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  1. The hack worked, but i got banned after 24h😢 it's possible to add an anti ban feature? Or maybe make a free shop without get billion currencies? Or make the store "negative" so the currencies increase instead of decrease, so we can enable or disable the feature when necessary? Thank you and sorry 4 my bad english😅
  2. Also for me game crash when tap the yellow circle and i'm on unc0ver ios 12.1.2 iphone 6s...
  3. @DiDA seem the high fire rate cause the game crash, game version 1.11.9 iphone 6s ios 12.1.2 unc0ver b46
  4. Can you link me the previous hack version? So i can downgrade the game, hack money and then update game and hack🙃
  5. I found out what cause this issue, the version of unc0ver! Seem something has changed from unc0ver 2.2.0, not only your hack cause crash to the game, but also all other mod menu too! I was on unc0ver 3.0.0 b28 (updated yesterday), downgraded to the latest release (2.2.6) but same result, downgraded again to 2.1.4 and everything work just fine👍🏻 Unluckily the money hack still not working😅 played 2-3 matches, unlimited ammo work but not money 😓 howewer not sure if i'm the only one with this issue on the 2.2.x following release, i heard someone get stucked on respring loop for some tweak after updating unc0ver to 2.2.x/3.0.0 (me too). Hopefully know that can serve all you modder to make all hack compatible with the future release of unc0ver🙂 Ps. Sorry 4 my really bad english😁
  6. I can't understad why now when i tap "play game" the game crush... yesterday any issue, today that🤔 tryed to re download and install the deb, reinstall the game, nothing to do, but if i enter the game without open the hack menu i can play. For some reason the hack show me 2 yellow circle🤷🏻‍♂️ What can i do?
  7. Money hack not working, it just give me the "right" amount😢 iphone 6s ios 11.3.1 unc0ver jailbreak
  8. it would seem related to the money amount, enabling only the unlimited ammo hack ther's no problem👌🏻
  9. I'm getting banned every time after the first play, then if i try to play again get kicked out with error 47, at the thrd try appear a message that advise me the apk installed seem not original and can infect my device with some virus... then the game reset the savegame and restart with new character😢
  10. Oh sorry my fault, but so it is useless, can you make these hacks only for the player?
  11. Dude the god mode, high attack range and high damage affect the enemy too, if enabled god mode the enemy become immortal like me, same for the other 2 cheat😅 others cheat are fine👍🏻 Can you add the same cheats of last day on earth? Like "unlimited consumable items" pretty helpful.. sorry 4 my bad english and big thanks
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