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  1. Is it possible to have a non Jailbroken/ jailed version of this cheat?
  2. When using the old OHK and Infinite energy, I used Sully, Colhorn (Big laser gun), Dash and Jack Jack on City Watch and had no issue, even FroZone can OHK if you unlock his to his purple form, which does DoT.
  3. Yeah I am as well. I uninstalled the other mod with the OHK and Energy hack to test this, but in all honesty I would have've kept the energy and OHK hack up until you had finished the newer mod. As always thanks for the hard work, but I'll give this one a pass till your next update comes out, unless of course you happen to have a copy of the other one lying around. (Also as a note the 1.1 is no longer working so that's now an option anymore I'm afraid).
  4. Wel I don't know if they changed anything, but from what I can see they've added in Hector Barbosa... I don't know if the code has changed at all.
  5. Wow. Thank you I was looking to see if the Disney Heroes hack had been updated, but found this instead, thank you very much.
  6. Good morning random people of the internet, I hope that you are all well. Looking forward to chating with you all. Speak to you all soon.
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