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  1. Also make sure the binary is the cracked version. I just tried with an iOS binary and the offset pointed to by IDA is correct if you jump to it in a hex editor (I used HxD). Maybe IDA changes the endianness? But just make sure you bin is cracked. That's about it.
  2. Edit the coding at a lower level (the assembly) or by hooking to functions (so the game calls our version of it rather than the original)
  3. Been a while since I've seen ya post. Good job
  4. bR34Kr

    Knock knock

    1: Knock knock 2: Who's there? 1: Knock 2: Knock who? 1: Knock knock Congrats! You understood recursion through a knock knock joke :p
  5. Use Discord to chat with your friends during class Edit: I’m not responsible if you fail or anything of the sort if you do this method
  6. That offset is based on the class. So it's not literally 0x2ECF56 in memory, it's PlayerOffset+0x2ECF56. So yes, you need to find a way to get your player instance and then to read it you read the float stored 0x2ECF56 after that base address.
  7. Remove the 10 before the offset. ^ for future reference
  8. What OS are you on? Version and all
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