it for 2.7
  8. I can't really say, since I lost some data from the previous stuff due to issues with the old phone... So I have to rehack some stuff. Idk how long that will take. Atm, the hack does mostly work right?
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