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Status Updates posted by AffluentSky43

  1. Why do good girls like bad guys?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Joka


      At least I'm not dating my mum

    3. Cisco


      *not gonna hurt joka*

    4. TAMP0N


      Females like penis and that’s gay 

  2. Anyone have Sea Of Thieves

  3. Anyone got the fortnite mobile codes lol, servers crashed before i got them

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Caroline_


      Epic Games announced that the initial codes won't be sent out till later this week.

    3. TheArmKing


      cant wait to see my cancerous mobile gamer friends ruin the sh!t out of it :) 

    4. Caroline_


      its made from Unreal Engine, not unity and that'll be sad to ruin a good game.

  4. Happy International Womens day

    1. Rook


      Happy international womens day to you too xD

  5. Don,t Watch, it may scar you (get it) 


  6. My Hack got stolen recently... I was pretty bummed out about it....

  7. Got half an inch of snow, good start :)

  8. Any tweaks that get past anti cheat

    1. Fadexz


      Well.. is it server-sided?

    2. AffluentSky43


      Yeah, it’s fairly new

      I don’t know if it’s anti cheat, but it blocks me with jailbreak

    3. Fadexz


      Try 'xcon' from Cydia if you can't open the app while jailbroken.

      You should also make a support topic instead of a status update.

  9. New Expl0it achieved, gains access to free p0rn on iPhone, I call it Ted Cruz Exploit

  10. iOS 11.2.5 Jellybrek achieved

    W3n ETA?; Son

    1. Vegito


      11.2.5? you sure mate?

    2. AffluentSky43


      Ye I jellybrek all iOS thx 2 Tim Cook exploits

    3. Vegito


      LOOOOOOOL. yeh..i can see that.. xD

  11. W3n Et?️; s0N?!!!?????!!!!

    1. Joka



    2. AffluentSky43


      Thx u jelbrek 2 me 50£

    3. Joka


      Donate pls 

  12. It’s Everyday Ni?️?️?️

    1. C.L.G


      We've got an E D G Y one here boi's watch out xD 

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