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  6. In fact, I believe that it is not so important where you go, but with whom. Yes, of course, it's easier to be happy and cheerful when everyone around you is just as happy and healthy, and you are surrounded by incredible views. Yet the people around you play a much more important role. Although I am a great connoisseur of everything beautiful, for me the fact is that those with whom you spend time are more important than the place. the same happens with events and gifts, we value much more what is connected with our friends and loved ones. I recently had a birthday, my boyfriend gave me a wonderful bouquet, he ordered it on this site: https://royalflora.net/en-gb/odessa/ the bouquet turned out to be just amazing, I really appreciated such a surprise. I cannot convey in words how glad I was with such a gift! but I think if the gift was from someone else, the impression would not be so vivid. Yes, of course, the bouquet turned out to be gorgeous, besides, I love flowers in principle. But still agree, you want to receive such gifts from a loved one or a very close person. So yes, of course, it's great to be where you would like to be, but for me it is much more important to be near those who are dear to you.
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