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Status Updates posted by TimidNova

  1. Waking up at 5 in the morning and going to a bunch of store to see if they have ps5 inventory than waiting 

    1. LongNhi


      Good luck bro

  2. Trying to secure a ps5 at Walmart 

    1. TurboLo


      lol same here. the bots are fast. I must increase my overall output by 300%

    2. TimidNova


      @TurboLo any luck yet? Walmart keeps crashing for me. I made it to the address part and it ran out of stock. It’s stupid! 

    3. TurboLo


      @TimidNovalol nothing. Their servers and page keep crashing. Literally had it in the cart and was about to the submit the order smh. 


  4. Will update my hacks on my birthday a few days from now. Don’t have time otherwise 

    1. Ted2


      Why on your birthday? Lul 

    2. Rook


      Yeah dude, your birthday is exactly when you should not be doing anything else other than celebrating :p

    3. Zahir


      @Rook unless you send me a car on my birthday, I won't be getting any presents :( 

  5. 11 days till my birthday! Not including today

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Zahir


      @TimidNova find me one person who believes that :watching:

    3. TimidNova


      @Zahir It's like first you can dive, then drink and do other stuff like that

    4. Zahir


      @TimidNova I understand it's natural for humans to grow but I doubt anyone celebrates birthdays with the intent they've grown as a person? I feel it's more to getting a reward and feeling special on one day in a year. It could also be because our parents did it, and so do we :dunno: 

  6. pm me if someone has any hack requests :shmoo:

  7. Updated Trivia Royale to 1.1.8! Added a new feature as well as a new coin hack

  8. Updating my hacks tomorrow 🥳

  9. Fixed computer though all my files are gone 😥

  10. Working magic on my computer and hoping it works. I’ve lost all my files though 😭

  11. No power and barely any data :(

  12. Right in hurricane Sally’s eye at the moment. No power and sh!ts f***ed outside.

    1. Tonii


      stay safe bro 😟

  13. I f***ing quit. I’m done. My computer is dead. Tried booting into my old drive and the same sh!t happens when it shouldn’t. That means the problem is with the motherboard. Whole computer is trash. Can’t buy a new one. So f*** me.

    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. ottawa_gamerz


      does your hd tick may big noise

    3. TimidNova


      @ottawa_gamerz nothing wrong with hard drive I don’t think. Cause I’ve used my old hard drive and the same problem occurred 

    4. Basmal


      Probably dead dying hard drives 

  14. Formatting my hard drive. Hope it works. 

  15. I think I need a new computer as I’ve tried like every recovery method to fix it. I don’t have money to do it so f*** me unless it fixes itself 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TimidNova


      @Rook don’t have any other computers in the house so that’s impossible as of now.

    3. Rook


      Go to a friend or library?

    4. ottawa_gamerz
  16. computer won’t let me restore it. Says failed every time. Well, I’m screwed.

  17. I have to restore my computer 😔

    1. RiLu
    2. Rook



      I'm sorry TimidNova but that gif is hilarious

  18. Trying to update my hacks, but my computer won’t start. Startup repair bullsh!t won’t work

  19. For some reason I can’t dump some unity games 🤔. Pretty weird

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TimidNova


      well, the games so far Tennis clash, Among Us and axes.io. The common thing between all of them were the Mach-0 was 71KB and it transfered from phone to pc instantly when it normally takes a couple seconds for the file to transfer even when the Mach-0 is less

    3. Enoch


      I tried tennis clash, couldn’t find anything with it. Don’t waste your time.

    4. GeTRoZ


      This is becouse the game are builded with a v2019.3 or up from Unity.

  20. I'm gonna try and get one more game hacked tonight. Hopefully three tomorrow. on the grind cause I want novice cheater rank or cheater rank and I want the iosgods template as it looks way better than what I'm using. sorry ted2

    1. Laxus
    2. sweggyttes


      good luck it'll take you at least a year to get that rank

  21. Any good unity games I can hack?

    1. Rook


      Maybe find something good in request section?

    2. Basmal
    3. sweggyttes


      call of duty mobile is unity, go for it rofl

  22. Can someone help me some with IDA strings? Thanks

  23. Sometimes I question the meaning of life... then I remember how good Korean barbecue is 😍 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. TimidNova


      @Punctualpema please don’t ask about things on unrelated stuff. Fill out a form in help and support

    3. Punctualpema


      There’s no options to fill out the form in that forum

    4. TimidNova


      @Punctualpema at the top of the help & support page there’s a green button that says “ask a question” press that and fill it out

  24. To much caffeine! I just took some migraine powder medicine stuff which has like more caffeine than a liter of soda and drank some coffee to cover the taste of it. I feel wired

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