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  1. reply again :) 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Pradeep6868


      Since you’re joking no offense taken mate 😉❤️

    3. Crimson


      I'm not joking.

    4. Pradeep6868


      Still love you 😅🤣

    5. Crimson


      you were just talking sh!t abt me earlier

    6. Kira


      Remember my words don't remember my name.

  2. Reply 

    1. tadoba55


      Me an intellectual: what?

  3. Hope your well bro and your awesome 

  4. @Joka Rest In Peace brotha, I will continue your legacy :) 

    1. Lord Alucard

      Lord Alucard

      Ehhhh definitely not

    2. -TheDarkKnight-


      He's very much alive

  5. Voices here, voices here, voices in your head
    Those who tryna drive you mad
    And make it all, make it all 

    There's another mind deep in me
    Don't know what's gotten into me
    I ain't seen the other side plentifully
    'Til the end I'll, 'til the end I'll fight

                                   -Xxxtentacion #LLJ🕊

    1. -TheDarkKnight-


      Whoever said this needs help

    2. Rook
    3. Amuyea


      That's why he died

    4. -TheDarkKnight-


      @DiDA welp ... look like i mentioned him needing help a little too late

  6. Update: Rocket Royale has been Updated to v1.6.5! enjoy :D 


  7. Any one else facing a crashing issue on electra? Please let me know.
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