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  1. They’ll do it soon. Hope its not r.i.p
  2. Maybe if u can update & let see if others will get ban or not. I suggest do the Auto-Updating that way it’ll save u time & effort.
  3. It maybe the reason why but im not entirely sure if that helps
  4. I was checking on th MLBB forums people also complaining they were banned even if they were not using hacks. Anyway, it needs an update @gogigogi1. Thanks
  5. Absolute right. I have 4 accts none of them was banned, all safe. Im using electra 11.3.1 on ipad & 11.1.1 electra on my iphone 8+
  6. I think im just lucky that i wasnt get banned after all this ban wave.
  7. Maybe u can do the hack NOT a in-game mod-menu, like before u can toggle ON/OFF in settings. Just a thought maybe it wont be detected
  8. If u have streaming ON, you are detected. if u bound your acct in montoon, you also detected. THATS ALL IT IS. P.S. ALL MY 3 ACCOUNTS, 2 mythics, 1 Legend. NO BAN ISSUES
  9. Im assuming for those who got banned prolly they bound their acct via moontoon thats why they detect u
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